Thursday, October 15, 2015

Hillary or Bernie: Freepers choose

I don't think Sanders is going to be the nominee. But if he does respectably, Hillary will be weakened heading into the general. Freepers aren't into that level of political analysis, but now that Sanders is a legitimate force, they find they need to decide which boogeyman is worse: A socialist, or a Clinton?

Personal Responsibility explains that Sanders is clearly into thought control:
A Clinton 2008 Presidency would have been bad. It wouldn’t be as bad as Obama. Same holds true for Sanders.

Clinton wants power for power’s sake - so she can do whatever she wants. She may want to accrue more and more power but that’s where it ends for her. She may gather that power and yes, she’ll wind up causing us pain and hardship but it will be less direct.

Sanders wants power to try and change you and me. He doesn’t just want to “address” climate change - he wants to force you to BELIEVE it. His main goal is to change you and me and given power, he will never stop finding ways to do so.

Not to say Clinton wouldn’t be bad. She’d be horrible. Sanders - a true believer with power - would just be a worse horror
PGR88 just breaks out the broad brush:
“Democrats” now means “SOCIALISTS.” There is no other way about it - Hugo Chavez is the future of the Democrat Party.

Webb seemed so out of place. He had a Democratic message - if he were running for office in 1954.
mad puppy explains that arguing for a living wage makes you just like Karl Marx:
Just me? or does Bernie defend his positions the way Marx would? Class struggle. Incoming inequality.
ilovesarah2012's hate is pure, though his metaphors need some work:
I would take Sanders over Clinton any day. I would take almost anyone over Clinton. At least we know where Sanders stands. Hillary is Gumby but much scarier.
Qiviut agrees - Hillary is the most evil:
Hillary is the Queen of Corruption. Sanders may be a Socialist, but I don’t think he’s anywhere near as corrupt or vindictive. There are some rumblings about his wife & a loan related to where she worked .... got to be oppo research from the Clinton campaign that they’re releasing to try to hurt Bernie. If that’s all they have on him, he’s lily-white compared to the Clintons, but I’m sure there’s more dirt coming.
henkster breaks out the badly thought out USSR analogy:
Sanders is Marx.

Hillary is Lenin. A corrupt drunken lesbian Lenin, but still Lenin.
And, of course, Talisker knows not to settle for the lesser evil when you're making up fake parallels:
No, FRiend.

Hillary is Stalin.
mmichaels1970 knows the USSR was bad. Which means no regulations ever, I guess:
We teach nothing about the Soviet Union. None of these kids have any idea about what went on there.

When I was 16 I went to Leningrad and Moscow and saw the living standards of my teen counterparts. It was eye-opening, and at 16 I knew right then and there that communism was evil, enslaved citizens, and was completely destructive.

It is my belief that the lack of education provided about the poor living standards, murder, slavery, and eventual collapse of the USSR is completely intentional.
mmichaels1970 further specifies that free tuition means slavery:
I remember being taught that the evil soviets would take a kid and predetermine where that kid would work for the rest of his life. The kid was not free to choose what he did, but was placed somewhere for the betterment of the state.

This "free tuition" crap sounds like it's going in a very similar direction. Seducing the young into slavery is a great way to impose communism and have the slaves cheer about it. Brilliant.
petenmi seems to think whoever the GOP candidate will be, they will soon resign in disgrace:
Hey young Democrats, Bernie ‘16 = George McGovern ‘72

Look it up!


  1. This "free tuition" crap sounds like it's going in a very similar direction. Seducing the young into slavery is a great way to impose communism and have the slaves cheer about it.

    But debt slavery, or no education at all, = freedom?

    1. Freepers hate that, in principle, they agree with many of the equality and fairness policies laid out by Clinton and Sanders ... and they know many, many of the Independents and erstwhile Republican voters will agree also.

      Really, no matter how many times Trump calls Sanders a "dum dum", or some other dopey term, Sanders is the real populist in the race.

  2. I had to read Mein Kampf in College. I don't know who actually wrote it, but heard that Hitler dictated to one of his cronies in prison. It was actually brilliant.

    But, just so I'm clear -- Nazis are still socialists, and socialists are still Nazis. Right? At least they agree they're "brilliant."

  3. New Obama czar will hunt 'right-wing' extremists

    1. Meanwhile, “workplace violence” committed only by Muslims goes unaddressed.

      Yeah...We have 30K gun-related deaths per year, and they're all caused by "Muslims." Blow it out your ass, DoughtyOne. He's got to be among the stupidest of Freepers, and that's saying something.

    2. I notice the article comes from WND, of course. The source for all whack-job Obama conspiracies.

      clearcarbon explains how Obama is so bad, he will cause future generations to forget about Hitler:

      Future generations of Americans will refer to the obamian character of their native villains.