Friday, October 23, 2015

Spotlight Friday: IChing

Some sort of security guy living in the DC metro area, where just about any other Freeper has been noted maybe once in the comments, IChing has been pointed out a total of 5 times.

It's not hard to see why - he may not post that often, but he's an enthusiastic and angry white supremacist, whose sick of how tolerant Freepers are(!). Not too surprisingly, given his general philosophy, he's also not a huge fan of Israel. There are other forums dedicated to his racial cleansing monomania, but he keeps plugging away on Freep despite it's more partisan focus. (To be fair, given his reletively infrequent posting habits, he's probably on those too).

But my favorite part is that he's trying to get the 4chan-coined term 'cuckservative' to catch on unironically.

cuckservatives believe America will survive when whites aren't the majority.
I’m explaining what a cuckservative is and why people like you are cuckservatives. The article fits you perfectly. You think America can maintain its European derived culture when Europeans are in the minority, and you argue against demographics as destiny. You refuse to research anything beyond boilerplate rah-rah conventional conservatism because you have been trained to believe you are a bad person if you see beyond it and into the real dynamics. You seek approval from the establishment so as not to be cast out.
Blacks are the descendants of the Biblical Cain:
The Bible is full of generalizing about tribes and racial groups; Genesis even says the descendants of Cain have some sort of marker on them. What small demographic commits over 50% of the murders in our society? That’s just spiritual speculation of course, however if you claim to be a Christian, you can’t deny scripture.

People like you have a haughtiness about these matters based on political correctness and moral myopia that blindly rejects biology and nature, and apparently presuming that all are the elect. You also fear intellectual examination of what you have been taught.
Poor guy works in Washington DC, where the majority do not speak the English:
I live and work in the D.C. area. It gets so exhausting and stressful day in and day out, trying to communicate everyday interactions with a majority population who does not speak English as their first language.
Some of his coworkers are messy. Clearly the work of minorities!
I have a weekend job full of “diversity” and the employees eat in the break room, then go back to work and leave their piles of trash right on the table where they ate, even while there are waste receptacles nearby for them to dispose of it. Just utter disregard for personal responsibility in keeping a common area free of trash.

It’s so true what you said about the sense of entitlement, too; the rampant foreign swarms overrunning the D.C. area are encouraged to act and speak as if they’re here for the sole purpose of conquest. Did you see that story from the L.A. area, where the Qatar guys with their mansion and exotic sports cars were racing at 100 mph through residential streets, then aggressively threatened a reporter who questioned them, saying “F America” and saying they had diplomatic immunity?
Why do we help Israel stay Jewish, and not America stay white?
The most intelligent Americans have woken up to the horrible failure of #cuckservatism and how for so many decades we have been expected to eschew any sort ethno-nationalism for ourselves, while fighting and dying to protect Israeli Jewish nationalism, and so much of our policy energies being directed toward supporting Jewish nationalism at the expense of our own people here.

Are you not aware of the awakening?
More of the same:
So much of our military history and foreign policy is oriented toward defending Israel it’s not funny.

Not that there’s necessarily anything wrong with that (they are our allies) — the point is, why should we vilify white nationalists yet sacrifice our own on behalf of Jewish nationalists?

If ethnic nationalism is okay for others, then it’s okay for whites. If you disagree, you’re obviously a cuck.
That idiot racist who shot up that black church? Justified:
The bottom line is that Roof acted because whites are being slaughtered and raped by blacks across the land, for year after year after year, AND NO ONE DOES ANYTHING ABOUT IT; the information is being hidden from the public, etc.
White terrorism is A-OK:
You’re asking me if terrorism is justified, then. I suppose in some cases, it is. The firebombing of civilians in Dresden and other Axis cities in order to completely break the enemy’s will, etc., eh? And when is it justified for whites to do something like Roof did about the race terrorism blacks have been waging against random, innocent, defenseless old white ladies and other vulnerable victims for decades?
But a later shooter? Probably has at least a drop of black:
Mercer looks to be mixed race, high yaller as octaroons were once known.
TRUMP, naturally
Trump bashers need to get it through their heads that the other candidates come across like mere policy wonks when they chirp and flutter around him with their polished, precise answers.

We don’t need or want more polished policy wonks. THEY NEVER DELIVER. After so many years of polite, politically correct failure, we need and want a vicious, ruthless asshole who will round up and deport the swarms of wetback invaders, nuke the living goat piss out of ISIS, and beat the crap out of China in the trade war.

That’s when we’ll start to see some real much-needed politeness for a change, except it will be toward the U.S., from our opponents.
The GOP could combat Obama better if they embraced White Supremacy:
We gave the keys to the GOP in a staggeringly massive landslide nationwide victory in the last midterms. We gave them the power to significantly thwart Obama and the democrats. They did not do it. Their principles and philosophy are the “right” ones.

Don’t you think it’s time to join with those of us who have realized that #cuckservatism is the real problem?


  1. I never had a dream about a President or political person...ever. I still think fwdude is a self loathing gay guy in the closet..single freeper always bashing women and gays.


    I’m not a mystic, but I had a very vivid dream the other night in which it was revealed to the world that Obama is a “Nation of Islam” black Muslim. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this play out within the year.

    19 posted on 10/23/2015, 9:06:08 AM by fwdude (The last time the GOP ran an "extremist," Reagan won 44 states.)
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    1. I am not a mystic, but I wouldn't be surprised if my vivid dreams are prophecy

  2. OFFTOPIC: Had the Natural Born Citizen section of FR been taken down? I can't find it now. LoL!

    1. It sure looks gone to me!

    2. I am so old that I can remember when they had Arkancide up there.

    3. The articles are all still there. The keyword has just been removed from the list.

  3. Freepers don't understand why Hillary Clinton doesn't have to pay for crimes she committed in their imaginations:

  4. That second one - even the most backwards organized sects of Christianity dropped the curse of ham thing decades ago. I guess some of the flock missed the message.