Saturday, October 17, 2015

Saturday Pix

It's nice to see conspiratorial BS becomes bipartisan after enough time.
They're working hard to make Bernie look as sinister as their red-baiting imaginations make him.
You cant have reasoned discussion! There's no substance in politics!
Man, that's a long way to go for a dickhead joke.
Likely made by someone who didn't bother to actually see the debate.
Freepers wish they've had this much fun ever in their lives.


  1. Replies
    1. Judging by the 'I turn off the lights' and 'I hand out bible tracts' responses, we can pretty easily guess who will be waking up to toilet paper and eggs on November 1st

    2. I couldn't finish that total sourpuss thread, because the thought that there could be people that devoid of mirth who take things so seriously bummed me out. But hasn't anybody told them yet that Christmas is a pagan holiday, albeit with tidier pageantry? And let's not get started on Easter.

    3. The end devolved mostly to happier Halloween memories, and lamenting passed dogs.

      Gotta post this on the Day. I'll check to see if Freepers offer anything better on Halloween itself, but I doubt it!

  2. I was actually hoping to see Lootie on that last picture.

  3. What Was the Most CONSERVATIVE TV Show (non-political)?

    The discussion starts with "Dragnet" and lots of shows from the 50s and 60s get mentioned. What's interesting is how quickly some of shows that are suggested get shot down.

    Nea Wood: Eventually Sheriff Andy got a women’s libber girlfriend and the show kind of went downhill after that. I always liked his original girlfriend better.

    dfwgator: I thought “The Waltons” was a loving ode to FDR’s New Deal.

    Tau Food: Generally, Dragnet described a world in which agents of the government (LEO's) protected the citizen-sheep from their own stupidity. I'm not sure that that is a conservative world-view.

    1. I bet in their minds the most conservative show on TV was "Leave It To Beaver" because it was the quintessential example of the American Dream in the 1950s. The father always wore a suit and was the clear breadwinner and head of the household, the wife always wore a dress and knew her place, and even though the Beaver would occasionally get himself involved in some light mischief he would always fall in line after all is said and done.

      That or "Amos 'n Andy" for "accurately" portraying black people as naturally stupid beings who, again, knew their place.

      These Freepers are so retrograde.

      Seriously, when even "The Waltons" is too liberal for them, it's no wonder they're all collectively having an everlasting stroke nowadays. ;-)