Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Hillary hates You

When I first heard about Hillary calling Republicans her enemies, I was not thrilled. Beyond it being bad politics in the general election, it's seems just the sort of politics-as-war footing that lets Freepers be such empty-headed oppositionists.

But that's not what she said, as it turns out - she said the enemy she's most proud of making is Republicans. In context, this clearly refers to the Republican politicians in Congress, who I think it's fair to say are legitimately personal enemies of Hillary's at this point.

But the right is never one to hew to the true meaning of quotes, and Freepers react with an amusing mixture of outrage, pleased validation, and name calling:

Dilbert San Diego suddenly discovers how vital political compromise is:
She declares that Republicans are the enemy???

But then she would have us believe that as president, she will be able to reach across the aisle??? The GOP will still control the House after the Nov. 2016 elections, and at least a 50.50 chance of still controlling the Senate. If president, she will have to deal with at least one House of Congress controlled by the other party.
Maceman won't let strawman Hillary out-crazy him!
Well, in fairness, I do think that all Democrats (and an awful lot of Republicans) are the enemy.
Gaffer doesn't even make sense:
Hillary is the world’s Ebola-zero.
ilovesarah2012 devalues Satan:
I view Hillary as the devil.
SWAMPSNIPER fancies that Hillary has any idea who he is:
Hillary is certainly my enemy.
SaraJohnson explains that Hillary will be so much worse than evil Muslim radical Obama.
Yes, Hillary despises Republicans like Mao despised his political and social enemies. She’s really quite radical and dangerous in a socialist/fascist sort of way. She is also totally without ethics and morals. She will make Bill and Obama look like a choir boys. I don’t call her Hitlerly for nothing. Although Sanders is more openly radical, I would rather him than Hitlerly as he seems to have a conscience. She has none.
FlingWingFlyer just flaccidly Benghazis:
After getting four Americans murdered in Benghazi, I can see why Clinton would consider “Republicans” as the “enemy”.
DiogenesLamp loves this, and lets the crazy fantasies fly!

We are, and we ought to start acting like enemies. It ought to be our goal to put Hillary and her Husband in prison, and it should also be our goal to put Obama, his staff, his donors and supporters in prison as well.
rrrod wants a one-party system:

No registered Democrat should be allowed to serve in the US military or any position of security.

How’s that bit*** Hillary?!?
Mountain Mary tries to explain that Freepers can want crazy things, but politicians must not...
for me, it’s Liberals that I abhor. We can have this view toward Dems/Liberals..but we aren’t running for President. For her to say this, she is alienating the squishy segment of the population who might for some reason refer to themselves as Pubbies.
onedoug squashes all the bad things into one ridiculous word:
I hate all islamidemocommucrats too!
JEDI4S would commit mass murder, but alas it's a sin:
Perhaps if we all “convert” to Islam for a couple of weeks we can go jihad on their a$$ with impunity and return to our original faiths after the “problems” have been resolved. :-)

I’m just saying....


  1. Freeper thread on recycling really shows how nasty that group really is.


  2. Oz, can we get a "This Word From Outer Space" on THIS guy?

    To: equaviator
    “The Clintons knew.”

    If anyone calls you a liar here’s the doc that Osama bin Laden can tell them himself that the Clintons not only knew but were the ones making the preparations for the attacks.

    CTC at West Point’s Harmony Database doc#AFGP-2002-600321.

    I don’t know where you can get a copy of the doc since Bush took down the Harmony Database once he found out OBL was putting his finger on the Clintons heads as being behind the terrorist attacks since the 1993 WTC bombing.

    19 posted on 10/20/2015, 11:02:52 AM by IMR 4350
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    ...then you go to the database and not only get the document IMR doesn't think exists because of some purge, you also find that it really has nothing to do with anything he's saying:


    1. He was a proto-spotlight waaay back in 2012: http://vikingkitties.blogspot.com/2012/04/imr-4350s-wide-ranging-racial.html

      Believe it or not, he's gotten more sane - now his conspiracies are against America instead of against him personally...

  3. Hey Ozy, did you find any choice quotes about the recent federal election in Canada? We just got a liberal (centre left) majority and I'd love to see the reaction these geezers had to that.

    A Canadian fan

    1. There are s few threads about it, they range from 'woe, Canada' to 'Margaret Trudeau was a whore'. Typical lovely freeper crap. They saw Harper as the last conservative Western leader....and seemed to think that we Canadians are mostly Conservatives, ignoring the fact that Canada isn't a social conservative hotbed