Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Freeper surrender monkeys

Since Reagan made rabid anti-Communism the mainstay of his party, a lot of folks on the right are very pro-military. But that's only part of the coalition, and Freepers are a different part, motivated more by disagreeing with liberals than any consistent foreign policy, muscular or otherwise.
Mostly, they've been content to bash Obama for being soft on terror. But lately, between the acceptance of gays and the country's general dislike of conflict, the utility of hawkishness has begun to wane.

Thus, when Carly Fiorina reacts to Russia's recent adventurism in Syria by recommending some gunboat diplomacy, Freepers suddenly sound as anti-war as any 1960 hippie, though with a bit more sexism.

Edgar3 rather vastly overestimates Russia's modern capability:
WWIII alert!
How soon PghBaldy forgets who the bad guys are:
Trump needs to do a “daisy” commercial about Carly.
Politicalkiddo keeps it classy:
Oh, gosh. Someone needs to muzzle her.
Sequoyah101 sounds like the anti-War folks in 2002:
Stupid bitch needs to go straight to hell!!!!!!

Getting rid if Assad is wrong and not our concern. Let these fools fight their own battles.

Put snarky on a Uav on a one way trip to her rebel stronghold. She wants something to do. Give her that.
dontreadthis's comment seems divided against itself:
national socialists
the only way to fix the situation that this administration has caused is WWIII
quantumman's analysis sounds like what people said about Bush:
She has a bigger dick than Putin and is going to prove it. That emotion starts major wars.
Uncle Miltie wants the situation handled with only the most careful indiscriminate Russian bombing:
Syria needs careful handling now that 0bumbler has got us into this state.

I’d let Russia bomb ISIS and anyone else they want on the Syrian side of the border. I’d work with Russia by bombing ISIS on the Iraqi side of the border.
ek_hornbeck goes with the distant diagnosis:
Carly does have that crazed, bug-eyed look about her. I’ve found that that facial expression and bulging eyes to be very common among people with bipolar disorder (manic depressives). Listening to her shrill ranting in the last debate, Carly certainly seems the type.
jwalsh07 laments that the US doesn't have the balls to bomb Russia:
The US electorate is in full appeasement mode. There is no will, right or left, to confront Russia, Iran, or Bermuda for that matter. ISIS is an evil group but Russia, China and Iran are also evil bastards and the evil bastards in Iran are also batsh6t crazy.

Russias alliance with Iran in their Syrian intervention is the proximate cause of worry but there is no will amongst the US electorate to do anything about it so we will just sit and wait until Iran has nukes and delivery systems and some nut types the go word while Russia lines it’s pockets with Middle Eatern money.
noiseman tilts at the Free Republic windmill of crazy:
I realize what she said went too far, but the level of childish name calling and hyperbole that has ensued here is more fitting of DU than FR.

We're supposed to be the thoughtful, rational side, yet lately it seems I see more and more poorly reasoned, emotionally hysterical comments. Just in this thread alone, I have noticed crude name-calling, references to Jews controlling Fiorina's foreign policy (which echoes increasingly common strains of late of "Jews control the world" conspiracy theory), and a big dose of Libertarian isolationism. Please explain to me how any of that nonsense aligns with conservative principles.
jimbo123 is sure there is corruption:
FioRINO doesn’t want to talk to Putin because he would remind her of all the bribes that were paid to Russia while she was running HP.
WENDLE comes out strong for the peaceful Assad:
I hate isis. There are currently 2 MILLION Christians in Syria. They all love Assad!! Isis wants to shoot them in the head if they are lucky or cut their throats otherwise.

This is a "Holy war" according to the Rusiian Orthadox Church and I agree with that .

Why would we be against Assad? It is absolutely unsubstantiated that he would or did “gas his people” That is BS!! Wake up. Even if he did ,we have no dog in that fight at all!! Isis used chlorine gas several times after that alledged incident which indicates THEY HAD IT!! Assad turned all of his chemical weapons over to the Russians long ago. How can our republicrat leaders be so screwed up (Except for Trump)?
wardaddy does his usual sexism thing:
The neocon wsj nro faux news is strong in this stern form of estrogenics


  1. Listening to her shrill ranting in the last debate

    Too funny. What on earth is FR, if not a venue for "shrill ranting"? But of course the basic discomfort with women means that Fiorina gets raked over the coals, while Trump's brittle, fussy hysteria and melodrama are perceived as "tough."

  2. FR is the embodiment of "Old Man Yells At Cloud"

  3. No Lazamataz the reason the CIA never hired you was you using and selling drugs you frickin moron...I would love to post your arrest record that was posted on Liberty post.org you drug selling piece of trash. That is why you tried to have someone sell you a Ar-15 on FR because you could not pass the background checks.

    Again you are a drug selling piece of trash.

    Oh, as an aside, in my 20's I dated a woman in her 40's, who told me she had been plucked from her college to go to a language school in Arlington. She then went to Italy, where she stayed for 6 years. One time, she admitted that she had actually killed someone in Italy, a "spy" as she put it. She also met her (American) "husband" in Italy but promptly got divored upon return to the states.

    I put 2+2+2+2 together, and told her she was a CIA operative stationed in Italy. She strongly denied it. Too strongly, actually.

    So one day, I said, "Hey. I know you were never in the CIA. But you might have made some contacts in Arlington when you were there. Can you ask around and see if I could join up with the CIA as an operative?" She smirked a little, but said nothing.

    Three months later, she said, "Just got word from an old contact. It's a no-go. You come from a broken, one-parent family. That's a disqualifier."

    We never spoke of her CIA days again, but we both knew.
    291 posted on 10/10/2015, 12:14:05 PM by Lazamataz (Ok. We won't call them 'Anchor Babies'. From now on, we shall call them 'Fetal Grappling Hooks'.)
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  4. How soon till noiseman gets banned?

    Also, how long has he been there that he is only just now noticing "emotionally hysterical comments" and "crude name-calling"?

  5. If they did away with the "childish name calling and hyperbole", there soon would be no FR.