Monday, March 28, 2016

Monday Potpourri Pt. III

Some hate Cruz as much as Obama now. napscoordinator is now speculating Cruz is a child abuser:
Cruz is a serious child abuser. Did you hear her plea for her dad to stop and when he refused, he hurt her to where the pain was evident in her cry “ouch”. I feel sorry for the Cruz daughters. CPS should investigate this family especially the father.
Huge wildfire in Oklahoma. WENDLE has his perspective in order:
They voted for crux. I DON’T CARE!!
And in such an atmosphere, Free Republic tried to delete any stories about the alleged Ted Cruz sex scandal. Is it any wonder Trump partisans like Bobalu became enraged? You can't just turn the hate-spigot off because it started spewing bullshit!
It’s the high-handed censoring of the Ted Cruz sex scandal.

It has MANY freepers fuming!

And rightly so!

NO Trump scandal articles are censored...

And this story has legs...

I suggest everyone post links and descriptions of the scandal in threads... it’s the only way around the censorship that I can see.

Keeping this story contained is like keeping the ocean from reaching the beach.

The story seems unlikely to me, handling five affairs while running a campaign...with you wife nearby! He’d be a superman of some

I just despise censorship.
JimRob later gives this lame explanation:
As moderators, we tried to keep the Enquirer trash off FR. Deleted dozens of threads about this scummy trash. Then Ted came out roaring like a lion against Trump when Trump had nothing whatsoever to do with it (it was Rubio and Ted's new friends as the GOPe) and then Cruz's supporters on FR started posting articles with his viewpoint. Ok, I gave up. Cruz brought it to the forefront and it's now open season. Cruz boosters can blame themselves.
Mr Apple sees lesbians everywhere:
We should all feel sorry for lesbians; the likes of Rosie O'Donnell, Elena Kagan, Janet Reno, Madeleine Albright, Anise Parker, Rachel Maddow; Candy Crowley, K D Lang, Kate Clinton, Sara Gilbert, Rosie Jones, Daniela Sea, Wanda Sykes, Lily Tomlin, Huma Abedin and cob roller, Hillary Clinton!
Had to look up cob roller! It's lame.

One superhero is not enough for TomasUSMC to compare with Trump:
Don’t worry about a brokered convention. Trump would walk in there and take over the show. He’d make it bigger than an overtime Superbowl game. Greatest Show on Earth Ever. He’d come out of it smiling and joking and looking like Hulk/Superman/Batman all in one.

I’d love to see it.
Maverick68 is not only sure his delusions are facts, he's convinced they're obvious to all:
It’s no longer a secret: There are people in the Obama administration giving information to the terrorists.
Once you reach this level, you HAVE to think all Democrats are evil, or else how could they ignore your fictional facts?!

capt. norm thinks the next step in the gay agenda is turning everyone gay:
Exactly WHAT is their goal? Do they want everybody to be like them or what?

I shuddered when they had themselves declared normal.
Freepers decided Guiliani was a liberal long ago. Then he endorsed Trump. Fast Ed97 can't sully Trump with guilt by association, so cue the epic backtracking!
In 2008 when Guiliani ran for President I did not support him. I felt he was too liberal and didn't care for his Mr. 9-11 card.

However, in hindsight, he was probably the only candidate out of that field who could have won against Obama. It was odd how he was a frontrunner and then then fell off. From what I heard he had some sudden health issues which interfered with his campaign.
Verginius Rufus is unclear which Democrat ruined the judicial nominating process.
The supposed damage caused by delaying considering Obama's nominee is nothing compared to the damage done by the Democrats' treatment of Robert Bork and Clarence Thomas, not to mention many lower-level nominees by Republican Presidents. Maybe the damage should be traced back to FDR's attempt to pack the court with men who would rubber-stamp New Deal laws.
It's just a miracle that like 10 Justices got through since Democrats ruined the system with Bork!

IrishBrigade takes a Biblical story about humility and makes it about being insular:
Christ did not wash the feet of unbeleivers. He washed the feet of the apostles.

The modern Catholic Church is as lost a cause as there is...
The Pope inspired driftless2 to be an asshole to a very sick brother:
I come from a Catholic family. I'm not very religious, but I still sort of identify as a Catholic.

I have two younger, very liberal brothers who think Francis is fantastic. On a recent visit with other siblings to see one of the brothers who is very sick, after raving about how great he is, they asked me my opinion of the Pope.

I said I thought he's a leftist nutjob. They were not very happy with my opinion. Oh well...I wonder how many other families are split like that?
MeganC has a great idea for the high-tension GOP convention!
Open carry at the Convention will certainly deter the Democrats from showing up. They’re afraid of guns so this would be like putting out garlic to ward off vampires!
LibertarianLiz is pretty sure young minorities will be unable to resist Trump's machoness:
There will be enough cross-over Dems voting for Trump that I don’t think it will be close.

Yes, they always tell us that Trump has a problem with women. What they never say, is that Hillary has a problem with men.

I think there is a "macho" factor going on here with Trump, and that will appeal to young men. Powerful businessman, lots of money, good looking babe on his arm. I think black and hispanic young men will gravitate to that.
DiogenesLamp finds it shocking and disgusting to see the crap Freepers spew outward suddenly turned inward:
I would like to see some rule changes here at Free Republic for the duration of the primary. "No supporter of one candidate may post a derogatory article regarding the other candidate."

This ugly gutter trash level of discourse is unbecoming to Free Republic.
The Toll is gonna be fun under a President Hillary!
Most (>70%) women (not only GOP women) don’t like Trump.

Maybe it’s time for women to sit down and shut up.


  1. Freepers all have to hate Cruz.

    They all had to love the Palins.

    Now they all have to love Trump.

    Like small children, they only see moral black and white. They are incapable of processing areas of moral ambiguity because they lack the mental capacity to do so.

    We read fairy tales to children for this exact reason - the witch is evil, the princess is pure, the prince is a hero, the dragon is scary, the steed is faithful - because children can understand it.

    Freepers are children. Big, whiny, bloviating tantruming children.

    1. Jim better limber up for all the freeperthon antics next week.

  2. On a recent visit with other siblings to see one of the brothers who is very sick, after raving about how great he is, they asked me my opinion of the Pope. I said I thought he's a leftist nutjob. They were not very happy with my opinion. Oh well...

    I just love how infallible God, the Pope, and religion is. The same today, tomorrow, and forever. Until we visit our sibling who we think is dopey and doesn't read the same polluted website we've been reading every day for 18 years.


    Oh my is this an interesting thread. There was a poll requesting that Open Carry be allowed at the convention.

    First of all, it already isn't allowed at the stadium anyway, which is well within the venue owner's rights, second the Secret Service had a resounding, "eh.... NO"

    But the Freepers get really fired up. You get some great posts like:

    To: GIdget2004
    Case and point why I will never go and see any political figure or celebrity. I am waiting for the day I am in a restaurant and one comes in...

    26 posted on 3/28/2016, 2:23:55 PM by Resolute Conservative

    Which begs the question what does he plan to do? Shoot them?


    To: circlecity
    Look into the law regarding the blade length allowed to be carryed get a 5-6 cell C/D cell Mag-lite & pepper spray . Make sure the pocket knife is scalpel sharp ,get yourself to a martial arts school for self defense training & be ready /willing to put some Democrat in the hospital if need be.

    13 posted on 3/28/2016, 1:42:34 PM by Nebr FAL owner

    Which sounds like NebrFALowner is getting ready to fight off democrats rambo style with flashlight in one hand, pepper spray in the other, and a knife in his teeth.

    And such beautiful cognitive dissonance as such:

    To: GIdget2004
    So the fraudulent gop, who is always for your right to bear arms, didn’t have to make the decision. The SS made it for them. Now Ryan and McConnell can say “We were all for it but the SS said no.”

    64 posted on 3/28/2016, 10:49:56 PM by VerySadAmerican (Cruz voters: Wake up! Trump is our only chance of stopping the gopE. If not now, never!)

    That thread is quite gold.

    1. Like any of the Freepers could be bothered to actually go to the convention.

  4. "It was odd how he was a frontrunner"

    i don't remember that part of rudy's campaign but the end was one for the record books:

    l.a. times: "the failed campaign of rudolph w. giuliani can claim one distinction: the worst bang for the buck of any delegate winner in presidential politics history.

    the former new york mayor, who dropped his republican bid for the presidency this week, disclosed thursday in a filing with the federal election commission that he raised $58.5 million and spent $48.8 million in 2007.

    with his donors' money, giuliani captured a single national delegate, in nevada. at that rate, it would have taken close to $60 billion in spending to capture the 1,191 delegates needed to win the nomination."

  5. "CPS should investigate this family especially the father."
    But remember, less government!