Monday, March 21, 2016

Monday Potpourri Pt. II

This election has sent WENDLE into maximum Trump cult status:
This is the greatest American since George Washington. He is spending his energy and huge sums of money for America, FOR US to give back and to save us from debilitating parasites both domestic and foreign. I can’t see how he can be criticized. What do they want— some puppet of soros or unions or kochs pulling strings to destroy jobs and spirit in this country? I don’t know how you criticize this man. I honestly don’t. Those that do criticize him are leftist or profit from killing this nation.
Mollypitcher1 crows about Trump's IQ:
Trump’s I.Q. is greater than Cruz’s. So much for intellectual rigor. Cruz can’t touch Trumps coattails when it comes to International and National Economics. What paycheck has Cruz ever signed except to himself?
Oztrich Boy yearns for the day when violence against blacks was not prosecuted:
The old man probably had his reasons

He grew up at a time when Americans could do that to negros. Happy Days!
After years of Freepers threatening Obama, dp0622 wants serious charges for threatening a Presidential candidate:
He charged a man running for POTUS.

I’ve seen men put in intensive care from two punches.

Seen one die from one punch after hitting concrete.

He needs to do time.

There’s got to be a special law for charging a presidential candidate.

hell, there’s law for everything else.
Cats Pajamas - you have to disapprove of Boehner's daughter's interracial marriage so that you can disapprove of Obama's mother's interracial marriage:
Boehner's kid's choice of a mate is the least of my concerns when there are so many legitimate issues on which to fault him.

I am sure your argument would mean so much to Stanley and Ann Dunham It might to me too if we hadn't just lived through eight years of Radical, belligerent behavior. It breeds what it breeds.
Simpleminded tumblindice knows you don't have to look into Obama's new SCOTUS candidate to hate him:
Don’t know too much about his legal rulings however based on this oicture profile he seems to be a stand up person. Any insight?

Obama nominated him. Get smart.
ConservativeMind finds an even more childish reason to dislike Judge Garland:
Why do so many liberals have small eyes, pasty-white skin, and a smirk?
Conservative Gato blames a public school conspiracy for no one else buying his pedantic bullcrap:
I've dealt with lots of leftists and it seems many believe we are a democracy but like you said, we are not. I've even seen other leftist groups mention something about a democracy we are in.

I've speculated the leftist education system does this on purpose so they can undermine our Constitution and go with mob rule to get their way.
mac_truck eschews experience when it comes to something simple like foreign policy:
Apparently being an international business tycoon doesn’t qualify oneself as capable of understanding American foreign policy...there’s a special DC brand kool-aid you have to drink first.
Cracking the thesaurus, catnipman explains that there are the evil rich aristocrats, donors, plutocrats and oligarchs, and then there is Trump, who is different, somehow:
“Conservatives” are NOT plotting Trump’s demise. The plotters are the RINO, GOP establishment, elite GOP aristocrats, GOP consultancy class, the super-wealthy GOP “donor” class, GOP plutocrats and GOP oligarchs. NONE of whom are actually “conservative”; they are merely self-serving scum who disdain their captive peasant voters who they see simply as necessary evils for maintaining their personal power.
BobL is pretty sure everyone loves Trump except for those paid to hate him:
I’m thinking at this point that most of the Trump-bashers left are simply paid operatives of other campaigns, who know their only chance now is to block Trump from getting the nomination and thus have a brokered convention (i.e., handing it to Romney, Linda, or Jeb).
Popman is trying ballance on the edge of arguing Hillary is more evil than Obama without seeming soft on Obama:
Bundy is lucky if this happened under the Clinton Administration he’d be dead burned alive...

at least Obama administration will go after you legally instead of just killing you...

I certainly don’t condone Obama administration’s actions
dsc feels like no one he hates dies:
Leftys with gold plated health care seem to live almost forever (Soros, Castro, Carter, etc).

Satan takes care of his own.

Until he doesn’t.
Despite reservations, conejo99's entire sitcom-diverse family is voting Trump:
I’ll also ignore my reservation and vote for Trump.
My wife (Hispanic) and my kids (one liberal and one conservative) are all Trump supporters. Go figure.
Showing why wishes do not make for good predictions, kiryandil expects a Bernie Sanders third party:
the Children of the Bern were probably PLEASED AS PUNCH at the way the Clinton campaign stole Missouri out from under Bernie.

The dumb bee-yotch should have just let it go. But, NOOOOO - her campaign just had to play the "late Kansas City precincts" card. To show Bernie what's what.

Shoit like that is going to backfire on her. He'll end up running third party, and the Children will zealously go with him.
Hate is a crappy muse, which is why longfellow's Obama conspiracy is getting really convoluted:
And as far as the fag gazy in the white house his mother ain’t even related to him. Our CIA knows this.
longfellow's fantasy land is able to give another Freeper some hateful hope about Obama:
I hope he croaks and soon.

How fast does aids work?


  1. "I don’t know how you criticize this man. I honestly don’t. Those that do criticize him are leftist"
    Oh, that's how

  2. we donneed no stinkin vajez ...

    Goreknowshowtocheat: "The highest law enforcement authority is the 2nd amendment citizens militia. You cannot legislate or court adopt a higher authority. The FBI should have been bowing before the militia and asking them how they could help not murdering them."

    1. Kind of ironic username as well. If Gore knew how to cheat, he would have been president instead of Boy Blunder.

  3. Interesting exchange brewing between our favorite coke head and a freeper who disagrees with laz's pro genocide stance