Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Attacking Malia Obama

When visiting colleges, Malia Obama was photographed watching beer pong at Brown. Then they wrote a long, navel-gazing letter of apology. It's pretty amusingly Brown.

Of course, this is lost on Freepers. For while a few pretend scruples about underaged daughters, most do not hesitate to attack. Though, interestingly they do not go the obvious rout of accusing her of underage drinking. Instead, they attack her looks.

Ann Archy has not met any teenagers:
This girl is the MOST SULLEN Teenager I have ever seen.
null and void tries to make something of the apology:
Oh, I dunno. She smiles pretty good when the people who caught her breaking the law are forced to apologize...
leaning conservative urges the high road:
It is just creepy when people feel okay making nasty comments about kids. They should be off limits for nasty snark.
Red_Devil 232 pays no heed, though:
+1 I’ve never seen Barry’s “daughter’s” picture being referred to, but the Bush girl’s were everywhere, even USA Today (I think).

That is because the Bush girls were pretty.
bkopto fondly recalls mocking Chelsea:
Yowza. No thanks.

At least she is more believable as the offspring of Bath House and Wookie than Chelsea is of the Bent One and the Witch. Web Hubbell is almost certainly Chelsea’s father.

BTW, I’ll bet my house on the proposition that she’s not at Brown by merit, but by her parents, ONLY.
dfwgator also keeps things Clinton:
She’s a heck of a lot prettier than Chelsea ever was.
Glad2bnuts has never seen Obama's skin color, I guess:
That girl is not the daughter of two black parents, sorry to state the obvious.
ROCKLOBSTER's conspiracy theories don't make sense, help Freepers!
If Obama and Michael Robinson are both queers, where did the girls come from?
Yaelle integrates Obama being gay with fathering children:
Obama seems pretty homosexual from what people who have been with him say. Never heard anything about Michelle, she is probably hetero. That first kid looks enough like both of them. He must have pretended Mooch was a guy and spawned with her.
bimboeruption just had an insult ready, and it'd be a same to waste it:
Man, oh man, is she ugly.

Her face could stop the El Capitan.
sheana is not actually being nice:
She’s not very attractive.

I was being nice. Lol


  1. From freeper ladies especially, much of their bitterness is just a reflection of the same cruel bullying they received growing up for being the "unpopular" girls in their schools.

    On another note, freepers complain about the time chance (again), inferring it is some sort of liberal plot to ruin conservative lives ... HERE

  2. Bath House and Wookie?

    1. "The Pretty Darn Exhaustive Obama Nickname List"

      because that list is restricted to obama personally, i made one for michelle et al:

      Blackie O
      First B*tch
      Mooch, The
      My Mesheel
      Patrick Ewing
      She-Devil, The
      Wookie, The

      The White House:
      The White Crib
      The White Hovel
      The White Hut
      The White Mosque

      The Administration:
      Chicago Mafia
      Choom Gang
      Clown Negro Regime
      Holder's People
      Obama and his People
      Team 0dunga

      The Obama Years:

    2. No Obummer? I'm disappointed.

  3. "from what people who have been with him say"

    so it's totally not hearsay and rumor -- it's eyewitness accounts!