Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Freepers dream of Bernie

Just about every pundit I watched was pretty sure Sanders was going to win big on Saturday. White states, caucuses, that's Bernie country.

And everyone I watch is only tracking normal, non-super delegates. Because superdelegates are actually amusingly impotent - if they decide to hand the election to someone other than the delegate leader, they'd tear the party apart. So their supposed function of moderating the primary process can't actually occur.

But they do look a bit hinky, and the GOP is kind of desperate to draw any attention they can away from their self destruction.

Add in the usual Freeper drama and hatred of Hillary, and you end up with Freepers defending Sanders.

538, tracking non-superdelegates, has Hillary ahead 1,267 to 1,037, or about 10%. ek_hornbeck prefers his own narrative, though:
Hillary's effectively insurmountable lead in the primaries is mostly the result of her having most of the superdelegates, which make up 35% of the Democratic delegate count. This means that any candidate not annointed by the party needs an almost impossible 35% lead to overcome the DNC's candidate of choice. So we have it bad with the RNC rigging our game in favor of Bushes and Romneys, but not nearly as bad as the Democrats.
SamAdams76 analysis is mostly detailing what he hopes happen, mixed with a bit of assuming primary results are just like general election results:
This Democrat contest is like the Iran-Iraq war. You root for both of them to lose. My ideal scenario is for Bernie to come into the DNC convention with more "won" delegates and force Shrillary to use her super delegates to put her over the top - against the will of the rank and file. It will be beautiful to see the crestfallen faces of the Bernie supporters as they see the Wicked Witch ascend to the podium to accept her "nomination" and realize that they have been played as fools by the Democrat Party establishment.

Then to see Shrillary utterly crushed in the general. Because as others have pointed out, she is a weak candidate who has never been able to beat a strong opponent. She has always been able to ride on the coattails of her husband - who is now a washed up pitiful shell of the man he once was.

If she's losing by 50 percentage points in Washington State in her own party primary/caucus, how do you think she will fare in the general? Are all those young Starbucks drinking Bernie voters going to simply accept the fact that their primary votes were tossed out and disregarded by the party establishment and enthusiastically come out in November in support of this washed up hag? Or will many of them, end up pulling the lever for Donald Trump, because after all, the Republican Party hates him as much as the Democrat Party hates Bernie. Politics does make for strange bedfellows. Could happen.
Disestablishmentarian is sure that Sanders voters aren't just going to sit out, they're going to vote for Trump. Unless they believe in global warming, that is...
Without a doubt, many of these are future Trump voters if he gets the nomination. They are white, anti-establishment, anti-interventionist and anti-globalist trade deals. If they are not eaten up with socialism or global-warmism they won’t be natural Hillary voters.

I do not, however, see them moving to any other Republican nominee . . . at least not Cruz or any other neocon.
SoCal Pubbie manages to yell at kids these days for feeling entitled to good jobs right before lamenting his own unemployed status:
A lot of millennials are single-issue voters on Sanders’ proposal to make college free or possible forgive loans.

They see it as unfair that a degree seems mandatory to get a job these days; yet, the jobs are not there any more commensurate with the levels of debt they must take on.

Back in 2008 I was working with a real punk Ahole recent grad of an expensive private school who supported Obama for the same reason. I wonder how that worked out for him?

Ah, 2008, when I was still working. Sigh...
Mr Apple just makes a fat joke, I think? I don't get his hipster sexism.
Size 54 Hillary got smoked.
grania wonders if maybe the Democratic nomination might get violent. Because she's not clear on how a primary works:
Everybody is justifiably worried about the Republican convention, that it won't be pretty if the nomination is stolen from Trump.

Nobody's talking about what the Democratic convention could be like. Their rules are so bad that it was rigged that hillary won before the primaries and caucuses even started.

Seriously. How can they justify going with a candidate who gets 25% of the vote in many states? The anger cuts across the political spectrum.
Bubba Gump Shrimp
the socialists are going to go berserk when they realize Clinton takes the nomination no matter how many more states Bernie wins.

If the media thinks the protesters are bad at Trump rallies, wait until the Bernie folks start protesting a Hillary primary event and her union thugs show up

I hope the cops sit it out... because Black Lives Matter
SamAdams76 doesn't think modern kids are manly enough to riot. Unlike those macho hippies!
I don't think we'll see the riots we saw in 1968. Most of the men have been feminized and aren't likely to want to get their Dockers dirty by marching in the streets and getting doused with fire hoses and tear gas. These are "pajama boys" who will simply conclude that "politics is stupid, anyway" and retreat to their parents basements and binge watch "House of Cards" on Netflix in seclusion. Like what they did after that "Occupy Wall Street" movement. Maybe they come out and vote for Trump in November, maybe they don't. But I don't see them rallying around Shrillary after she pulls those convention parlor tricks on their beloved Bernie.
MeganC managed to find media bias in the word 'seized.'
What a loaded headline!

Sanders “seizes” three states. As if he did something wrong.

But Hildebitch would have ‘won them’ fair and square.

Man, I hate the liberal media.
goldstategop starts out his wish-based-analysis with the idea that the South is a must-win for Democrats.
Hillary’s main problem going forward is apart from VA, she won’t win a single Southern state in November. And she isn’t terribly popular with millenial younger voters in states with predominantly white electorates that are must-win in the fall. Plus, in a year of change, she is the establishment candidate.

Hillary faces a steep task of uniting a divided and unenthusiastic Democratic Party around her, something overlooked in all the talk about whether GOP rival Donald Trump can avoid a contested convention. The fact remains that a lot of Democrats simply don’t want her as their party’s nominee and her springtime losses at the hands of The Bern drive it home.

By all accounts, its not yet springtime for Hillary.
Typical_Whitey has this whole scenario where Hillary's transcripts will be of her plotting to steal the nomination from Sanders:
The best thing Trump could do is find the GOldman Sachs transcripts and release them... Hillary yucking it up with the wall street fat cats will send the Bernie supporters into a tail spin and subsequently destroy the Rat party... There are many things they would forgive for unity sake but showing those transcripts will prove that Bernie got robbed of the nomination and they will revolt...
And yet another one. Enlightened1 does not understand the difference between primaries and general elections. Also he's never voting for a Republican again. Though really that just means someone he doesn't like.
Oh but we are suppose to believe that Hillaty can beat Trump in a landslide. This is even though Trump has more than 2 million votes than his next competitor competitor. This is when Republicans have record numbers of people voting for Republican and Democrat votes are at record lows.

The best big whopper is that Kasich, the guy that only won his home state can defeat Hillary.

That like saying a high school football team can’t beat the college football team but it can win the Super Bowl against a professional football team. LOL! Yeah okay....

Kasich is a Democrat with an “R” by his name. He and Hillary agree with each other on immigration, trade, common core, climate change, Syria, Ukraine, etc.... I guess Kasich knew he had no chance if he ran on the Democrat ticket with Hillary? After all it’s Hillary’s turn.

If the Republican Party is dumb enough to have a brokered convention, then it will be Hillary/Sanders vs Ryan/Jeb. BARF ALERT in other words.

I’ll be voting for anyone but a Republican or a Democrat. Oh and for the record I will never vote for any Republican at any level ever again. They are a fake opposition party.
Laser_Ray did a survey of these two women he eavesdropped on:
Hillary is getting screwed more than her husband’s intern, and I’m not at all surprised. She’s utterly unexciting - even to the feminists I’ve eavesdropped on. A has-been ‘me too’ candidate’ so dull that even voting for her against Trump is unappealing!
Blueflag also shares some personal polling:
I have some fairly reasonable Progressive friends who are PI$$ED that even though Sanders gets the votes, magically Hillary gets delegates way out of proportion to the votes.

They despise Hillary.

The anger is strong in this election cycle.
virgil is angry that any 'American born' votes Democrat:
They should be angry. American born people shouldn’t even be voting democrat.
Behind the Blue Wall knows you can't win with minorities. Forgetting 2012 already, eh?
Things aren’t lining up very well for Hillary. She’s winning only because black and Latino drones especially in the Deep South are voting in lockstep for her. But those vptes aren’t in play in the general election and they’re concentrated in states that are not in play. Meanwhile, Trump’s base is the white working class, which is very much in play and very concentrated in swing states.
As Freepers do with Democrats from Obama to Bill to Hillary, Lib-Lickers 2 thinks Sanders is looking ill.
I don’t know if I’m the first person to say this but it looks to me like this campaign is taking it’s toll on Bernie.. he has been looking very frail lately(in the last few weeks) even his voice seems to have lost it’s energy.. he looks like he’s in his middle 80’s
Angels27 also lusts for Democratic deaths:
All the demoncRATs look like they are about to get a visit from the Grim Reaper. Bill, Hillary and Bernie all look terrible. You gotta wonder if any of them will be alive when the demoncRATs have their convention.
Tzimisce thinks Sanders is a Marxist, and is thus confused that the bourgeoisie like him:
Karl Marx HATED the middle class.
He wanted them DEAD.
He wanted their blood FLOWING in the streets.

You can NOT use Marx’s ideas to help the middle class.

But Bernie says we can if we just rename it.

And middle class Marxists all over the country just can’t wait to vote Bernie.

We are truly screwed. :(
MeganC saw the Bernie bird thing, and worries God is on Bernie's side:
Birds For Bernie

That’s scary as that kind of thing would indicate a blessing.

President Sanders.

blueunicorn6 finds a lot of joy in petty tribalism:
Sanders didn’t win.

Hillary lost.

This is the best year I’ve had since I was a kid!
MadMax, the Grinning Reaper - Hillary or Bernie, all Democratic primary voters are evil assholes who hate America:
If you total up the number of votes for both Hillary and Bernie in their primaries, it will give you an initial figure of just how many communists/Marxists/socialists/progressives and liberal assholes we have in America. Then count in more who didn’t vote in the primaries.

That is the “internal fifth column threat to America”.


  1. I don't understand the people who say Bernie voters will vote for Trump in the general election if Bernie doesn't get the nomination. Other than their general anti-establishment vibe, their policies and positions are basically diametrically opposed to each other on major things. Is there any actual polling showing otherwise?

    1. Well, idiots exist:

    2. It's largely the pure anti-establishment fringe, Trump or Sanders supporters who otherwise wouldn't be voting at all. People who just want to see American politics given a swift kick regardless of what it actually means for policy over the next four years. (Americans as a whole being prone to fall for the hopeful-but-fallacious "anything must be better then this, so let's just do anything and see what happens" line of thought.)

      There's also a very few "punish the party if we don't get our guy" types; but they're the fringe of the fringe, and their votes will be part of the statistical noise we get in every major election. (They can, however, be quite loud.)

    3. On Political Wire, there is a poster who lives in Gainesville, FL who says he will personally drive Trump voters to the polls if Bernie doesn't get the nomination.

    4. Romney guy here...

      I might just be part of the GOPe, but I've been involved in dozens of "voter outreach" programs. They've yet to show up for elections.

      You have to think that if they haven't bothered to register to vote before we finally get to them, they'll likely fail to show when they're needed.

      No reason to think Trump will change this dynamic.

    5. That's because every other candidate has been a RINO. Trump will change that because freedom! The silent majority will turn out in droves to elect the second coming of Saint Reagan as personified by The Donald!