Monday, October 19, 2015

Monday Potpourri Pt. I

Da Coyote seems impatient.
Liberals and Muslims.
Sooner or later this will have to be dealt with.
PoloSec appears to want to skin all the Democrats...
Keep movin movin movin ♫ though they're disapprovin ♫ keep them demrats's movin ♫ Democrat hides bound for the tanning of leather, cut em out, they'll make might good saddles for sittin.
RKBA Democrat loves his nihilism:
Yes, we probably will end up with another uniparty speaker. Nice part about being antivote is my side wins either way.
Despite the continued record of incorrect predictions, GOPJ rushes to judgement yet again:
The longer the press goes without telling us who stabbed him the more likely the ‘stabber’ is a member of a liberal protected class... (illegal, gay, black, Muslim etc)
jazusamo likely has a Glenn Beck-esque blackboard connecting all the dots:
I’m most skeptical of coincidences.

Stone was stabbed four times in the chest so someone was definitely trying to off him. If it was an Islamist the bar fight thing could be a cover for an assassination.

The Roseburg attack by the nut could be connected to terrorism some way if he was sympathetic to radical muslims.

If the Sheriff or the Roseburg Police Chief should uncover evidence of that I’ve no doubt we’ll hear about it from them. If a fed agency should uncover evidence to that effect I’m fairly certain we won’t hear about it.
Integrating his bigotries, The Toll knows if you don't leap to racist conclusions, it's because you're gay:
"If you are going to be attacked/robbed/stabbed/beaten/or killed in America, the likelihood of it being an Obama Teen is Astronomical."
You mean as a victim or perpetrator or both? Is English your first language?

Why? You have some kind of fag crush?
RitaOK is pretty sure McCarthy went down due to Trump:
Probably a little hyperbolic on my part attributing a long run revolt too much to Trump, overnight, but I do believe he is a force that has galvanized more than a few bots for some one or another in the past, and it has caused others to speak up instead of standing around awe struck at some him or her doing all our talking for us. His bombastic style has perhaps unleashed congressional conservatives to get noisy.
NetAddicted has totally never seen gay porn:
Homosexuals deny interest in “intergenerstional sex” (what homosexuals call pedophilia), although their filth magazines are full of pictures of young boys, er, men, or so I’ve been told.
Also, has this dude ever seen a hetero skin mag? Because by his logic most straight men are pedophiles too.

Qiviut explains how he's totally fighting a metaphorical American Revolution:
To speak in generalities, I feel like the Conservatives in Congress are currently in the position of the Minutemen ... fighting for what is left of their country (vs starting a new one), vastly outnumbered, but taking cover behind the trees and stone walls & picking off their targets, one by one. The first target to go was (Prince Eric) Cantor. It was shocking ... but the message sent by pissed off voters was ignored by the GOPe. Then (Boo Hoo) Boehner had his hand forced (by Meadows, reflecting the will of the people) and decides to step down. Now McCarthy has fallen for whatever reason .... take your pick of the rumors out there.
Another shooting, and Perseverando leads the retreat from black/Muslim/gay to the fallback point:
Texas College on Lockdown, Shooter Democrat with a Gun Loose After Shooting. There fixed it.
sport calls out the uncountable the Americans who hate America:
I believe that Trump is for the United States of America along with its Constitution and wants to preserve it. I also with equally fervor believe that Obama and his ilk, which are legion, are against the United States of America along with its Constitution and wish to destroy both.
Kickass Conservative is one of many Freepers who think black Congressman Elijah Cummings can't read:
The assumption being that Elijah can actually read.

I’m sure one of his Staffers read it to him, using the proper Hillary Clintonesque Negro dialect.
stinkerpot65 writes on the Internet about how he does not believe in science at all:
They’ll make up a lie. About the time they find “life” on Mars, and further catastrophic “evidence” of global warming.

Science is now a culture of liars.
PROCON's plan will fail gloriously:
I know Tim Scott is a S.C. senator, but it would be great to have him or a conservative female as Speaker just to be able to throw the Racism or sexism charges back at the dims and msm.
DesertRhino doesn't care about truth:
“He has vilified homosexuals as paedophiles”

Uhmmmm,,, why does that annoy you?
Many have seen HarleyLady27's amazing Internet chant:





Fai Mao wants all the Kennedy's assassinated:
I am a member of the Sirhan Sirhan fan club
I want him to get paroled

His life’s work isn’t finished some of the kids still live
Lucy Hamilton's so new, prolific and crazy, I can't be sure if she's for real. But her technique of always one-upping the original post is a good one:
I think it’s obvious Obama is a crazy person and is unfit to hold any position of authority.

I wish, like many people that he could be removed from office, hopefully his Administration could be removed also.

Obama is a danger to the world, he’s going to get us all killed and I think that’s his plan. He’s a psychopath.
Resolute Conservative is afraid to leave the US, and kinda wary even in the US:
I am not afraid of them as long as I stay in my country. Any American who travels abroad is a fool. I do not let any muslime get close to me.

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