Monday, October 12, 2015

Monday Potpourri Pt. I

mumblypeg thinks adoption makes you into a psycho:
If we think the “violent aggression” in yutes is bad now, wait til the next generation of kids—the ones being sold or given away by surrogates, and raised by lezzies, fruits, and trannies.
Another shooting, and IChing is on the race case!
Mercer looks to be mixed race, high yaller as octaroons were once known.
FlingWingFlyer knows who to blame for all mass shootings:
The Kenyan caused these murders. Anyone who believes otherwise in a retard.
zencycler blames everyone who doesn't have a gun for all mass shootings:
Aside from the shooter, I hold responsible those who oppose any restrictions on carrying a handgun for personal, family OR community defense.

That’s it!
sand88 has turned on Cruz.
I now consider Cruz a pathetic panderer and a weak, weak Conservative.

Cruz weak responses shows that he doesn't have the iron will to truly do what is right to save our Republic.

Cruz is a weak man. He would never raise a sword in defense of our Republic. He probably thinks we can debate our way to Liberty.
Never mind. sand88, one month later:
Cruz is great.

Rubio is a lying fraud.

Rubio is pure GOPe.

Rubio is a deceitful smooth talker.
Louis Foxwell thinks a police state is better than any gun control:
There are ways to control gun violence. A mandatory death penalty with limited appeal for the use of a gun in a crime would go a long way to deter gun crime. Ending the idiocy of gun free zones would also help stop free shooting sprees.
Arming “protectors” such as teachers, guards, managers or others overseeing children will send a message.
If we are serious about stopping mass shootings we can take simple, effective steps to do so.

Clearly progressives have a vested interest in perpetuating mass shootings to further their gun confiscation agenda. They are not interested in protection. They want control, and not of the criminal class but of the average citizen who will oppose their tyrannical policies.
Daniel Ramsey is still thinking Islam is a literal tumor:
Poor kid needs a brain surgeon, remove that Islam brain tumor, give him a chance of living a real normal life.

This has to be a prime reason why i would support child services to remove a child from its parents.
The Toll gives the Freeper history of the Iraq war:
Bush invaded Iraq for some reason. Then our military smashed the Iraqis in a brilliant vitory. Then Bush advisors disbanded the Iraqi military and threw the entire country into chaos for no reason. Then our military smashed the chaos and put things back in order, but it was too late. CNN had already played video of Sunnis dancing around burning cars and shooting AK’s in the air for three years, which terrified every Soccer Mom in the country who then turned around and voted for the current Communist in the White House.

Way to go America! Way to go!
cherry has looked at Michelle Obama's hands, and sees gayness..
body build alone is not indicative of your sexuality...

and the fingers....if you look at my hands, you'll see arthritis twisting my fingers but I've always had small hands but my fingers are not typical of a female...although I know I stubbed several fingers as a kid....I am definitely not transgender...

however, add it all up...the large shoulders...the hands..the crock shots...the manly abrasive nature...the lack of normal female concerns...the white hut creep referring to her as "micheal" and the lack of any background info or pics of "Michele" as a pregnant woman ....just add it all up...then it makes perfect sense....
kiryandil wonders if Colbert is a secret Muslim:
So, basically - Stephen Colbert is OK with Obama's War On Christians, is that it?

Why does Colbert hate Christians so much?

Is he like, a secret devil-worshipper, or something? A Muslim?
Black Agnes is sure all the leaders in Europe are secret Muslims:
I think Merkel and other German ‘leaders’ are converts.

It’s the simplest explanation.
jsanders2001 invokes the idea that black people are all descended from Cain:
The destruction of White America is the destruction of America, period.

That’s what the elites seek.

And one Muslim descendent from the lineage of Cain who,worships Satan accelerated it tenfold
Come the revolution, tumblindice is going to kill anyone who likes Colbert:
He’s a greasy, smirking little four-eyed ****.
If/when the SHTF, before I lend a hand to anyone in trouble I’m going to make time to first ask,
“So. What do you think of Steve Colbert?”
Think fast pilgrim.
Another day, another death threat. This time from Noumenon:
We should “harvest” the butchers of Planned Slaughterhouse
Impy generally has perspective, reads this blog, and can laugh at himself. He also wants me sterilized for wrongthink.
Money spent sterilizing democrats would be money well spent.
Paine in the Neck is sure it isn't pragmatism that turns politicians away from Freepers once they get into office - it's a huge institutional conspiracy!
It starts with their arrival in DC. The controlling cabal assign well-vetted GOPe overseers spies staff to the rookies. These staff immediately begin nudging the newbies into line with the uniparty herd.
Winks and nods about future riches and social status, rewards and punishment of cmte appointments, office space, party $upport, threats of being 'sent to Coventry' both at work and on the social scene, isolation from the compass of the grassroots.

All these and more work in concert to set the freshman adrift in the putrid swamp on the Potomac. Very few can hold their course for long. Even fewer seem to come out with their reputations intact.
IMR 4350 think the real Benghazi is the first Trade Center bombing:
From what I’ve been able to pick up from different news stories Gowdy is far past Benghazi and is now getting into the original “spontaneous” lie from the Clintons which was the 1st WTC bombing in 1993.

There wasn’t anything “accidental” about McCarthy’s comments.

He’s trying to stop Gowdy.
RetiredArmy thinks the refugees in Europe are just God's instrument to punish Germany for World War 2:
What Hitler did, the current government will allow the muzzies to do in record time. Nazi Germany or Muslim Germany. Germany had the support of Izzlum during WWII. Now Germany is being punished by the LORD for that evil by allowing those same muzzies to over run them. Just as England, France, Italy, and other EU countries did, supporting muzzies against the Jews, now those same muzzies are over-running their countries.
5th MEB thinks Israel is now all bout Russia:
I just want to say a big THANK YOU to OBUNGHOLE, JOHN F#CKEN KERRY, SENATOR McQUEEG and all the rest of the DC asshats that made it possible for the best allie the US has ever had in the Middle East to switch sides to the old USSR.
ducttape45's craziness goes beyond his need to make money:
GOP traitors caved in yet again. I wanted to see the government shut down, and I work for the government!
cicero2k lays out the Democrat's issues:
They only have these issues:

1. War on women
2. Climate change
3. Racism

These issues are tired and when one of their own gets in (”zero” for example), they get worse for the persons who voted for them.
Harold Shea may have mixed up Clinton and Reagan....
Seems I remember Clinton selling the mooslems Stingers.


  1. Imagine the joy we will feel when we are finally proven right, when the Donald is our President and the Kenyan Usurper is finally be thrown in prison for impersonating an American! All those beaners will be driven back across the border at the point of a bayonet. Vladimir Putin and the Donald will become best buds, of course, and together we two will run the whole wide world. Gay folks, polar bears and those pesky negroes will all be eliminated. We will all be rich. All the women will have plastic surgery like the Donald's wives and daughter - all the girls will be good looking! It is going to be a Paradise. All you have to do is send $100 a month to Free Republic. Do it. Do it right now. Do it. Do it. Do it.

    1. and don't forget about the death of obamacare!

  2. to paraphrase susan b anthony: "i distrust those people who know so well the simplest explanation, because i notice it always coincides with their own prejudices."

  3. It would be a strictly voluntary program, I promise! ;)