Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween!

FreepFan, always reliable!

Halloween is a holiday for the attractive, creative, or sweets-lover and I am none of those. Sure, I go out to parties, but I don't really think about as much of it as say, Thanksgiving or Christmas.

But no one can deny it's joy for children. Freeper culture, though extols extremism, not joy. So what better way to show how extreme you are than come out against this national expression of fun? Especially when you're old and lonely...

First I must highlight the 2008 fiesta wherein Freepers loved using Halloween grumpiness to bash Obama's presumptive economic policies. This year, Freeper knarf posts a disjointed and angry post about how he's so devout that he won't celebrate it. To me, it seems pretty clear he's hoping other Freepers will attack him so he can bask in the righteous persecution.

But, alas, most of his fellows agree with him, and go on about these fallen Satanic times, not like when they were kids!

knarf posts a couple of times to try to get people angry at him:
Hallowe'en is all about (these days) maintaining that evil and blood and gore are (along with homosexuality) all normal elements of growing up

I have NEVER seen anyone dress like Jesus and rather than take a treat, pass out a tract ...

(This thread attempting to rouse the rabble and get something going)
Wait, homosexuality? Honorary Serb gives the details:
Halloween has ALWAYS—in living memory, been a “gay” day. I say let the “gays” have it, and let Christians leave it alone!!!!
Wait, no details. I guess costumes are gay now.

Amusingly, just me calls out knarf for being judgmental, which is totally a liberal thing:
I don't celebrate Halloween and you shouldn't either.
I don't own a gun, you shouldn't either.
I don't eat meat, you shouldn't either.

Sorry but you sound like a Liberal.
mrs. a is so sure things were more wholesome when she was a child!
When I was a kid, Halloween was just for children. We went out with our trick-or-treat bags dressed as brides, ghosts, cowboys and cowgirls (with cap pistols!), ballerinas...

All the neighborhood houses had candy to give, and sometimes even caramel apples or popcorn balls.

Nowadays, you would never let your kids eat a home-made treat. We give out little plastic toys because we don’t want to be sued if Little Snowflake has an allergic reaction to some candy that their parents haven’t taken the time to remove from their haul. Kids are treated to the sight of their parents heading out for a drinking binge with Mom dressed as a slutty nurse and Dad dressed as a woman.

An innocent holiday has been coarsened and, in my opinion, ruined.
MayflowerMadam stays home and stews about the real evils - Satan and the UN:
We don’t participate. If at home, our lights are off and the house is relatively quiet. Sometimes we help with a kids’ program at church.

Adding insult to injury, besides the Satan-centered actual Halloween “celebration”, sometimes the little freaks are collecting money for commie UNICEF. It’s a creepy, creepy time of the year.
ilovesarah2012 hates kids once they're about 11:
We have three dogs. They don’t like strangers coming to the door. We go upstairs and turn out the lights. Very few kids in our neighborhood but we get kids from other areas because our development is one big circle with no thru traffic so it’s safe to walk. I used to love sitting out front and passing out the candy to cute little kids. Now so many “big” kids, teens, are coming around and I just don’t feel comfortable, not to mention the price of candy.
Gaffer is as reliably grumpy and sour as he always is:
At first I didn’t mind the indigenous county residents who didn’t have anywhere to take their kids - what I DID and DO mind is all the illegals and other immigrants who give their kids a pillow case and send them out to get their freebies. They increased in number year by year until it is just another invasion of illegals. No costume, no speaking, no Thank You. I stopped two years ago altogether. I turn out my lights and let them pass by.
No one tell Eccl 10:2 about Easter's origins. Or Yule!
I have discussed Halloween with a number of good Christian pastors and they uniformly believe that it has its origins as a pagan, anti-Christian holiday.

I would encourage anyone to do a search on the origins of Halloween. If you are a Christian, you should not participate in Halloween in any way.
Rolling with the supernatural paranoia, Aleya2Fairlie wants more fasting, I think:
The sad fact is that we don’t have any “holidays” that haven’t been corrupted to some extent by the purely secular and pagan influence. Even the true meaning of Christmas has been all but drowned in our society by the commercial, the mercenary and materialistic society in which we live. The same goes for Easter with it’s bunnies and eggs that overshadow the real glorious meaning of it.

Satan is a master planner. It takes decades and generations to lull a society to sleep and dull it’s perceptions of what is good versus what isn’t.

You’re so right about what you say. I don’t “do” Halloween either but my kids and grandkids do. They’re not allowed to go out but they have a party at church where goulish costumes aren’t allowed. Still, the concept; in my opinion, has no place in a house of worship.

The “generation of vipers” spoken of in Scripture most likely doesn’t arise out of thin air. It will take decades of subtle(Satan’s specialty) insinuation and brainwashing by the media and society to produce them. How close are we, I wonder. Given the atmosphere of current events: I think we’re pretty far along.
SkyPilot yells about Satan, of course:
It is a celebration of the Satanic and death. Heck, even the Satanists claim that Halloween is their high holy day.

It has morphed from little kids in cute costumes going through the neighborhood in search of some candy into a pagan death festival that celebrates the demonic and evil - and it is adults who are acting this way.

Family who hung 'corpse' from a tree and impaled a bloody 'body' on a stake take down gruesome Halloween display after neighbors complain

If people cannot recognize the Satanic when it is right in front of them, then they should be called what they are: blind fools.
stars & stripes forever breathlessly shares this urban legend:
There were baby sacrifices going on during Halloween in our region in the 1980s. Mothers would not notify the hospitals they were pregnant, so the births were not registered. The whole thing was kept hush, hush. Horrible.
yefragetuwrabrumuy tries for some pseudo-scholastic theological claptrap:
Halloween is only grotesque because Christians have surrendered it as a Christian holiday, part of Allhallowtide.

The Allhallowtide triduum encompasses the Western Christian observances of All Hallows’ Eve (Hallowe’en), All Saints’ Day (All Hallows’ or Hallowmass) and All Souls’ Day, which last from October 31 to November 2.

It helps to think of it in the manner of the early Christians, who traditionally believed that the veil between the material world and the afterlife thinned on the evening before All Saints’ Day.
ifinnegan brings the Hellfire:
If you have Anglo-Celtic-Nordic ancestry like a good bit of us here, that pretty much sums our people up 1500+ years ago. I guess those people were damned in hell fire?


Just like you, heathen.
rfreedom4u has an odd habit:
This year when any teens with no costume show up I will be dropping condiments from various fast food places in their bags. I also have a bunch of pecans to get rid of.
Wait, ErnBatavia too???
I’m cheap....I save the condiment packets from In-N-Out, Taco Bell and Wendy’s; the way I do the wrist-action in bagging ‘em for the little darlings, they’re none the wiser until they take inventory later.
Is this some kind of new thing? WTF?! Are they short on toilet paper or something?


  1. If Freepers tried to be more unhappy could they do it?

    1. We'll find out if Hillary becomes the next president.

  2. Ah the annual freeper Halloween bash thread, remember to donate to the freepathon!

    1. "Why waste your money on the devil? Donate to the for-profit website FR!"

  3. I was going to call out Mayflower Madam about Trick-or-treat for UNICEF, thinking that had gone out of style decades ago ... but lo and behold, evidently it is still active.

  4. Heidi Klum dresses up as Jessica Rabbit for Halloween ...
    wrinklebags disapprove.

  5. Trump will be the next president. After praying on it, I am certain that will be the case. I also think Sarah Palin will be involved in a Trump Administration - perhaps as Secretary of State or some other post related to national security.

    9 posted on 11/2/2015, 11:30:22 AM by GodAndCountryFirst

    1. we'll have to check back with GodAndCountryFirst at the end of the primaries. expect lots of self-congratulatory prophecy if the nod goes to trump.

      and expect lots of sweet sweet wingnut "!!!ELI, ELI, LAMA SABACHTHANI!!!" next november.

  6. Huh...I don't see any of the usual "If he had only complied, he wouldn't have got shot" rhetoric here.

    That being said, I feel very bad for the man, his wife, and his animal. Very sad situation that could have been avoided, in my opinion.

  7. Death Rates Rising for Middle-Aged White Americans, Study Finds;page=1#1

    1. I totally get why there's so much rage in freepers. Sure, most of their anger comes from merely perceived slights since we've made progress in treating more people like people, but the policies we've had that have ripped away at the new deal have actually hurt these people.

      Of course, these policies are only in place cause Freepers vote em in due to their bigotry.

      Dumb bigoted fucks

  8. "Obama rips into 2016 GOP field, mocks their debate complaints"

    ilovesarah2012: "I hate him." "I just keep thinking “karma” but frankly I’m tired of waiting."

    Angels27: "0bama puts my Christian faith to the test. I am always having to repent for my hatred for 0bama. I beg God to try and help me not hate him. Then just when I seem to turn my hatred to just general loathing, 0bama comes out and does something bring that hatred back. I just stick with Psalm 109:9 “May his days be few and another leader take his place of leadership.”"

    1. Yeah...people don't tend to suffer karmic consequences for wrongdoings that happened only in someone else's imagination.

      Also, Freepers have been praying the Psalm 109:8 prayer since November 2008, before Obama even took office. I think it's time to say that the prayer isn't working.