Monday, October 5, 2015

Monday Potpourri Pt. II

datricker's imagination supplies everything but success:
Trump has given us energy.
Cruz is giving us focus
Planned Parenthood is giving a us bat to hit them over the head with
Putin making Obama look like a tool.
The iran deal is an outrage
Freerepublic provides us a form to speak out

Now we need to figure out how to act and translate it into votes.
I'm willing to bet yefragetuwrabrumuy has not run this clever paradox by any actual liberals, or anyone with a working sense of empathy:
One of the best ways to get leftists to shut up about euthanasia is to propose “prison euthanasia” to them.

Here’s the idea. That states pass laws permitting just those prisoners on death row, or facing life without the possibility of parole, to accept a one-time offer of being euthanized. If they say yes, then change their mind, they don’t get another chance.

But if they say yes, and follow through with it, they are given a psychiatric evaluation, a legal evaluation (to insure their conviction will not be overturned), and assistance to get their affairs in order. Then they are given a lethal injection, maximized to insure it is painless.

Leftists are terrified of the idea of vicious criminals being turned off in any way, and would freak out at this idea. It might even convince them to stop ranting about euthanasia at all. (Which is the real purpose of the exercise.)
Love Busko here, because Freeper debate tips are the best:
He crushed Ryan because Ryan had no balls. First thing you do with Biden is ask him if he has plagiarized anyone lately. Then ask him about why his son is over in the Ukraine running one of their oil industries. He would start stammering and then he would automatically fall apart.
Norm Lenhart is willing to burn America to end all of Obama's policies:
I point to what Barry has done and how he did it. Force of will. Thats how to undo it.

Yes. It will be financial carnage. Yes it will be massive unemployment.

The Iceland bank situation shows that it’s managable. Easier to manage the carnage than to maintain the problems. Most of these jobs are a false economy. The regs eliminated with these depts would immeadiately create a boomtown from atlantic to Pacific. And globally.

But it can be done.
boxlunch has some speculation why the GOP is secretly loyal to Planned Parenthood:
I think Republicans are probably getting lots of campaign contributions from Planned Parenthood. Of course they don’t want to defund it. It’s like defunding their own re-election fund. There is a huge kickback system going on with PP and Congress.

Pretty much all the evil going on in Washington can be traced back to bribes or blackmail.
sand88 is rooting for a terrorist attack leading to a coup:
God forbid, but if Iran or any other terrorist regime succeeds in murdering millions of Americans, then I would wish that every single politician and their staffs would dragged out of where ever they would be hiding and taken care of in the manner that General Washington dealt with traitors -- Those who stood with Cruz would the the only ones spared.
boomop1's nicknames make up for in hate what they lack in wit:
I believe nothing Politico same as Media Faggot Matters.
Uh, oh. Hillary has lost Slyfox!
Is anyone else pretty much worn out with Hillary like I am?
Navy Patriot's Putin love has made for some odd ideas about who is in the mainstream media:
Oh dear, Newsmax, Reuters and the rest of the lamestream media certainly have received a painful wedgie from the new Crusaders.
sanjuanbob may be joking re: Fiorina's face, but I can't be sure based on his posting history...
If you look closely at her face, it is slightly crooked as if her husband or an ex may have slugged her in the jaw. Feel bad for her, but she probably should have just kept her mouth shut and had dinner prepared on time.
I'll never get tired of Freepers like WENDLE who are so against global warming they go the other way:
There is, without a doubt, NO GLOBAL WARMING!! There is global COOLING!!
She's new, but she's talented. Lucy Hamilton provides Short, clear, distilled Freeper crazy.
All Leftists should be put in prison, because they’re going to get us all killed if they’re not stopped.
jimbo123 is turning the Freeper gaydar onto another GOP candidate!
RINOubia is indeed a mini-me Dorkbama.

Rubio also has a gay lisp.
Benghazi can be turned to many uses. CivilWarBrewing tries it to turn an aging scandal new again:
The hacking of Hillary’s server is the CAUSE of the attack in Benghazi. The bad guys knew ALL of Ambassador Stevens’ security arrangement (or lack of), scheduling, times, dates, personnel..
There was another shooting :-(. More on Freepers' full tin foil reaction tomorrow. But CivilWarBrewing brings the tin foil today!
School officials had their orders to allow the shooting to happen. False flag. You mean to tell me the shooter’s Internet rants weren’t reported and they didn’t know this was going to happen? Of course they did!
Patton@Bastogne has another theory about the power of Hillary's e-mails:
Obama has given Iraq to the Caliphate, and Syria to Putin ...

after Putin threatened to blackmail Obama’s sorry corrupt ass with Hillary’s e-mails ...
TTFlyer threatens to sulk patriotically, guys!
Either Trump takes over and purges the GOPe, the military, and the bureaucracy and rights this ship-of-fools or i “shut-down the government” in my own way,

I will not pledge allegiance to the flag of a country that smokes dope and elects Marxists all the while it condones a Holocaust of tens of thousands of defenseless babies within its borders.

This is not America, it is instead well on its way to becoming a degenerate, Neo-Marxist/Fascist state and i refuse to be a part of it. I will pray for such a disgraceful nation’s destruction.

“Down with the Eagle and up with the Cross.” - “The Confederate Battle Cry of Freedom”
gaijin is beyond parody:
“The Mafia”- thats how a shadowy group of progessive Cardinals who ousted Ratzinger and installed Pope Francis jokingly referred to their group.

GAY COMMIE POPE is better than any title I could ever come up with.

1010RD exhorts fellow Freepers to send all the crazy forwards they possibly can!
This administration has never let facts get in the way of a good self-serving narrative.

Don’t let them ever. Twitter, email, texting and the Internet serve us against the gatekeeper media all the time. We’re at war and we need to bring them to heel. You do that by ridiculing them and their lies to death... and winning elections.
laplata believes Nancy Pelosi is literally a demon in a skin suit:
She is what is termed “Perfectly possessed”. Satan has a hold on her and uses her.

For her to have the audacity to claim she is a devout Catholic is proof.
Back to the shooting for a bit. wrench fleshes out the false flag with a Muslim Obama plant:
Wonder what the Obama goons promised this nut.

77 virgins
JEDI4S has his own cause to put forward:
More Americans killed by a welfare recipient? How many EBT cards did he have? More Americans are killed by welfare recipients and illegal aliens than by ISIS.
Kicking it old school, even for Freepers, fwdude blames prayer in school:
Charles Whitman was an early crazed mass shooter in 1966. That was a few years after the Supreme Court found that God was an "unconstitutional intruder" in our public schools.

Connection? You'd better believe it!
jimbug also with the tin foil trend:
As these mass shootings continue, I become more convinced that Obama is taking a page from Hitler's playbook and orchestrating every single one of these events to promote his gun confiscation agenda.

This is perhaps the most cunningly evil persona we have seen in modern times, and only history and Heaven at the Great White Throne judgement will reveal the full extent of the evil being perpetrated on America by this fraud.
DJ Taylor probably thinks he's clever:
Christopher Merced is a half-black, leftist, anti-Christian homosexual just like our president.
Breto follows up on the GAY COMMIE POPE theory:
So it seems Obama now controls the Vatican. Son of perdition father of lies
Norm Lenhart goes full anti-Catholic:
Sorry current catholics. If you stay in that church, you are as much the enemy as Obama. You are empowering this Pope’s crap.


  1. Oz, you've never done a spotlight on Lone Palm??!!!

    He seems like a real sweetheart, always condescending and self-aggrandizing.

  2. "It will be financial carnage. Yes it will be massive unemployment."

    "The regs eliminated with these depts would immeadiately create a boomtown from atlantic to Pacific. And globally."

    only in freeper university do instant boomtowns come with massive carnage!