Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Freepers versus Doctors Without Borders

Via Anonymous.

Doctors Without Borders is actually my charity of choice. They aren't particularly partisan, though they will release statements condemning Israel for bombing Palestine and whatnot.

Recently, the Afghanistan government requested the US bomb a Doctors Without Borders hospital. The reasoning is muddy, but just about everyone agrees this was a bad thing.

Except for Freepers and the fringes of the right-wing Blogosphere. Thus, you have Daniel Greenfield, noted for publishing every anti-Islam hoax there is, with the preemptive doubling down: "It's Time to Treat Doctors Without Borders as a Terrorist Organization."

Freepers are eager to hate anyone who might not be into Muslims dying, so they reflexively start up the delusion machine, heedless of how untenable this might be in the real world.

HiTech RedNeck isn't sure how high to crank his crazy:
Are they just being generic leftists or something even worse?
CodeToad has totally met real life people:
The ONLY DWB types I have ever met have been extreme left-wing liberals. They often are anti-Americans and think our country caused all the “suffering” they go overseas to treat.
faithhopecharity explains that doctors are cool, but bad guys are not cool:
we all love and respect doctors! but doctors who work for murdering terrorists (propagandizing for them!!!) are NOT the nice medics who help keep your mama alive........ these are enemy agents working for our enemies
faithhopecharity soon devolves into frothing about Nazis! Nazis everywhere!!
they are either bought off by all that IslamoNazi half of Congress... and of course like the current Occupancy in our WH....(tho he probably didn’t need to be bought off, he came that way I think)

but yes, the DWB has turned into a Nazi outfit, no matter how much good they may do they are working at murdering millions of innocent people with their sick Nazi propaganda too

we need bigger prisons or...
Uh, oh. theoilpainter ay have met some real life Doctors Without Borders people...
I have never seen/heard these claims. I know a few associated with this organization and they are Republicans and very religious Christians. Is there more than one organization with this name? Are we being critical now because they are now calling our government liars?
He's ignored, of course.

jimbug has been reading all the anti-Islam sites, and is pretty happy to find a new outrage:
I have chosen to educate myself on radical Islam since 9/11, and thought I was reasonably well informed, but your post took me totally by surprise.
Capt. Tom is confused that no one is touting the targeting of injured Taliban:
One thing that puzzles me is that we give the statisics of the bombing as 10 patients killed, plus 12 medical personel killed, but I don't see any body count for the alleged Taliban who were targeted at that hospital. -Tom
puppypusher doesn't get why the Pentagon doesn't want to release the video of them bombing a hospital, just to clear thing sup:
Why doesn’t the Pentagon release the video of the attack so that we can determine if the aircraft were being fired on at that hospital?If the Dwob’s group knew these terrorist were firing weapons at our aircraft from their grounds than the liability is on them.
MarvinStinson is not a fan of the Novel Peace Prize:
And WHO ELSE has won the Novel PEACE prize?

Jew Killer Arafart.

MarMema is amazed by circular logic:
The left instinctively sides with evil.

They do. It never ceases to amaze me. They do.
caww knows the right has moved on from hating liberals to a GOP purity crusade:
....”The left instinctively sides with evil”.....

It would appear many on the right anymore are doing likewise.....seems what’s termed wrong and right...good and evil... no longer have any distinctions.


  1. Its all part of the general disdain freepers have for anyone showing compassion to "foreigners".

  2. ney is a Illuminati douchebag.

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