Thursday, October 29, 2015

Boehner's budget deal

I like to think of it as a final kiss-off to the Tea Party that caused him such trouble, though it was likely just a way to save the GOP from destroying itself in an election year. But Boehner has passed a budget with Democratic help. And 70 Republicans (out of 247) who were willing to think strategically and not die on this stupid hill.

Freepers react predictably, but amusingly. Vote them out...It's not a Republic when I don't get my way...Civil War time.

faithhopecharity does not understand a Republic wherein he doesn't get his way:
79 R’s voted for it?

raather makes “representative governance” and elections irrelevent
old curmudgeon declares America is dead. Again:
The country is gone...done for when almost every government official looks you straight in the eye and lies.

Every thing that the government has accomplished for the last 7 years has been exactly what those running in the last election promised they would prevent from happening, or at least try hard to prevent.

Lies, lies, lies.

Just send more money.
Good news everyone, RIghtwardHo is never going to vote again!
Made my decision today and saying it three times is a charm ... never, ever voting again. Let ‘em get some other suckers but this old man is done.
It is always awesome to see another Freeper switch from perpetual crisis to nhilistic dooms.

nonliberal seems to think Ryan is already speaker.
Ryan supported it? The Motion to Vacate should be filed monday morning.
Actually, Ryan failed to get enough votes on the first ballot he he.

Weirdad wants to deport the wrongvoters:
79 of those “republicans” were democrats infiltrating the “party.” They should just be kicked out. Deport them.
INVARv explains that being outvoted means it's fascism:
Too bad the majority of Americans have a fatal case of Normalcy is and refuse to see it. They are still hanging their hopes on a political savior like Trump or Carson or Cruz to save us.

The Republic is GONE.

This deal is just one more in an AVALANCHE OF EVIDENCE that we no longer live in a Republic.

We live in a Fascist dictatorship run by a complicit Oligarchy.

Elections are there to placate the masses into thinking we choose our overlords.
How have I not spotlighted INVAR yet? He's...special.
We will need more than pitchforks.

Tyrants do not relinquish their hold on power without causing rivers of blood.

The longer it takes to arrive at that inevitability in this country - the greater the cost and the deeper the river is going to be.
i_robot73 demands a better process, but only recommends reforms that will favor Republicans:
Sorry, but neither party is interested in the People, nor fair and honest elections. Else, they would be ensuring ALL People are heard: single day voting across the board (no pandering, no funny-voting), random debate positions (not just ‘popular’ vs. ‘popular’. And, I mean DEBATES, not the crap these days), ensuring donations/etc., allow lobbying but only those that can pull the lever get to donate (no unions, no PACs, no international, no..)

Nor does the Judiciary, knowing where their bread is buttered, with their blind-eye to ‘Equal Under the Law’ (Congress exempted), NEVER citing the Constitution (merely 1910+ ‘precedent’) or the latest BS of ‘standing’
I like how he seems to hate Citizens United, but never mentions corporations...

Kaosinla is turning on all the more pragmatic Freepers who favored Romney over Obama:
I’m quickly reaching the point that if you accept the brand of traitors (R), than I will treat you as such. This goes for the conservatives that I support as well. Show some bravery, form a coalition, and change parties en masse while in office to gain notoriety and attention.


  1. "Lies, lies, lies.

    Just send more money."

    With an avalanche of Freudian slippage, old curmudgeon inadvertently summarizes pretty much every RimJob post, ever.

  2. I like to think of it as a final kiss-off to the Tea Party that caused him such trouble, though it was likely just a way to save the GOP from destroying itself in an election year.

    Why not both?