Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Debate reax tomorrow. Tonight, some crazy.

It seems a few Freepers believe airplanes are spraying chemicals into the atmosphere for untoward purposes.
Most Freepers mock these theories as nonsense, though it's no less crazy than a bunch of things they think about Obama.

PieterCasparzen can't see as well as he did in the 1960s.
I can remember back in the 60’s as a child watching thunderheads grow. You could see them from the ground all the way up to the top. Clear as a bell. Can’t now. Way too much haze.


Used to see that here all the time in early summer.

Haven’t seen it in a number of years.

Haze at 30,000 feet certainly could happen on a given day.

But not every day for years.

That’s not natural weather.

It’s obvious that it’s not.
Borax Queen is fully on board:
I know it was going on in the Arizona desert before 2004, but they’ve really escalated it in recent years. It’s so obvious here, a place where we used to have deep blue skies year round, other than for an occasional El Nino year, and during our summer monsoon season.

There are thick grid lines laid down more days than not, crop dusting the peasants. Even on days like today with no obvious Etch-a-Sketch sky, it’s a barely-blue sky.

I’ve always worked and lived in the flight path, and no, it was never like this before. And funny how the photos I get from all over Arizona look exactly the same too.
Ruy Dias de Bivar is more worried about the blue lasers:
It is what goes out in front of the jets that worries me! If you look closely at a flying commercial jet, you can often see a slight blue streak out in front. I’ve been told it is from the radar on the aircraft.

Once, a few years ago, I saw this blue streak visibly parting the clouds in front of the jet. Not a lot, just a little, but I SAW IT!
PieterCasparzen explains how he's too smart to be wrong:
I’m a hyper-arrogant software engineer. Actually it’s not arrogance at all. I know when I’m right, and I admit when I don’t know something. That’s how I’ve successfully debugged systems in a few days that teams of other people tried to debug for months.

I knows about the cloud seeds aint’ be seeds.

I got a 660/640 on my SAT. I aint stupit.

It’s amazing on FR.

Mention anything about government or big corps screwing over the little people, and neocons jump up obediently and start attacking the independent thinker.

Don’t look up in the sky, nothing to see here. Move along. Back to your cubicles and pods. Just do your part for the war effort. Eat whatever cr@p they put in your supermarket. Take the drugs your doctor “prescribes”. Don’t eat fat. Don’t smoke. Oh my God, you’ll kill yourself. Fat is the enemy. Corporate food is good. The weather is normal. Everything is fine. Obey your government and send your kids to the government for their proper training.

Oy vey.
PieterCasparzen thinks it's probably the government causing global warming:
I’m thinking it would be just a side effect of what they’re actually working on.

Especially since they’re trying to promote the idea that “humans cause global warming”.

If it gets noticeably cooler - the sheeple will kind of discount that glo-bull warming chatter they hear.

But the “master-planners” might be ok with their GW hoax taking a little beating, since the cat is kind of out of the bag anyway !

We certainly can see a step-by-step plan to get less domestically produced food - and more inter-national trade for supply of food.
Da Coyote doesn't much care about the conspiracy, so long as he can rant about Civil War 2:
“tis merely the stench and slime coming from liberals currently infesting D.C. and the east coast.

This will be cured (albeit at a slight cost) during CW-II.

Not to worry, however. Libtards will really, really, really regret it.
WhiskeyX is skeptical:
That is pure conspiracy nonsense. You’re experiencing more clear skies than you admit, and it is normally expected to have more upper cloud or cirrus formation in the current decades due to the lower amount of sunspot activity. Add to those factors some recent volcanic activity in the Northern Hemisphere, heavy Chinese smog production, and high altitude contrail production; any already existing tendencies to form cirrus, haze, and overall water vapor and sulfur compounds can be expected to emphasize such hazy conditions to an even greater degree.
ConservativeMind has a pretty good theory:
I do not believe they are “chemtrails.”

You could be noticing early signs of cataract formation.

Interestingly, I recall an observation/study a few years back that concluded less light was hitting the earth than say, 100+ years ago, and this shocked the experts involved. I can't identify the reference now, though.
Borax Queen, though, knows there are lots of possible agendas:
One theory is that the global elite actually believes the global warming hogwash. They are trying to cool the planet down for us the peasants. They have told the pilots and drone pilots that it’s a matter of national security (happening worldwide). Even if they’re doing it for humanitarian reasons, there are always unintended consequences.

Other possibilities include using chaff to block radar and weapon use. Or, the Agenda 21 slow-kill of millions (or billions) of us. More money for some along the way, fewer of us to get to their dream population of 500,000 worldwide.
concernedcitizen76 - are white jets the new black helicopters?
sometimes, there other large white jets flying at the same time as the commercial jets but at a higher altitude. They are plain white, unmarked, and criss cross the sky. That is, they fly back and forth across the sky until their persistent contrails are streaked all over the visible sky like a kid fingerpainting on a paper. They don’t travel in just one direction as with a commercial plane going to a destination. There are no markings visible on these whiyte jets. None visible through the binocs. These leave contrails that do not dissipate but persist and spread out to form something like large bands of clouds that will block the sun on a day that was only a hour or two before a clear blur sky day. If you can explain what these unmarked white jets are doing, I might believe the EPA feds who came out on March 13 and said we at EPA are not aware of aerial spraying of chemical aerosols from jet aircraft. I put about as much trust in the EPA as i do in Obama. Funny they didn’t deny there is any spraying going on.


  1. Many many years ago, one of the first major purges on FR were of the chem-trail and various other "illuminati"-style conspiracy pushers.

    And for years, it was generally understood that such boobery was forbidden from the jimcompoop himself.

    It is another indication of the slow demise of FR that chem-trail crapola is making an unchallenged comeback.

    Increased haze? I'd like to see somebody try and blame it on increasing worldwide industrial/automobile pollution ...
    instant ZOT for that guy.

    1. Haze from pollution?

      Are you stupid or something?!

      Everyone knows it comes from the Devil.

  2. Don't worry, Freepers, it's just volcanos, or sunspots, or evil government agents. Anything to keep from thinking just maybe you bear some responsibility for what goes on in the upper atmosphere. Meanwhile, I can't help thinking -- they always have all these "theories," all these hypotheses. If they're so "smart" and "logical," you'd think just once one of these brainiacs would, you know, figure out a way to design an experiment to support one of their "theories." It never happens.

  3. Speaking of hoaxes...

    1. The Purpose of the Democrat Party is to elect thieves to office so that they have access to the public treasuries in order to loot them.

    2. The public treasuries are about empty.

    3. Republicans will have to be elected so they can put money back into the public treasuries.

    Actually, it's usually the opposite. You don't replenish the treasure with tax cuts for the wealthy and launching wars without having a way to pay for them.

  4. it's obvious that chemtrails are designed to cause weak-minded fools to see chemtrails, in order to discredit chemtrail reports.

    any fool can see that.

  5. PieterCasparzen got a 1300 on his SAT and is a software engineer?

    He didn't take the ACT?

    I'm not impressed with a 1300. I definitely think he could be wrong.

    1. Well, Peter was a specialist for the punch card machines, so this was quite awhile ago.