Monday, March 14, 2016

Monday Potpourri Pt. I

These are DEMOCRAT OPERATIVES!!!! They are NOT Republicans! They WANT Hillary to win! The GOP needs a massive fumigation, Romney, McConnell, Rubio, Yeb! all these DEMOCRATS need to be kicked out of the party!
null and void found a picture of Valerie Jarrett smiling, so it's fiction time!
This is ValJar right after being told ISIS burned a caged man alive:
Walkingfeather prefers politics when he can make stuff up:
Cruz already approached Trump to drop out if he got a supreme nomination. The numbers of the populism is just not there for cruz. He knows it and the GOP hates cruz. After the Mitt romney disaster move the GOP did they are out of choices. There is no one they will put in place of trump that can beat Hilary ( even though she will be indicted and will not be candidate)
xzins fondly remembers best America:
RIP, Mrs. Reagan

With Palin and Trump, I remember those Reagan years as the best America that I have ever experienced.
Gaffer is sure Michelle Obama's spending is much worse than Nancy Reagan's, though he can't really explains what's different...
No one can claim that the First Mooch isn't far more guilty with her $1000 gardening sneakers, her thousand dollar boob-belt dresses, her multi-million dollar vacations and date nights, and that pig slop she's forced on our children as something called "school lunch". Nope, she hasn't meddled on damn bit in to Obama's bidness.....

I truly look forward to future opportunities of tit-for-tat where I can take a healthy piss on a few legacies of my own choosing.
PraiseTheLord is pretty sure 1990s rumors will become fresh once Trump picks them up:
Oh man, wait till he brings out Juanita Broaddrick.

And wait till he brings out Bill’s halfrican SON.

I CANT WAIT !!!!!!!!!!!

[Read all about in Roger Stone’s new book exposing ALLLL]
Mr Apple managed to find something so racist he got some pushback and had to apologize:
lol, it's way past time for [Rep. Sheila Jackson] Lee to retire and go pickin watermelons.
Mr Apple knows only Trump can handle the crisis of Obama's Islamic Muslim rapefugees!
This is not the time for a softie GOPe candidate. Not at all!

1. North Korea, just yesterday. threating to attack us with nukes

2.The Iranian's with their newly acquired 150 billion dollars -can simply buy nukes now!

3. Mullah Obama has already begun flying in his preset goal of 170,000 Islamic Muslim rapefugees! How many of these 170,000 will eventually beat, rape and murder our fellow Americans. How many of these 170,000 will arrive here - and eventually pull out machine guns on us.

4. The illegal mexican horde currently here and the illegal mexican hordes always enroute here -taking millions upon millions of jobs from Americans (white, black and hispanic Americans), swarming our schools, bankrupting our hospitals, raping and murdering fellow Americans. [and all the very slimy democrat politicians welcoming them -as potential democrat voters]

I'm voting for Trump!
Organic Panic explains why liberals love premarital sex:
That’s what progressivism wants. Give up family. Give up friends. Give up love. Give up marriage.

Wed the party and only the party. Anything outside of the party must be destroyed.
goldstategop's paranoia is why Trump has got to be the nominee of the GOP is going to survive:
GOP signaling it will Dump Trump to elect Hillary.

The fix is in, folks.
PAR35 is yet another Freeper to come out for arraigned marriage:
There were a lot fewer ‘Christian’ divorces when more marriages were arranged.
VitacoreVision wants Rush Limbaugh to impeach Obama for the most heinous of crimes that he's committing RIGHT NOW:
Obama is Obama right now. Impeach him, Rush.
Caipirabob wants even more obstruction, in Israel's name:
Report: Obama to use UN to divide Jerusalem

It would seem any delaying tactic applied at this point to any action obama might take is completely justified. I think the best thing to do here is to completely shut down the administration with legal and procedural delays so that they cannot complete any malicious activity within the time they have left.
New York Schoolteacher EinNYC pivots from Jews to blacks being immoral Obama voters who only think about skin color:
I think a few Jews have buyers remorse, but I see portraits of this piece of fly-ridden excrement in many classrooms, particularly the classrooms of black teachers. I even saw a portrait of his in the UFT office, although it's gone now. From my personal experience, blacks will go to the ends of the earth to find excuses for bad behavior. They will justify why this bad behavior happened and offer absolutely zero condemnation of it. At a virtually 100% black school, misbehaving students knew darn well how to snow well-meaning black teachers and secretaries, who would put an arm around them, cluck mild admonishments, and shake their heads indulgently, signifying all was forgiven. This, as the offender looked backward at you, the accuser, and smirked.

They exhibit the same behavior toward Odungo. NOTHING, and I mean nothing that he did would be enough for them to condemn him or demand punishment. They find inventive excuses for his outrageous lawbreaking behavior at every turn. That is why he was elected for a second term of nation-destroying. He was their very own dindu nuffin. And yes, they are out there breathing, reproducing and eager to vote Hillary into office, along with libtard white liberals anxious to once again, "make history". When you vote for skin color or gender to the exclusion of more logical criteria such as honesty, ability, patriotism, etc., you are being incredibly stupid. You can't fix stupid.
I remain amused by the dramatic theology of SkyPilot:
I always knew this fly infested, blasphemous, evil man was possessed.
HomerBohn kinda has to backpedal from yelling about murder of that Oregon militia yahoo to grumbling about laws being too vague:
"... it became even clearer that LaVoy Finicum was murdered in cold blood"

Nope, that's not clear at all. It is clear that Finicum repeatedly told the LEO's that they would have to shoot him.

This is such a murky government created mess that comments should be left to the ‘local’ courts who will no doubt find the federales guilty!
Super patriot MeneMeneTekelUpharsin is not big on civic responsibility, it seems:
Recently was in voir dire for a civil case. Having some court experience work (can’t say here), I knew what to do (read carefully). When given the opportunity on a given question, I LOUDLY expressed a very strict opinion on the matter at hand. I was quickly stricken from the jury pool. Avoided a week of stupidity at low pay.
BobL explains that there are never riots when you are STRONG:
I almost forgot - they predicted HUGE race riots if Reagan won. Didn’t happen, of course. Never does with STRONG leaders.
The Toll explains that Trump voters are because we reacted far to rationally about Ebola:
Well man I tell ya, when Americans wake up one day and realize that any old African with Ebola can simply jump on a plane and get out in Texas and waltz into the hospital, it’s concerning.

When your government then tells you that “oh well, nothing can really be done about it” and your OWN PARTY tends to agree. You shouldn’t be shocked that the public is willing to skin you alive in the street. It is what it is. Your blind ignorance is not MY problem.


  1. Who is this mysterious "they" who predicted race riots in the wake of the 1980 election? Or is BobL once again pulling his information from the well-worn Freeper history book titled, "Making Shit Up"? I've never heard of any threatened race riots if Reagan won.

    1. I was wondering that too. I did what googling I could but didn't find anything. I can't bring myself to waste time for true in depth research thru newspaper archives to disprove what is likely a cantankerous old man's misremembered assumptions.

    2. I was wondering that too. I did what googling I could but didn't find anything. I can't bring myself to waste time for true in depth research thru newspaper archives to disprove what is likely a cantankerous old man's misremembered assumptions.

  2. I think I'm obsessed with Freepers.

    Saturday I took my little girl to see Zootopia. As I watched it, I was thinking about how Freepers would flip their shit if they knew the theme of the movie!

    1. I'm sure some right-wing blogger will complain about soon, then some freeper will put it in "Breaking News" on FR and the shit flipping will commence!