Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Secret Service vs. reporter at Trump Rally

There's no definitive video of the whole incident, but it looks like a Secret Service agent tried to keep a reporter in the press area, and prevent him from photographing some BLM protesters. Chest-bumping ensued, and the reporter was chokeslammed to the ground. Later, he got up and put his hands around the Secret Service agent's throat 'to demonstrate what was done to him.'

Neither side covered themselves in glory, but only one of those two knuckleheads is a professional when it comes to using force. And what the crap is a secret service agent doing keeping the press corralled in an area they are supposed to be able to leave at any time?

Freepers, of course, love this.

Poor Bloody Sam Roberts hasn't unskewed the story:
Do we KNOW that the young man who slammed the douchenozzle IS with the Secret Service? Or perhaps one of Trumps men?

I tend to suspect the latter since I doubt saying "F**k you" to a Secret Service agent would elicit such a response.
Ladysforest suspects a false flag:
I have watched it from the view point of two different cameras - BOTH appear to be from BLM protesters. Both happen to be trained on the “reporter” JUST as the action begins. It looked to me like the “reporter” caught a cue and then sprung into action.
SandyInSeattle thinks it's a wonder the reporter wasn't killed:
Camera v. firearm. Not too bright.
TigerClaws wants to start jailing the press:
MSM is unhinged. Arrest this reporter!
HarleyLady27 also thinks the press is just maniacs now:
Wow!!! I wouldn’t put my hands on any type of law enforcement officer, I wouldn’t want my head cracked open...

The MSM is falling apart, they are so full of hate and anger...look at this guys eyes...they are evil...

Good for the SS and the police, Good Job!!!
Speaking of maniacs, HarleyLady27 is also looking forwards to killing all the reporters, and also libeling them...Probably not in that order:
We’re seeing only the beginning of the hate and dementia spewing from the diseased minds of leftists. War is coming. But look on the bright side: it will be open season on them with no bag limit.

Oh I can’t wait for that day to come...

I think every negative news report on Trump should be countered with a smear on the person who wrote the piece for the media connected to the reporter...

If they can tell lies and get away with it, why can’t we?
As is becoming Freepers' MO with growing right-wing violence, dandiegirl blames Obama for pissing off Real Americans:
I’d say that the majority of Americans are sick of BLM and the weakness that has been shown to this thug group by people they are making demands of. Sick to death of it. Obama caters to their violence and has really pissed people off. Their moment of fame is coming to an end without BO in the WH.
The Agent is black, so To Hell With Poverty clumsily tries to play the race card:
An agent OF COLOR! Gasp!!!

I am heartened by that. Dude is responsible for Trump's butt.

Yes. And douchenozzle reporter dork is all mad that he’s not “in his place,” I’ll betcha.
Know your place? Chode wants the reporter to know HIS place!
the mutt has been takin pictures of big dogs for so long now it thinks it is one, wrong...
Now that's some old-style aristocratic thinking, folks!

In the midst of this fascistic violence, ConservativeWarrior plays fashion police:
He deserved to be taken down for wearing those skinny jeans.

Holy effeminate she-man, batman.


  1. Welcome back, Ozy!

    I was watching The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell last night, and they were showing how Trump marketed his Trump University that he's now in a RICO lawsuit over. The way he sold his university has eerie similarities to his presidential campaign (link here if you want to watch it). The Republicans are basically about to nominate a con man for president. Of course, Freepers won't believe it until it becomes way too obvious. By then it will be too late and Hillary (or Bernie) will be on their way to being inaugurated as the 45th president. I'm sure Romney Guy agrees with me here. I just hope Freepers learn something with their inevitable crushing defeat in November.

    1. Romney Guy here.

      I pretty much agree with everything you said. I'm not over in Florida anymore (moved to New Orleans going on two years now!), but I still keep in contact with campaign "friends."

      It's basically a wasteland out there! At least in Florida, every single person of value in Republican campaigning have matriculated into Congressional or municipal races. We're talking about at least two dozen people who knew how to run a campaign, all out of the presidential race. I can't tell you how insane that is! It's unprecedented as far as I know. And these are all individuals who are already at least semi-contracted, so they're likely not going to break rank and head over to help out Trump, presuming he gets the nod.

      I know that Florida and Ohio are almost exactly alike in Republican politics. In fact, in the last three cycles, Ohio was typically the place we would import/export campaign professionals: Molly Donlin was state director for Romney- she's from Ohio and now working specifically for the RNC.

      Assuming that Florida and Ohio are so politically similar, nominee Trump is going to have some serious problems...and winning without one of these states is tough...winning without both is not possible.

      Hell, the Repub Party of Florida has pretty much given up already!

      I'd start getting used to another President Clinton in the office. That comes from a guy who knew we weren't going to win in early July of 2012, regardless of the polling.

      Hope this helps!

    2. It's kind of hard to be happy about something like this. I mean, I'm happy that Democrats are likely going to win and take back the Senate, but this feels like nuking bunnies from space. We need Republicans to come back to being reasonable.

      Speaking of reasonable, how do you feel about Republicans' refusing to hold hearings for Scalia's replacement? Do they seriously think they'll get to replace him with another conservative?

    3. Nuking bunnies? Is that what the creature on his head is? I was going for beaver ... or maybe muskrat.

  2. To: governsleastgovernsbest

    It has almost gotten to the point where Trump COULD shoot somebody in Times Square, and I’d still vote for him. If the person he shot was a NYT scumbag reporter, I’d send his campaign $100 as a Bounty, like they have on some predator animals.

    47 posted on 3/1/2016, 8:50:50 AM by Tucker39 (Welcome to America! Now speak English; and keep to the right....In driving, in Faith, and politics.)