Tuesday, October 6, 2015

New Shooting, new levels of crazy

anon1 found this.

I feel like the national attitude about the latest shooting in Oregon is a bit different. Sure, the routine happened - gun people on both sides said said gun things, Freepers decided the guy was gay liberal black Muslim, and then worked hilariously hard to keep him that way as actual facts came in. And I take cold comfort in the statistical rarity of these tragedies.

But the very fact that there was a routine for this seems to have gotten to people. Maybe I'm overly optimistic (probably.) But that's the tone I'm getting at least. Even Obama seemed legitimately angry about it in his statement.

And Freepers...Freepers also seem to sense something building. After the usual flurry of speculation about the shooter's demographics died down, Freepers didn't retreat to their usual paranoid guns bunker and return to hating on Obama and the GOPe. Instead they settled on there just being too many shootings, and blaming Obama. Like a false flag on steroids, Freepers began building a narrative wherein there has been no growth in spree shootings. Instead, Obama has been using secret mind control techniques and crisis actors to make it seem like guns are dangerous.

It's not all Freepers, but for the moment it's the loudest. It's a coalition of legit softheads (chemtrails, Sandy Hook truthers), those seeking to signal that they belong in the ingroup via ever more outlandish ways to show how irrational their hate of Obama is, and those papering over flaws in their worldview with half-believed delusion. Their leader? None other than Lazamataz. Lazamataz has a whole post about microwaves and the usual convenient timing confirmation bias, and then this appeal to incredulity:
Look, too, at the timing of Sandy Hook's mass shooting. It occurred only two weeks after Obama's re-election, and right on the heels of his proclamation to concentrate much more fully on disarming the American public. The horrid nature of Sandy Hook was so heinous, it almost ventured into the cliche. A school full of preschoolers?? Two weeks before Christmas?? Really? Could the shooter have stomped on some kittens on the way in, and twirled his Snidely Whiplash mustache while he shot?
Lazamataz explains that only super strong rational people can indulge in this kind of speculation:
It's a hard one to embrace: Both because you don't want to think our country could sink to this level, and because you know you will be mocked for holding the view.

But when you look objectively at things, it's almost impossible not to conclude some force is orchestrating this stuff. We had nowhere near these level of spree shootings just 7 short years ago.
Lazamataz sees great significance in something that naturally happens as frequencies of anything go up:
I predict we will see mass-shootings timed to occur at or near the same time, in two, three, and four places around the country.

To me, this will merely be more proof of the orchestration of these events.
Lazamataz is not making a great case:
Sorry, but this is lunacy.

Yes, and low-level microwaves do not alter human behavior.

Except research shows they do.
Crazieman is willing to imprison anyone who endorses liberalism, but not this:
Laz, I love you. I reached the opinion vocal lefties should be imprisoned. But I’m not quite there yet on this theory.
CaptainPhilFan: softhead.
It struck me that the Shooter and ObamaCare Pajama Boy looked similar. Looking at their pics (PJB is Ethan Krupp), they have the same moles on their necks, same noses, same sneer. The shooters profile so far is ridiculous.

I’m incapable of posting pics here to back up my theory.

I know, I’m a nut job. Just saying. Pass the tin foil.
Pollster1 hedges his bets, but wants us all to know he hates Obama!
Orchestrating a mass murder for political advancement requires an unspeakable level of evil combined with an insatiable lust for power. Both traits certainly describe Barack Hussein Obama. I’m not convinced this attack was orchestrated, but I’m not convinced it was random either.
SisterK: softhead.
Consider the Gabby Giffords shooting: At the memorial service, Thousands of custom t-shirts (free souvenirs) were draped over the seats at the U of A stadium. Logistically impossible. It is easier to believe that the t-shirts were designed and printed before the shooting.
Hetty_Fauxvert doesn't go for tin foil, and prefers to speculate about the secret feelings of liberals:
Love you bunches, Laz, but I think finding and pushing crazy people over the edge on a schedule is beyond the capabilities of this POS White House. I DO, however, believe strongly that they wait eagerly for the next gun incident, have a plan (and a speech) ready to go at all times, and are prepared to pounce on gun happenings like a kitten on a ball of string.
Secret Operative jsanders2001 has a number of posts explaining how talking can influence people:
I agree and have agreed for some time and was even called an idiot for stating it on here more than a few times but what most people don’t know is that I have experience and training in influencing people using non-verbal / semantic techniques to get them to do what I want them to do as part of my training as an operative in another life. Propaganda and event / psychological manipulation are very real tools used by many law enforcement, investigative and/ or national security agencies, particularly the CIA. This would not be beyond the Obama administration at all given their anti-gun stance nor would it be dificult.
matt1234 goes with the previous Freeper attitude of blaming Obama for this via his general Cloward-Piven persecution of whites:
Are obama operatives in direct contact with shooters? Who knows.

Is obama promoting conflict between classes, races, genders and religions that, in some cases, results in violence? Most definitely!

As a Marxist, obama's prerevolutionary duties are to sow discontent and promote discord, laying the groundwork for societal breakdown and communist ascendancy. These tactics are well documented and in full display in obama's America. His regime has had direct contact with OWS, BLM and other revolutionary groups.

We should not be surprised when the occasional nut job is pushed over the edge of sanity. Obama is promoting that and counting on it.
Finny seems to think the Holocaust was a conspiracy:
Of course, those rumors that circulated in Europe in the early '40s of huge death camps in Germany were obviously only believable to wacko conspiracy nuts because no government would ever do such an evil thing as build mass murder chambers disguised as showers.

Seriously, Boogieman, Crazieman, Pirate Ragnar, Paladin2, SaxxonWoods, TheDon, Hetty Fauxvert, gdani, and all the rest of you "realists" who know better than to believe tinfoil hat conspiracies of organized wickedness on the part of corrupt governments --

Looks to me like a LOT of you need to bone up on your real-world history.
Finny calls out another Freeper for letting probabilities get in the way of hating the government for speculative Holocaust-esque behavior:
So I assume that you would have certainly been smart enough in the early 1940s, as were the vast majority of people around the world, to see through the absurd conspiracy theory that Germans were exterminating Jews literally by the millions by gassing them in fake "showers"?

Because YOU, coop71, being so much more level-headed and realistic, know that corrupt governments engaging in over-the-top murderous conspiracies is only stuff of fiction!

You are a sheep, dear.
stephenjohnbanker is in the ingroup signaler camp:
One thing that holds true about Obama....NOTHING is beneath him. F & F proves it, as does the “deal” with Iran.
Responsibility2nd straddles the signalers and softheads:
Ah yes. Sandy Hook. Some say there were NO children killed. This was a giant hoax perpetrated by the US government to grab our guns. And then there are some really strange theories.

Fact is - none of the various, different and conflicting "official" versions and reports are any more or less absurd than the wildest conspiracy theories.

And this relates to ALL of Obama's tricks. His birth certificate, his OBL capture and death, his Fast and Furious, his handling of mass murders, his Trayvon/Ferguson/etc. racist tactics, and more.

Obma lies when the truth would serve him better.
exit82's citation of movies as evidence shows her softheadedness:
The shooters are youngish men, usually under some type of psychiatric care, or known to be weird.

The “minders”, the pysch docs, usually have some connection to the Dept. of Defense. This was so in the Aurora theater shooting and the I believe the Sandy Hook shooting. I am not sure about the Navy Yard guy.

We had POWS in the Korean War undergo mind control experiments—hence the movie “Manchurian Candidate” in 1962 with Frank Sinatra.

The movie “Telefon” with Lee Remick (sigh!) and Charles Bronson dealt with delayed programming via telephone call, whereas a Soviet sleeper agent was activated to do harm to targets, preprogrammed into the mind.

The speed with which Obama got on TV yesterday, with His totally predictable and nauseating fake anger, shows he needed to get in front of this situation to milk it for maximum effect.

Notice the complete lack of anger when five military recruiters are slaughtered, or when his buddy Rahm’s city, Chicago, experiences more gun violence than any other place in the country on a consistent basis, despite the strictest gun control laws in the US.

I am tired of this routine. Mass shootings started with Clinton’s Presidency, many of them in schools.

Soon, with ISIS and other Perps, we will see malls and shopping centers targeted, perhaps even sporting venues.

And no, I do not trust anyone in Homeland Security to protect us.

For all we know, they are part of the problem.
defconw brings another conspiracy to the table:
Our gov knew exactly what was going on with Tamerlin Tsarvaev. We knew he left to train with jihadists in the Republic of Kyrgyzstan in 2012. When he came back, his passport had expired but we let him back in no questions asked. Explain that one. Russia warned us about him. England warned us about him. His uncle and father in law are CIA.

Can’t be explained accept as you say, CIA. They recruit college kids always have.
doorgunner69's softheadedness extends beyond partisanship to a Glenn-Beck type shadowy New World Order thing:
I do not think this is White hut planned, but by his handlers: Soros et al. They are funding the multitude of gun grabbing groups and would have the resources to hire the specialists to target likely patsies for this sort of stuff.

IF, they were ever exposed even a tiny bit, the disconnect from Obutthole and the DNC is far enough to throw off the scent well before the media buries the hint.
Signaler BuckeyeTexan takes anyone objecting to the idea that Obama isn't orchestrating these shootings as basically supporting Obama:
BuckeyeTexan - If Obama were purposefully working against us, what would he be doin’ differently?

coop71 - Psssst: he’s not.

Anyone who thinks Obama isn’t actively working against us doesn’t belong at Free Republic. The man has said clearly and repeatedly that he opposes nearly everything conservatives stand for.

Since I am not a moderator, I can’t show your ass the door, but I wish someone would. I looked at your posting history and you strike me as an anti-God, liberal feminazi. (Granted, I could stomach only a couple of years of history.) So, WTF are you doing here? Because it sure ain’t conversation and intelligent debate with fellow conservatives.


  1. What is even sicker, is that the Douglas County sheriff himself is an "Oath Keeper" Sandyhook truther himself, and he's the one in charge of the investigation.

  2. "Anyone who thinks Obama isn’t actively working against us doesn’t belong at Free Republic."

    That pretty much sums up Free Republic.

    They revel in their collective persecution complex.

    1. I would hope Obama is actively working against what FR stands for

  3. Sounds like Laz is off his meds and back on the bottle

    1. He has been off the rails for a while now. And no one is calling him out and trying to get him help. They all just pat him on the back and agree with him. There's been a definite change in his personality.

    2. No,, back on the cocaine

  4. "techniques to get them to do what I want them to do as part of my training as an operative in another life."

    gotta admit, this spin definitely sounds a lot sexier than "used car salesman".

  5. So, WTF are you doing here? Because it sure ain’t conversation and intelligent debate with fellow conservatives.

    What "debate"? The first time you stop singing with the choir on FR you get labeled "anti-God, liberal feminazi." I don't see any debating.

  6. Finny seems to think the Holocaust was a conspiracy:

    Typical leftist. Completely immune to subtlety, sarcasm, or humor.

    1. I think you're confusing leftists with conservatives. How many conservatives thought Stephen Colbert was really one of them?

    2. Typical Freeper, denying reality.