Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Magical tax cuts

Some time ago, there was this Republican idea of 'starve the beast,' wherein tax cuts reduce the money for government spending. And in a way, it worked - the deficit raised so much that the idea of sequestration has been more or less publicly accepted.

But in the meantime, the starve the beast idea has been replaced by a simple conviction that tax cuts not only pay for themselves, but are the cure for all society's ills, just like mass deportations and ending welfare.

Thus, when Trumps supposedly revenue neutral tax plan is scored as raising the annual deficit to $12 trillion after 10 years, Freepers abandon any sense of concern about the deficit, and declare that because they get a tax cut, it must be awesome.

edpc has a rather one-sided understanding of things:
Taxes don’t raise deficits. Spending does.
grania knows something must be done, and this is something...:
This is comical. The pundits wanted a plan, so Trump put together specialists and came up with a plan. And, surprise! The naysayers say it can't be done.

Of course it can. Cut back on Common Core and other worse-than-garbage federal programs, send home invaders and fill those jobs with US citizens, bring jobs back home and tax stuff from countries that manipulate money. Is there any chance the pundits factored all that in?
Zenjitsuman remembers how Reagan only cut taxes, and didn't raise spending at all:
JFK and Reagan both successfully cut taxes and raised revenues, got people working again.

The critics don’t know squat
Viennacon knows Trump's plan includes secret radical changes:
What a load of BS. It assumes current spending levels. Something tells me EPA will not exist under a Trump admin
NTHockey managed pay for 20% of Trump's plan by destroying the government, and then invokes anti-illegals to get us to 70%. etc. takes care of the rest:
They got some serious spending cuts to make. Let’s see, eliminate Departments of Energy, Education, Labor, Commerce, HHS, HUD, etc.

Not spending is a spending cut. Doing the above cuts $2 trillion. Eliminate DeathCare and welfare for illegals another $5 trillion. Etc., etc., etc.
jneesy sees the real savings:
one thing i haven’t heard mentioned about his tax plan is how much will be cut out of the irs budget due to its simplistic nature
oldvirginian doesn't know jack, but doesn't trust the media when they disagree with him:
I call chicken manure!

I don’t know jack about economics, but I know these are the same people who take *years* to figure out that Obamacare won’t be such a bad thing.
How in the name of sanity can they nitpick Trump’s tax plan in a couple of days?
They can’t.
They aren’t competent enough to add 2+2 and get an answer of 4!
stig does the math to find that Trump raises his personal deficit by almost 10k per year. And then decides he doesn't care:
We currently have an 18 trillion deficit. Forbes reports there were 85 million tax returns in 2010 that paid taxes. Now that includes married people filing jointly and they estimate that taking that into account means there are probably 122 million people who pay taxes. So doing the math to cover the 18 trillion we each owe:


To cover their estimate of Trump's 1.2 trillion per year will add:

$9836.00 per year.

So note to pundits I'm willing to risk the extra 10 grand per year to see if Trump can grow the economy and cut the budget. Besides I don't have the 150 grand anyway so what's another 80k over a Trump 8 year presidency?
Tucker39 explains that only GOP Administrations create jobs:
This talking point that the “government doesn’t create jobs” is as tiring and false as the “America isn’t a Democracy, it’s a republic” talking point. In reality, the government can do a lot to create jobs and economic prosperity.

Well, they haven’t created any, except government bureaucrat jobs, in the last 7 years. They haven’t because they can’t. They only thing the government produces is paper money. And the more they print, the less value it has.
G Larry knows if you don't assume Trump's plan is magic, you must be a liberal:
Trumps plan generates more revenue.

Therefore, if you insist there will be higher deficits, you must be planning on higher spending.


  1. It might be interesting to look for threads from about a few years ago and see what Freepers have to say about Trump. I would guess they hated him until the whole birth certificate fiasco.

  2. I'm sure sooner or later they'll hate him again. I'm just waiting for the first FUDT to come out.

  3. Does anyone more familiar with mainstream GOP thought know how much traction this "immediately get rid of x dept/agency upon election" stuff has? I feel like I've heard it ad nauseum on Freep, talk radio, etc since at least 2009 or so, and I know fringe candidates have made claims to that over the year, but is this something that, if elected, anyone thinks feet are going to be held to the fire on?

  4. Campbells soup has a commercial with a gay couple, freepers react accordingly


    1. Hah, they're all switching to Progresso. I hope every single food manufacturer comes out with a gay couple ad. Freepers will starve to death.