Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Benghazi bitterness

Freepers say differently, but it seems pretty clear to me from their foot stomping that they know Benghazi has been reduced to Vince Foster status - largely defanged for anyone but Freepers.

But lets watch them stomp their little feet and grasp their little straws, shall we? The amusingly named 'American Thinker' provides the ideally petty vehicle with it's "Hillary deploys her ultimate weapon -- her cackle"

Kid Shelleen doesn't get why the media isn't into the misogynist dog whistles:
Hillary has been using the cackle defense since her Whitewater days. When is the press going to call her out?

I actually feel sorry for Bill every time I hear this shrew, until I remember all the women he abused.
Qiviut finds her laughing at a ridiculous question to be super significant:
She had a real cackling spell when Roby was questioning her about the night of the Benghazi attack ..... it also went over like a lead balloon ..... made her look awful that she could possibly see any humor in a question regarding her whereabouts/companions that night. She looked mentally ill during that exchange.

Whenever a really uncomfortable subject comes up (like her emails), she deflects with this half-hysterical laughing cackle. Since she did it upon Roby’s question, it makes me wonder if what she said was yet another lie .... since Hilly can’t even get a cup of tea for herself, I doubt she was all alone.
hoosiermama is also looking real hard for damning conclusions to draw:
That cackle seemed to be a guilty reaction to her behavior that night. There was a series of questions leading up to was she alone. All could have been answered innocently. She could have said yes or no. If no answered staff stayed the night, secret service was on duty or a friend stayed with her. Instead the guilty laugh. Something she was hiding and embarrassed

With security cameras, log books etc the questioner knew the answer. Hillary choose perjury over exposing the truth. Must be a doosy
But the always conspiratorial blueunicorn6 never needs to work hard to prove her speculations. She finds Hillary laughing to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that she's a spy and should be put to death!
This is significant.

It shows that she had a secure (transfers the communications into code) system at her house.

That proves that she understood the need for securing (coding) her communications, but she chose not to.

The thing about secure communications is that the person on the other end of the conversation has to have the coding system, too.

She was knowingly and willfully communicating secret information on a system that wasn’t coded when she had access to a communications system that was coded.

She’s done.

She is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

The question now is:

What will her punishment be?

They must take into account her belligerence in this matter. They must consider her cackling contempt for the laws of our nation and the lives of Americans.

We cannot rule out that Hillary Clinton knowingly and willfully committed espionage against the United States.

That is a hanging offense.
grania has an ad that will play gangbusters with Freepers:
Think of "the cackle" as part of Trump campaign ads. He won't have to say she's an ugly witch, just contrast hillary cackling with Trump giving free helicopter rides to kids (etc)
PGalt is trying out new nicknames:
Hillaryous Rotten Criminal - Cankles Cackles.
Diana in Wisconsin, nice as always, wishes terminal illnesses on Hillary:
This Fabian Socialist Harridan needs to stroke out. Now. At LEAST give us Liver Failure. Yeesh!
kindred declares America will totes be over for real if Hillary's elected.
She is as nuts as the obamanation femi Nazi regime is and it will be over for America, if not already, if the liar gets elected.
Tupelo doesn't get why everyone else sees these mountains as mere molehills:
The Clintons absolutely amaze me. Nothing and I do mean nothing sticks to them. From Bill’s expulsion from Oxford to Hillary’s firing from the Watergate investigation all the way to Benghazi. Nothing. Absolutely nothing but money sticks to them.
Now she has added Trey Gowdy’s head up on the trophy wall next to Darrell Issa’s.
God knows that trophy room’s walls must be completely covered with the heads of past investigators.


  1. "The Clintons absolutely amaze me. Nothing and I do mean nothing sticks to them. From Bill’s expulsion from Oxford to Hillary’s firing from the Watergate investigation..."

    Maybe it doesn't stick to them because none of it is true?

    Just a theory.

    1. No, people in power look out for each other.

    2. You would think that after all these years from the Mena Airport to Whitewater to Vince Foster that the Republican voters would wise up.

    3. It's maddening how few billionaire conservatives there are isn't it? If only there were more republicans in power!

    4. Anon1, Bill was never expelled from Oxford. Hillary was never fired from the Watergate investigation. It's not a conspiracy...it just didn't happen.

      No matter how badly you want it to be true, the physical, tangible world that we live in did no allow it to proceed as you wish that it did.

  2. Don't worry Ozy. The Freepers' visceral hatred is not just dedicated to Democrats. Their vitriol is bipartisan.

    I remember that during the 2008 election many Freepers were hoping, even praying to the Lord that Sen. McCain would die of old age should he win the election so that Sarah Palin would become president.

    Such shining examples of Christian fellowship, those Freepers!

  3. The conspiracy theories, constant justified executions, the faux christianity are all pretty annoying, but I think the pseudo-intellectualism is the most obnoxious.

    Think they repeatedly prove they know nothing about revolutionary america, communism, and nazi germany? well let's see what you do with a random reference to rome or ancient greece!

  4. Right on time, Free Republic. Never change.

    Is she a husband-beating lesbian? Is Chelsea really Bill's daughter? And does a billionaire paedophile have a secret hold over Bill? The toxic questions dogging Hillary Clinton


    1. "Why are we the conspiracy nuts? We're just telling the TROOF!"