Monday, October 5, 2015

Monday Potpourri Pt. I

Daniel Ramsey is wrong on so many levels...
I read somewhere Islam faith folowing can be surgically removed. If Carson has any thoughts about that i would be very interested.

If muslims really want to be americans they could volunteer for the procedure.
Scientifically, politically, morally, theologically...that has to be a record for wrongness density.

Norm Lenhart has pegged Boehner as a far left deep cover plant:
if you accept that he is as hard left as Barry, it explains every one of his actions.

He spouts right wing rhetoric but when the chips come down, he has set op no win scenarios. Every time. EVERY.

He holds one show vote after another that are set up to fail even when they win because ultimately he will not play hardball and took the biggest weapons off the table going in.

Thats exactly what a leftist plant would to.

max americana recalls how only Freepers were right about the polls in 2008 and 2012:
Just like the Romney and McCain poll, it was a set up by the MSM to first gain “credibility’ then manipulate the polls so the MSM can easily target the weakest and more lefty candidate later on.
4Runner on the unaccountable Carson Presidency:
Another black in the White House will guarantee another teflon-coated presidency. White politicians will never criticize Carson for anything he does just because he is black and no one wants to be accused of “racism”. Do we really need the same damn paradigm all over again after having given Obama an eight-year free pass to do whatever the hell he wants with no consequences to him?
Poor Jacquerie's Civil War 2 time is running out!
Obama and his people have fourteen more months to do as they wish.

Most posters to FR believe no force exists to stop them.

There is, and it is right under our noses.

But there is little time.
PIF strawmans the EPA super hard:
According to the EPA the Earth’s atmosphere should consist solely of pure O2 with no trace gas pollutants? Inhale that pure oxygen and rejoice that you now live on a clean planet and in fear of fire ...
TangoLimaSierra is yet another Freeper keeping a death list for when the government finally starts the purges:
They have homes.
With addresses.
And phone numbers.
They don’t give a s**t about inconveniencing you.
Return the favor.
In spades.
Why should they sleep? Why should they feel safe?

I've been thinking along the same lines: Get all addresses of local LE and politicians just in case we need to reach out and touch some of them when the midnight visits begin and our friends start disappearing.
Dick Bachert makes all his decisions based on what the media doesn't like:

Simple new rule for candidate selection for conservatives: Find out who NBC, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, CNN (and FNN if they keep drifting to port) and the NY Slimes are supporting and immediately scratch them off your list.

As for finding your candidate, ascertain who NBC, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, the Slimes and the RINOs and TURNCOATS in the GOPe are most actively and viciously attacking and you’ve found your pick!

Speaking of the Slimes, the joke going around when Castro siezed power in Cuba was the HE GOT HIS JOB THROUGH THE NY TIMES! If you want that to happen here, remain silent and FAIL TO SHOW UP NEXT NOVEMBER!
meatloaf has a solution to the problem of Obama always talking on TV:
It’s the community organizer in him. Someone needs to massage him with a 2x4 and eliminate it.
Even with a woefully incomplete picture, The Toll can fit the pieces into place:
Russian Marines showed up and ISIS moved back to Frankfurt.
CivilWarBrewing should write a book:
The WORST Pope ever comes to America for the first time ever, at a time when America has the WORST president EVER?

TWO of the largest immigration crisis EVER in the history of the world, one in Europe, one in the U.S., while the WORST U.S. president EVER is in office? JUST A CO-INKY-DINKY? HELL NO!!!!

This has all GOT to be a global conspiracy against America. This is a political attack, not a religious experience. Team U.N./NWO flooding Europe with Islamists and flooding America with third-worlder Democrats to change our election outcomes to favor THEIR MISSION of undermining America. Cuba favored over the U.S. by the Pope? HORRIBLE!!
bert seems to think the 40ish Congressmen in the Freedom Caucus are a majority of the House:
Boehner received a vote of no confidence by those walking the halls

the party in effect no longer backed his lack of leadership in really fighting the whitehouse
867V309 psychoanalyzes everyone he hates:
Everyone has something they desire most:

Bill Cintoon: Sex
Hillary: Power
Boehner: Alcohol
Bush: Validation by election to his unchallenged primary victory
Rubio: Ethnic Support
Obammy: Supremacy over white heterosexuals
Buckeye McFrog predicts our next President will be Trump, Warren or Hitler.
A Populist IS going to be elected President of the United States.

Given that reality, Trump is likely a best-case scenario.

If not him it could easily be the Fake Indian. Or the second coming of Hitler.
skeeter speculates on whether Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is an idiot or a traitor for supporting Ahmed Muhammad:
He’s actually just the nicest guy and always has been.

By all accounts you’re right. He used to Segway past our house all the time on his way to the Apple store downtown, and the staff there seemed to think he was a pretty nice guy.

But there can only be two reasons for Woz to say what he did about this Ahmed kid. One of those doesn’t speak well for his intentions.
Blue Jays cannot fathom the idea that liberals might think the coming horde of jihadis might not even exist:
Liberals have somehow convinced themselves that radicalized Muslim jihadists that are infesting our country will be their "friends" at a later date.
butlerweave finds something worse to call Ahmed Muhammad than a terrorist:
Clock-Boy = Obama Clone
HarleyLady27 explains to Bill Clinton that the silent majority is super duper real: Oh be very, very careful there slick don't know or understand the dynamite your about to get hit with....
If you think that the past few months we that supporters of Trump's are going to let you (a unregistered sex offender) and your other half (a liar, thief, killer,) back in OUR White House you are sorely mistaken....

We are taking hits like never before, and it isn't just Trump that will blow you and your other’s butts to kingdom come, you haven't seen the following behind Trump....

We have been laying in wait, coming out only when needed to, but watch out when you see us, because you can do whatever you think you can, you won't get off first base....

You might think you know everything there is to know about an election (or erection) but let me tell you, this is OUR election, WE the PEOPLE'S election, and we don't need you and your kind to even look out the window....
Starboard finds Nazis in everything he disagrees with:
I was watching a WWII story on the defeat of Nazi Germany last night. We all know how that played out, but what was insightful was how the German people were so easily manipulated into following a self-destructive and murderous regime. Disinformation and propaganda were very effective.
Right up to the end they were believers and followers.

It was a good illustration of just how easy it is to con the masses into accepting anything. We are in a similar situation today with the Iranian “deal” and the growing threat of ISIS.
Read GOPJ's jihadi fan fiction carefully, and see if you spot it:
My guess: ISIS will have suicide teams walking around spreading radioactive material like it was fertilizer...

It won't be noticeable until Geiger counters start going off - then there will be panic because our side is too stupid to ever plan for anything ahead of time. It'll be 'Katrina' because Obama's a Nagin...

Once 'our guys' have terrified citizens by telling them not to leave the hot zone - the terrorist will use conventional weapons to slaughter frightened victims.

Muslim lowlifes don't have wads of cash like the United States - so they use things like pressure cookers, box cutters, dead children etc.

It's not hard to figure out what they'll do... Here's how they think: ‘what's cheap, effective, maximizes terror, and can be done with fools willing to die to make it happen.’

Best thing for us to do is prepare citizens and first responders... then ask the press to do the kind of stories they do before Hurricane season... but for radiation. ISIS doesn't bluff... if they can do this, they will... We should be prepare.
Dead children, the cheapest of weapons!

Candor7 is drunk or something:
Glowing in the Dark, all infidels shall meet their deaths at the hands of Mohammed the Profit and Allah, IN-shallah!

Alawahooo WACKbar!

Now the hand of Allah moves to arm the Umma with its purifying weapons of mass destruction! Mecca will be ours!

( Hey, just one problem! Donald Trump says no way!)
Oztrich Boy attacks the Catholic Church based on the Spanish Inquisition:
I would expect a Spanishish POPE to respect the Spanish Inquisition's tradition of the justice and mercy expressed by the auto-da-fé
Communism, which has now infested all three branches of government.

And the news outlets, and the education systems, and the churches, and most "non-profits".
SamuraiScot is really in a tizzy about the semiotics behind the word 'try.'
Sen. Ted Cruz on Monday was blocked from trying to link the Iran nuclear deal . . .

You can easily map the bias in a state-controlled-media reporter by where he uses the word "tries." In the language of J-school orthodoxy, you use "tried" to bestow futility or loser-ness on the action of someone of whom you disapprove. For instance, someone I knew scared off two armed muggers who were trying to rob a boy of his expensive roller skates. As the muggers were fleeing, they shot my (unarmed) friend and he died at the scene. He was clearly a hero. He defended not just a young boy he didn't know, but an entire neighborhood and city. If every man acted as he did, that city and the world would be better, safer, and frankly more holy.

But a member of the state-controlled media at the time described this hero as having "died trying to break up a mugging." No, actually, he succeeded in breaking up the mugging. He just didn't survive the scene of his heroism. I suspect he is succeeding rather well in the next world. That's the thing about heroism. If we care about our souls, we can't avoid the necessity, sometime, somehow, of acting heroically, in ways that may be seen or unseen.

Reporters believe it's morally wrong to resist muggers, partly because most of that city's muggers are black, and therefore shouldn't be thwarted in any way—but mostly because such reporters are afraid to resist bad guys themselves, and heroic sacrifice makes them feel like pencil-necked geeks. (Which they are.)

Cruz was blocked from linking "the Iran nuclear" and so on. He wasn't "blocked from trying." He did try. He just didn't succeed—yet. There's a lot that's yet to come from Cruz, and that's what the state-controlled media fears. They are whistling past the graveyard of their entire world.


  1. "Just like the Romney and McCain poll, it was a set up by the MSM to first gain “credibility’ then manipulate the polls so the MSM can easily target the weakest and more lefty candidate later on."

    Romney guy here!

    I'm not sure what this retard is talking about. We knew it was a tough fight throughout the race because we knew eople like Rassumssen, Dick Morris and Frank Luntz were putting out some rather shitty polling data.

    If you look at ABC, Pew and practically all of the reputable pollsters, you'd see a trend that shows a +3 for Obama throughout the race.

    Ultimately it was Obama +3.8 (I think), so I don't know what he's talking about.

    1. Great stuff as always, Romney Guy (RG?)

    2. Ozy did you see this Laz thread? Many Freepers need Thorozene.;page=1

    3. This might be the most outrageous Freeper thread ever.