Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Filthy mudslimes

Some UK Muslim eatery had an Ecoli outbreak. Frontpage magazine has an amazingly race-bating column (sample line: "Hygiene isn't Halal"). Freepers recognize the primal 'outsiders are dirty' narrative and jumps on board.

I don't usually do typos, but GingisK's is the best:
I probably came from a camel’s butt.
laplata proudly proclaims his racism:
I would never eat their crap because I would never enter one of their litter box establishments.
RetiredTexasVet knows all those Muslim business owners are all jsut waiting for the right time to Jihad their customers:
Maybe the NHS should perform its civic and public duties and require the Muslim restaurants to public post signs warning potential patrons that “Eating in this establishment may kill you providing the Muslim heathen don’t kill you first”!
Mrs.Z finds an inconsistency in the article. This just proves Muslims are craaazy!
A customer was refused a wet wipe in a halal-only branch of KFC because they are soaked in alcohol

Idiots...the "alcohol" in such products is not ethanol.
Rastus expands the hate by reporting he saw some brown kids being unhygienic once:
Now we have Somali kiddies eating from the serving spoons in buffet pans. Avoid buffets, FRiends. Seriously.

I’ve seen illegal amigo children doing that. Drinking dressing from the ladle. I’m sure it was tasty. When I was that age, I wasn’t allowed to go to the salad bar unattended, or if I was, I was couth enough to not pick stuff up with my hands and to not gulp down the dressing. But, we were into western civilization and thus way too judgey.
rockinqsranch was once made ill on a cruise ship crewed by Arabs. Time to massively generalize!
1976 I was invited to have lunch with the Israeli Purser aboard a Middle Eastern vessel I was handling shore side vessel operations for the vessel operator. It was staffed by Arab crew. Three days later I was quite ill. I was off work more than 90 days of which two weeks were spent in a hospital, because some filthy Arab handled the food set before me that otherwise lovely Sunday afternoon. The Shigella salad was not on the menu, but that is what was served me.

I have no love for those people. None. Disgusting filth.
datura breathlessly reports on some customs he's half-heard about:
Not only is hand washing not Halal, but don’t forget that neither is toilet paper to them!!!

Yes, they use a bowl of water to wipe their left hand after wiping their butts. And they share that bowl of water.

Want to pi$$ off an Arab? Put your left hand on their shoulder.
Fightin Whitey recommends executing Arabs for no reason:
Want to pi$$ off an Arab? Put your left hand on their shoulder.

Put your right hand on his shoulder while holding a .45 ACP against his head.
American in Israel tells a totally true story:
Muslims don’t use toilet paper, they use their left hands. When I worked in Egypt for a couple of years I noticed in the back streets there was a brown stain about 3 foot up on the walls from a the Arabs wiping off their hands after using the alleys as a public toilet.
polymuser advocates wrecking your car, for spite:
Put a little filtered bacon grease in the car gas.

Leave a little pork behind wherever you drive.

All across America.


  1. "Daylight Savings Time, a useless construct that doesn’t actually save any energy, is something I always believed was pushed by islamist moles within government. The extra daylight allows them to minimize work schedule conflicts with having to be at home before sundown at certain times of the year.

    Don’t forget the Crusades - as taught in school, this is Christians being bad, but they never provide the context that the Crusades were basically a response to Islamic expansion. Muslims were all the way up to northern spain before the first crusade took place.

    So, if it was “bad” for Christians to invade muslim territory in the name of religion, why isn’t it just as bad that the muslims invaded Europe?

    You won’t hear that side of the story in school.

    19 posted on 10/13/2015, 3:45:28 PM by fruser1
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    The retard is strong with this one.

    1. I hope no-one points out that the people with the really *serious* fixations about sunset and not working on the wrong day are those Talmud thumping Freeper heroes in Israel.

    2. So, Halal bad, Kosher good? Do they know the difference?

  2. I thought I'd check in and see how Freepers were reacting to the debate, and they didn't disappoint. Basically 1,400+ comments about botox, looks, and age. The party of "logic" and "reason."



    Lots of hate for the kid over at FR.

    So long as you're a fetus, you're protected.

    I wonder how they feel about abortion and Muzzy babies.

  4. This one is perfect Freeper hypocrisy: http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/3348308/posts

    So Freetards are angry because people who publish stories online want laws passed that protect their property.

    What happened to good old fashioned "private property rights"?!

    I guess people should just write stories for free and not get paid for their work, right?

    1. This guy gets it:

      To: WhiskeyX
      As someone who makes a living off copyrighted materials (photographs) I can assure you that it is generally not that difficult to determine the owner, and their contact information.

      You cannot imagine how many times I’ve had to challenge publications and institutions who feel it is their right to lift my work from other legitimate sources and use them without permission or compensation. I was actually driving down the street and saw an image on a freakin’ billboard.

      If I hadn’t registered my work with the copyright office my case against these people would have been difficult to prove, I would have lost my income and control of my property. By working within the copyright rules, I am able to flex some strength and get some payments.

      So, while your points are valid on some older written works, the new age is digital. I have the right to protect my assets and assure a living off from my work.

      If Drudge wants to lift my photos for use on his site, they are not in the public domain. He had better contact me and be prepared to pay for every click.

      77 posted on 10/14/2015, 9:10:57 AM by Vermont Lt
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    2. Here's another link on FR about this:


      Oh God, we need some good Oz commentary on these FR posts!