Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Anti-Sex League

Freepers are still going with the 'giving teenagers sex education and contraceptives is what makes them have sex.' It's like they were never teenagers.

Or like they want women to be punished for non-marital sexuality, because they think it's the 1800s. Needless to say, conspiracies to take our womens' virtue abound.

AppyPappy thinks the addition of free contraceptives to public school will push kids over into socialism:
They want to teach them early to be dependent on the government.
Tax-chick explains that the horror of sex positivity is behind this free contraception nightmare:
As long as our society operates on the premise that genital pleasure is good, no matter what, and reproduction is mostly or always bad, nothing will change.
Big thinker stephenjohnbanker knows available contraceptives will lead to more abortions:
“This goes way beyond education, they clearly WANT these children to have sex. “

So does “BIG abortion”
taterjay explains the logic of contraceptives => abortion:
You should have sex. Here, use this it will keep you safe. Oh no, that did not work or you messed up. Don’t worry we can fix it. Come on down to PP and we will advise you. Well, the best would be an abortion, after all it is safe and legal. Looks like quite a racket to me, especially when you throw in PP makin a bunch of money off the process.
the_daug thinks this is pedophilia somehow?
Why is Jarad Fogle going to jail?
doxteve2old2operate yells that liberals have made us all rutting swine!!
So, Seattle schools teach its girls about whoring as well as liberalism. It’s been my experience that the two go together like promiscuity and sexually transmitted diseases.

No wonder high school kids today are useless when it comes to a high enough level of general knowledge necessary for our survival as a civilization. We’ve become an oversexed society with a feminized solution to an immoral problem.

Free contraception at the high school level has more social acceptance than free tax paid female birth control devices and sanitary supplies for those who get through high school.

The karma this generates will certainly take us down to the level of rutting swine. Miss Piggy conquers all.
X Fretensis got zotted for approving of another Freepers' sane understanding of teenaged sexuality:
The children are probably already having sex. I’d rather pay for this as a taxpayer than pay for the babies and abortions that would result otherwise.

Let’s put the blame where it belongs - parents who aren’t parenting.

Level head thinking, fully support the thought. Be careful with that line of thinking though. It is sometimes not well received here.
BlackElk supposes that the people behind this contraception thing? probably worship Satan. Just like some friends of his.
Consider the probability that at least some of those pushing this evil believe that there is a God (Whom they resent), a heaven that they consciously reject, a Lucifer or Satan whom they willingly serve and a hell where they hallucinate that they will be rulers. They know that most of these young people will not consciously adopt their desire for hell. If the program succeeds, however, as it surely will, many of these young people will adopt social habits and amorality as their basic principle and, upon their respective deaths and judgments, those now young people will go straight to hell.

That is the goal of at least SOME of those pushing the program and that is certainly Lucifer's goal.

I have tragic friends, D and K, very materially successful, members of the leisure class, who were brought up Catholic (my Church) but became fashionable intellectuals and went over to the dark side, actively desiring hell.


  1. Anti-sex League is a good title for today's post.

    Quite a number of freepers (men and women both) are celibate ...
    either celibate by choice or celibacy as a result of their poison personalities.

    And of those who are not celibate, more than a few have told of their out-of-wedlock parenthood stories.

    Another item in the list of things that piss freepers off ...
    Teenagers having fun and enjoying life.

    1. Correction - teenagers having fun and not working like slaves for a pittance to make their 10 Big Macs that they eat daily.

  2. "It's like they were never teenagers"

    Maybe they were members of the Junior Anti-Sex League

  3. only freepers would go to heaven if hell is getting the fashionable intellectuals ...