Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Freepers already hate Paul Ryan

After Kevin McCarthy withdrew his name from contention for Speaker, National Review's Rich Lowry asked if the House was governable.
"I don’t know. Sometimes you have to hit rock bottom," McCarthy responded.

And the question is whether Paul Ryan will reluctantly supply that rock bottom.

Well, it doesn't look like it from here!

First, though the Freedom Caucus has some defections that seem to like him, it still remains crazy enough that Ryan wouldn't be unanimous.

Second, Ryan seems to want to remake the speaker into less a fundraiser and more an RNC policy evangelist. This would mean he has no leverage over his party, which leads to

Third, Ryan doesn't want the motion to vacate the chair breathing down his neck from now until a new Speaker in January 2017. That pisses off the Tea Party by taking away the largest gun in their arsenal, but it's like they don't have other ways to make Ryan's life awful.

But most importantly for this blog, you've got head Freeper jimrob posting "Ryan = treasonous amnesty pimp" and "Ryan = traitor". Some Freepers want to give him a chance, but I expect they will give him exactly zero breathing room.

So really, it's wins all the way down for us!

redgolum just assumes there's a conspiracy to elect Ryan speaker:
There is a civil war going on in the GOP. Ryan is demanding that everyone surrender.

But you don’t make demands from a position of weakness. Who or what does he know?
Gaffer kinda rambles on about spending being bad, and then decides that only the Freedom Caucus is really representing voters:
Whether this politburo bureaucrat wrote his speech in a deer stand or on the toilet taking a dump where the rest of his ideas belong makes no difference in the obedience he is demanding.

“I’ll deign to take the Speakership if you’ll capitulate and accede to my agenda - IOW, NO DISSENT.”

Ryan is purported to be a budget expert because he can talk bureaucratese for spending and funding. They’ve been spending and financing it off our backs for a hundred years - other peoples’ money, What Me Worry?

Capitulate is another word he’s familiar with - very. His Capitulation Budget in tribute to Obama is the prime example.

Mr. Ryan, you are a losing also-ran and your ‘conditions’ are completely out of line. Instead of making your potential voters meet your demands, start thinking about how these 40 or so rebels got that way and who ELECTED them in the first place.

I wouldn’t vote for you for dog catcher.
Adder agrees - conservatives are the only 'We the people' that matter:
I do not care about his conditions about traveling or working weekends. But he is NOT going to push amnesty and budgets that exacerbate our debt problems with a “Support me or else” bs attitude.

Eff him. Conservatives need to stand tough and make THEIR ideas part of the solution.

We the people outside the beltway expect and demand it.
Mamzelle is as catty as ever:
Breathtaking. What an entitled b$tch. I’d like to see him lose his Wisconsin seat, and have to compete for work amongst the illegals. And his spoiled brat wife, too
MichaelCorleone remembers who ended the shutdown!
Did Ryan consult with his pal Patty Murray before making his ‘demands’?
xzins has figured out who Ryan really hates:
Ryan is a non-starter.

He loves illegals and hates veterans: active, retired, and honorably discharged.
CCGuy's logic is that because Ryan is the GOP's last hope for GOP consensus, that proves he's bad:
The fact he feels he can demand conditions tells me he is completely unqualified for the job and would be yet another GOPe disaster.

Those SOBs feel they can demand things of Republicans and set conditions, yet they completely fold and surrender when dealing with Democrats.

Go to H*ll Paul Ryan!!!
Zathras doesn't get why the Democrats have room on their left flank yet the GOP has none on their right...
If being Speaker means not be conservative, explain why Pelosi continually pushed further and further left.
You can’t can you.

The REAL reason the left wants a moderate is the moderates in congress have so many RATS working for them, they know EXACTLY what the GOP-e plan is way before it goes public.
ModelBreaker just wants to burn the whole thing down, for the sake of 'clarity.'
I think the Freedom Caucus should stand firm. They don’t have the juice to elect a conservative. But they do have the power to force the RINO’s to be elected only by relying on D support. That would be a clarifying vote.
DoodleDawg is still hear dishing out unpalatable facts:
My question is, what happened to the third candidate? Daniel Webster.

My guess would be nobody outside of the Freedom Caucus would support him.
Yosemitest has the best answer:
"AMNESTY SUPPORTER" Ryan can support the REAL Conservative, Louis Buller "Louie" Gohmert, Jr., for Speaker !
hondact200 feels betrayed by Ryan and his Alinsky ways:
Paul Ryan just another name for Obama Butt kisser and a user of Alinsky’s tactics. Come now where are the Wisconsin Voters and are the ticked how this POS has used the tea party connections and than shoves their goals down heir throats in spite and becomes ye another DC political insider. Wisconsin needs to recall this POS!
lodi90 explains the key to conservative victory is to die on every hill:
The key to conservative victory is acting on all those areas of agreement within the GOP coalition and there are hundreds of areas of agreement. Keep winning yard by yard, issue by issue.

Nope. What matters now are the big issues like TPA/TPP, Obamacare and amnesty. And on those issues K Street and progressive GOPers are running the show. The lesser issues won’t matter if the country is fundamentally transformed by progressives.
Hehe, vmivol00 thinks even the Freedom Caucus are squishes!!
I wonder why nobody from the Freedom Caucus has stepped up?

Because they are all talk. Jordan talks a big game, but then kisses Boehnor’s ring.

Look for him to lead the fold for that POS Ryan.


  1. I love that Louie "Screwy" Gohmert keeps coming up as a possibility (even JimRob mentioned him).

    Even the Freedom Caucus distances themselves from Screwy Louie due to his unstable nuttiness.

  2. 'Christian Voting Guide' Gives Mike Huckabee 'A,' Donald Trump 'F'

    nickcarraway: "If Christianity tell you you can’t support Trump, abandon Christianity and support Trump!"

    1. Sarcasm. It happens.

      Nick is anti - Trump, nearly got the zot a few times recently for it.

    2. too easy to lose track these days ...

  3. How they loved him 3 years ago when he was Romney's VP selection.

    1. Because back then he wanted to gut any and all entitlement programs, let people game their social security in the stock market, ETC. lately he made the mistake of not hating immigrants enough, so now its FUPR.