Friday, October 9, 2015

Spotlight Friday: exPBRrat

One of the more simplistic hate-paranoia constructs I've seen. A Freeper since 2009, I'm not sure what his name means.

But he just really wants to say nigger.

There are no shortage of Freepers who post every crime committed by a black person as proof blacks are inhuman violent monsters. Thus guy blames blacks for stuff beyond the (still decreasing) violent crime rate. From outsourcing to political correctness, it's all because of the 'negroes.' And the middle east is full of 'sand negroes,' so his unthinking racism does double duty.

Lets start out with a bang:
You can’t civilize negro.
A black mugger in Orlando:
Our precious negros being themselves.
What does this racism even mean?!
Negros can break an anvil...that’s what they do.
Is this some sort of fig leaf that there are non-negro blacks?
The negro drama is never ending...

...and it’s not about the color of their skin.
Janet Napolitano appointed head of the UC system, because negroes:
That’s life as we transform from a free speaking Republic into anything goes rule of clown negroism.
He loves that phrase!
...and the descent into the era of clown-negroism continues.
Corporate offshoring? Because of negroes:
Another reason why corporate America moved off shore was to get away from these secretive phoney baloney ‘human rights’ kangaroo courts that coddles negros with hurt feelings.
Muslims are also negroes:
sand-negros = negros, ...get the picture?
Syrian negroes love killing each other and food stamps:
Wars without end is the sub-saharan negro way of rule the people...and the favored vote buying ‘subsidy economy’ can be found in the EBT cards so prevalent among his perfect voters support base.
Jacksonville, Florida makes it illegal to back into your driveway:
...another shakedown on the continuing war on white people.
Of course he loves Trump
I’m really starting to like ‘the Donald’.
Trump won't listen to no sand negroes:
What I like about this billionaire is that he’s not impressed by payoff of sand negro petro dollars to influence legislation.
Hillary throbs with demonic power:
I suppose you could put me in that ‘Hillary is unbeatable’ camp too. Not only is she possessed with demonic power...she has all the unelected king making political forces aligned with her...
Global warming? No, global cooling!
Look for the lefty kooks to demand worldwide CO2 generators once they learn that is was thanks to the Industrial Revolution that we already avoided another ice aqe.
Endorsing the KKK of the past!
with the excesses of this clown negro regime the danger of a ‘critical mass’ moment exists revealing the so called racists of our distant pass were absolutely correct on the condition of black culture and their devastating effect on civilized society.


  1. Why isn't Geronl posting anymore? I know he got mad at FR over all the trumpfest

    1. Well maybe he doesn't have as much free time now that elementary school's back in session and he's got bushes to be hiding in.

    2. I noticed ansel12 hasn't posted for 3 months. He was almost as anti trump as geronl...

  2. I'm gonna take a stab that his name means he used to serve on a patrol boat river.
    The boat's name in Apocalypse now was PBR Streetgang, which is like the best punk band name in the world. Or was before pbr got huge.

    1. I think you have it Sir!

      My own best guess was a portmanteau of "expat" and "brat" implying "overseas resident juvenile".

  3. Chauncey Uppercrust on Ann Coulter.

    "I have only ever burnt one book in my life, and it was one of Anne’s that was given to me by my brother who got it for 25 cents at a yard sale."

  4. He probably says things like "I'm not racist, I just tell it like it is." But what he's really saying is "I tell it how I believe it to be, and it's also racist."

  5. "Redflex Tries To Win Back Shareholders (red light and speed cameras )

    10/5/2015, 9:32:10 AM · 16 of 17
    exPBRrat to george76

    I’d like the throw the families of redflex corporate into wood chippers."

    What a lovely guy!