Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Benghazi Blame Game

Even as many Freepers insisted the Benghazi hearing was awesome, most realized what a boon it was for Hillary. Luckily, these past two years or so Freepers have become unified in their conviction that when the GOP's attempt to placate Freepers makes them look like fools, it's a conspiracy to keep Freepers down:

Some Fat Guy in L.A. explains that liberals love liars:
Republicans demonstrated clearly on Thursday that Hillary Clinton lied routinely and repeatedly

The problem with that is, to the rats and their media minions, lying is not a problem - in fact, if it's done to advance the cause, it's a career enhancer. Sort of like the muzzies....
Questions will forever remain for FreedBird:
Two questions:
1. Why did Biden drop out the day before the Benghazi hearing and was he pressured by the Clinton machine to drop out?
2. Did Ambassador Stevens know something which would prevent good security for him? 600 e-mails calling for help and being ignored, seems like someone high up did not care about the security.
There must be many facts hidden. We need Columbo to connect the dots.
Tau Food has the best idea for a question that shoulda been asked:
There are some people who think that Hillary ordered the attack. This case needs clarity even if it turns out to be only a single or a double. It seemed chaotic yesterday.
Prolixus wishes the attacks on Hillary were more emotional:
There should have been an emotional focus on her scapegoating a Coptic Christian for the attack (the videographer is a Copt). It looks like she hoped that there would be retaliation attacks by Muslims against Cops due to the video and that would bury any news about Hillary's massive failures in Libya. She is truly evil.
Norm Lenhart is sure everyone knows Hillary is guilt, yet she's not in jail??? Conspiracy!
It’s hard to make a so called ‘mistake’ when job 1 is to keep your people out of prison.

Because lets face facts. If everyone on the planet had Hillary’s emails on the matter, I find it damn hard to believe the GOP was some innocent bystander that pulled a Sgt. Schultz and ‘Knew Nothink!”

They arent stupid. They are complicit. and Hillary is ‘their people’. Their presidential candidate did give her a freaking medal for her work amidst all this afterall.
Ouderkirk agrees with Rush - the GOP betrayed them:
At Limbaugh has postulated, this was already scripted.

They were never going to let anyone move in for the kill. Cummings would never have let that happen.
BusterBear explains that Hillary is the GOPe fallback:
The GOPe doesn’t want to go too hard on Hillary just in case Trump or Cruz wind up as the Republican Party nominee. Hillary can be counted on to follow orders.
867V309's blame is deliciously focused:
Six Big Mistakes In The Benghazi Hearing

1. Committee Chairman Gowdy.
2. Congressman Gowdy
3. U.S. House Representative Trey Gowdy
4. GOPe toady Trey
5. Trey "you should be happy I even showed up" Gowdy.
6. Uniparty water-carrier extraordinaire Harold Watson Gowdy III.
Well, so much for your career, Gowdy.


  1. does anyone get a malware warning when they try to go to Free Republic through Google?

    1. Sounds like it's spreading across a lot of the threads there due to links to images stored on a mlware site. Couldn't happen to a nice bunch of assholes

  2. baboonery!!! lol Ozy priceless comments this thread.


  3. Man, I would love to see a Freeper asking questions at the Benghazi hearing. You think it was bad when Hillary laughed at Rep. Roby? Even Roby would be laughing at Freepers.

  4. The biggest problem facing freepers (and tea partiers and right wingers in general), is ... things aren't really all that bad.

    The economy is OK, Affordable Care is working, gay marriage hasn't brought about heavenly destruction (or really had any effect at all), and Benghazi turned out to be nothing but republican baby-play.

    Right wingers are realizing that millions of independent voters across the nation are thinking "Well, if this is a communist dictatorship as Limbaugh et.al claims, then maybe a communist dictatorship isn't all that bad! I think I'll vote Democrat!."

    1. The ACA is not working..premium increases have been through the roof and the economy is not ok..is plugging along but over 100 million are not working

    2. Over 100 million you say ...

    3. This is how the right wingers try to pretend the economy is doing bad, and the stupids buy into it.

      100 million ... and what percentage of those are minor children? Quite a large percentage.

      ... and what percentage of those are retirees, living on investments and social security payments? Again, a significant percentage.

      ... and what percentage of those are stay-at-home spouses? Quite a few, many many families are still one-breadwinner families.

      100 million is under 30% of the US population.
      In the 1940s-1950s (America's "golden age" according to freepers), the "not working" would have been calculated at over 60% of the population.

      As for the ACA ... yes, indeed it works. Millions of heretofore "uninsurables" have received life saving insurance for themselves and their families.
      And ALL of those millions will be voting Democratic Party for the rest of their lives.

      Anti-Obamacare and anti-Gay Marriage are BIG losing positions for the repubs.

    4. Yeah, and while we're at it, I thought conservatives didn't want women to work, because it made them hard and unavailable, and deprived men of their jerbs. If you don't want women working, that would be at least 51% unemployment, if you're just talking about working-age adults (not children and seniors).

    5. I'm also going to call bullshit on the 100 million unemployed. Donald Trump made a similar claim (42% unemployment), and PolitiFact rated it Pants on Fire.

      The basic rundown is this: There are 94 million civilians age 16 and up who are not working or officially unemployed who are not institutionalized. But if you subtract those age 16-19, those over 65, students age 20-34, stay-at-home moms and dads, and those going through job training, that brings the total number down to 18 million. Subtract those who are students age 34-65 and those rich enough to retire early, and the number is even lower.

      U-3 is what we've always used to measure unemployment, and as of September it is 5.1%. No matter what fairy tails the right wing media tries to tell you.

      Another thing, insurance premiums are not "through the roof". They are increasing as they have every year, but at a lower rate than before the ACA passed.

    6. report came out yesterday over 51% of american workers are making less than 30k per year and that figure is dropping. American net worth is dropping each and every year.
      Yes the aca is not working as planned. premiums and deductibles have skyrocketed..yeah some unisured have been put on the rolls but only about 1/2 of the 50 million insured now have insurance..oh and wait exchanges are failing and people are dropping off the rolls because of huge premium increases.

      Don;t blow smoke up my ass everyone knows the economy is poor and just plugging along. Bernie Sanders is right the top 5% are doing great the rest not so well.

    7. Nice job changing the argument. You said there were 100 million unemployed. I called bullshit and you have yet to prove me wrong.

      As far as the premiums and deductibles skyrocketing, I'd like to see proof. My premiums went up slightly like they do every year, and my deductible hasn't changed.

    8. Lets see this "report", I'd love to pick it apart, just like your "report" that "100 million are not working."

    9. When Bush is in office, they used the U-3 rate.

      When Obama is in office, they use the U-6 and "ShadowStats" rate.

    10. Anon1, assuming the Daily Caller article (the only place I've found this 'report') is correct...amidst the serious typos in the article...whose fault is it that 51% are making $31K or less?

      Wages are stagnant because employers don't want to pay people living wages.

      Most business owners are Republicans.

  5. On another topic ...
    amusing opus here.

    Catch it before it gets pulled!

    1. You are an embarrassment to the conservative movement and I can no longer be associated with you or this pathetic site.

      Ha ha!

    2. You can't quit...you're fired!

      Wrinklebag zot monsters to the rescue

  6. Obviously the commie minions of Obummer have infected our beloved Free Republic with Liberal aids. FALSE FLAG! Benghazi! Agenda 21. Vince Foster. Mormons. That's it. It's the fucking Mormons. I knew it!

    1. Also too in addition, Common Core and fluoridation.

    2. Is GOOGLE trying to block postings on Free Republic?


    3. Surprising that FR hasn’t been destroyed by angry leftist hackers in all these years. But maybe they’re ally not as smart as our site founder.

      That's true. They're probably smarter. I just think FR overestimates its importance. Why would anybody want to shut it down? It's not like they're doing anything except publicly embarrassing themselves under pseudonyms, and wasting their money on a site that goes nowhere. FReepers, you're fine; no one wants to shut you down. You might be your own worst enemy.