Thursday, October 15, 2015

Democratic Debate: Clinton Cheated!

I didn't see the debate, and most of the analysis I saw was pretty cursory - the Democratic side isn't nearly as compelling as the Republican side at the moment.

I don't want to fall into the Freeper fallacy of assuming the opposite of whatever they think, but I don't think it's too much to say that Hillary did well based on Freepers' reactions. Because they're not saying she did badly, they believe everyone from the moderators to her fellow Democratic candidates were working together to make her look good.

AngelesCrestHighway does the obligatory contentless namecalling:
Ol Thunderthighs definitely wins the kankle award!
Dante3 has clearly carefully studied Hillary's behavior:
I'm convinced Hillary got the questions early.

Of course she did. She answered as if she had them memorized. She lacked spontaneity and credibility.
rdl6989 finds it very suspicious that Hillary's fellow Dems didn't attack her at Freeper levels:
Bernie Sanders comment about her email scandal was so obviously planned and scripted.
Entropy Squared finds it very suspicious that Hillary is being treated as the frontrunner:
Hillary also was given center stage and the important last position during the self introductions.
aimhigh is mystified that anyone else would mention Hillary:
Under the rules, if one candidate mentioned another, the other got to respond. I noticed the other candidates mentioning Hillary over and over, just to give her more speaking time. What a charade.
I understand that Web's musing style didn't do well. Engraved-on-His-hands sees another sign of fix being in:
The only reason that Webb got as much time as he did is because he kept making the point that he wasn’t getting as much time as everyone else. Cooper still kept trying to cut him off.
knarf is sure the Democrats will have to go moderate, just like the Republicans must not do:
If the dems want to win, they have to steal

Already they have illegals and dead people, but even with that, I think Trump has started a snowball

The dem's only hope is to steal republicans .... and Jim Webb did an ACE job of making sense ..... American sense

cripplecreek made the statement earlier today that Webb sounded like he had at least visited America once (or words to that effect)

Prepare for poll watching and outright theft .... they're too stupid to understand their own precariousness.
smoothsailing is REALLY out of touch:
It’s beginning to look like Martin O’Malley could be the nominee. He is photogenic and personable and to the left of Clinton but not as batsh*t crazy as Saunders. Right out of central casting for the primaries.
DoughtyOne seems to think TV ratings are the same as votes:
People who try to tell you Trump won't do well against Democrats will have a tough time explaining how he just did do well against them.

He not only trippled the 2011-12 viewership of his own party, but came in at 156.9% over that of the Democrat viewership in this one.

Trump is a one man phenominon. He pulls in 10, 20, and 30 thousand people at his apperances while others pull in 10, 20, and 30 hundreds.

It is reasoned to think he is the big draw this year. Lucky for us, he agrees with our agenda.
All hail President Oprah!


  1. re the kenyan's lmd: bug or feature?

    SatinDoll: "Lamecherry has been claiming for two-years that the President BHO2 died June 13, 2013, from an aneurysm in the White House. Valerie Jarrett hasn't wanted to cease her power behind the oval office desk, so she uses stand-ins. Of course Europeans notice something is wrong. Since our press is silent at this obvious treason, we the public are told nothing."

    "BREAKING: European Country Drops Bombshell About Obama’s Mental Health… Says It’s Time to IMPEACH"

    1. I notice the story ultimately points to a tweet by conservative columnist John R. Schindler who quoted an unnamed "senior EU diplomat". His twitter feed is filled with Obama and Clinton hatred. No bias there!