Friday, March 11, 2016

Spotlight Friday: Honorary Serb

It's unclear to me why some people seek membership in a group based on an intrinsic feature they do not have. But once there, they make up for it with a zealousness the merely converted can only envy. Such is Honorary Serb, who appears to be of Western extraction and born in Arizona. On Free Republic he evinces a jolly hatred of gays and goes on at length about the Orthodox Church and Serbian nationalism. In odd and stilted English. Using the anachronistic term phooey, and many exclamation points. Yet he's pretty open about not actually being Serbian at all.

Soros and the Democrats destroyed Europe, and they're coming for the Orthodox Christian world next!!!
Back where I come from, we say: “Bullsh!t is as bullsh!t does”!!!! Either one of our “gentlemanly” spellings will work!

Soros is just trying to comfort his minions with his lies. But we all know—or should know—that it was obama, Hillary, Samantha Power, etc. etc.—and Soros himself—that DELIBERATELY unleashed the barbarian hordes now destroying Europe!!!!

The same perpetrators—who have been busy destroying America, too—want to destroy Russia and the entire Orthodox Christian world as well. That will not stand!!!!
Because only wars in the former Yugoslavia count:
Sanders voted to bomb Serbia.

Both he and Hillary are members in good standing of the War Party.
May Antonin Scalia’s Memory be Eternal!!!!
May Antonin Scalia’s Memory be Eternal!!!!

Republicans and conservative Independents MUST stop any Supreme Court appointment until after January 20, 2017!!!!
Obama hates Christians so he probably killed Scalia!
What a disgusting POS obama is!!!!

He most certainly doesn’t want to enter a Christian church if he doesn’t have to! So he plays GOLF instead!!!!

Besides that, obama and/or his minions may have had a hand in Scalia’s death!!!! In that case, he’s too guilty to attend the funeral!!!!

May the servant of God Antonin’s Memory be Eternal!!!!
Say no to the Scalia-denegrators!
We all must say NO to the massive-immigration supporters, the climate-change freaks, the muslim-kissers, and the Scalia-denegrators with great alacrity!!

Then we must all vote for Trump with even greater alacrity, and end the madness once and for all!!!!
Why were Trump opponents not in church????
Trump’s opponents have been running with the alleged Trump-KKK connection big time, at the same time that many of us were in church, and not indulging in politics!!!!

Why weren’t the anti-Trump types in church, where they belonged? Them this anti-Trump non-news item would never have seen the light of day!!
Shux and PHOOEY!!!
Oh, Shux!!!! Now we not only have to deal with “Social Justice Warriors” (SJWs), but also “Climate Justice Warriors” (CJWs)!!!!

PHOOEY to both of them!!!!
Russian immigrants are better than Mexicans:
We have fine, upstanding young Russian, Belorussian, and Ukrainian women who immigrate to this country legally, work at legit jobs, and join Orthodox Christian parishes—often Orthodox Church in America.

Hoe do our immigration services tell the difference between these fine women and the cheap strippers who maybe look superficially like them? Hoe does a taxi driver, for example, tell the difference?
Pussy Riot should be put in the Gulag for Blasphemy! Phooey!!!!
She’s obviously unrepentant for her blasphemy, and is trying to play the “human rightser” card. Phooey!!!!
Support Putin, flaws and all:
Most Orthodox Christians support Putin, while recognizing his many flaws as well.
The coup in Ukraine was staged by the State Department, and all anti-Putin stuff is gay propaganda!!
Putin’s Russia has an anti-’gay” propaganda law! That’s why obama and the rest of the “human rightser” gang attacked Russia during the Sochi Olympics.

It was also during the Sochi Olympics that our State Department’s Nuland/Noodlehead staged the coup in Ukraine. The “gay” cabal may have more to do with that then most people think.

Even many Freeepers may be spouting anti-Putin, anti-Russian, and anti-Orthodox Christian propaganda which has its origin in the “gay” netherworld. The above article is essential reading for those who wish to avoid such grievous errors, which might even lead to WWIII!!!!
Of course he's a Kosovo War truther:
There was NO “genocide” in the Bosnian war! The numbers just don’t add up. It was only a mid-level civil war—there’s much worse going on in Syria right now.

But the clintons, Albright, and Blair continue to dine out on the Bosnian “genocide” industry, demonizing the Serbs as much as possible. Perhaps worst of all is the “genocide queen”, Samantha World Power. She has estabiished herself as the World’s Genocide Expert. But it’s all based on lies and hot air!!!!
Obama's a Muslim! PHOOEY!
Allegedly, Wright’s “church” is full of muslims.

Of course, no on can be a muslim and be a real Christian. obama always was—and is—a muslim, and he is no Christian at all.

PHOOEY to all those who have said over the past several years that anyone who says “obama is a muslim” is crazy, a conspiracy theorist, a racist, or all three!!!! Wright confirms that we’ve been right all along—obama is a muslim!!!!
Obama is not a normal Muslim - he's part of the gay-Muslim alliance!
Barack Hussein obama is NOT a typically observant muslim. He drinks beer, he ate dog—I doubt if he ever made Hajj. And he supports the “gays”, and may be “gay” himself.

But he’s such a terribly effective muslim fifth columnist!!!! islam and sharia have made great strides in America due to his machinations, and then there are all those “Arab Spring” events, plus the war in Libya, continuing support of islamic occupation of Serbian lands, and continuing sabotage of Israel.

So I doubt if any muslim is going to attack him for his pro-”gay” activities.

Besides that, islam and the “gay” movement are de facto allies—part of the new axis of evil (New World Order, islam, feminists, and “gays”) arrayed against the Judeo-Christian civilization!!!!
Human rights nonprofits are worst than ISIS!
“Gays”, the Human Rights Campaign, and ALL human rights NGOs, are America’s biggest enemies—worst than ISIS!!!!

All the big, New World Order Bankster banks, such as the Rockefellers’’ JP Morgan Chase, support “gay” rights, and help stage the garish and intolerable “gay” parades and special “gay” days in our public schools!!!! They also push for “globe warming”-based measures and Agenda 21 aimed at enslaving once free middle-class Americans, and do everything possible to bash the Christian faith!!!!

FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT back against the machine!!!!
Halloween is demonic and gay:
Halloween is a subject of controversy in the US Orthodox Church.

Since I am an “extremist”, I say NO to Halloween, especially with the emphasis on the demonic and on gore in Halloween 2015!!!!

The there is the increasing takeover of the calendar by the “gay” lobby. You know—”pride” week, “pride” month, AIDS Day, “spirit” day, “day of silence”, etc. Now they have some new excuse to take over October, whatever that is. Halloween has ALWAYS—in living memory, been a “gay” day. I say let the “gays” have it, and let Christians leave it alone!!!!
Rebuild the 9-11 Orthodox Church!!
And St. Nicholas Orthodox Church, the ONLY house of worship destroyed in the 9/11 attacks, MUST be allowed to be rebuilt, with NO restrictions that its dome and cross be lower than the 9/11 memorial. These restrictions sound like sharia law, as do the interminable bureaucratic “delays” that are keeping this Holy Temple from being rebuilt!!!!
The Soros-Ayers-Muslim-Obama connection:
Now what’s the connection between the commie Ayers and George Soros?

I believe that Barack Hussein obama is a total fraud, and a plant of Soros and the muslims. Even apart from that, he is completely unqualified to be President.

Am I right, or am I just another conspiracy theorist?
Presbyterians and Lutherans are all liberals and should become Orthodox!
The PCUSA and the ELCA are spiritually empty, with many members searching for “New Age” gurus to try to fill the void. In contrast, the Orthodox Church (including the English-language OCA) possesses and proclaims all that is necessary for our salvation, straight from the ancient and original Christian Church of the first century!!!!
Re-fighting conflicts of 1,000 years ago:
It is the Frankish popes and their followers who are the schismatics!!!! Now you have a very well-named Frankish pope—”Francis” of all things!!!! Pro-”gay”, pro-”warmist”, pro-”liberation theology”.

Read the handwriting on the wall, learn some history, and come home to the Orthodox Church!!!!
White Confederate civilians suffered worse of all:
It was the poor man’s war, too, with the Yankees descending on the South like destroying locusts!!!!
A Confederacy-Obama taqiyya twofer:
The Confederate States of America was the last constitutional republic in North America. Lincoln and his successors (especially those who designed and administered Reconstruction) laid the foundation for a post-republican United States, and for America’s participation in the New World Order.

Finally, obama is NOT an American, and does not share our history or culture. And as a taqiyya-practicing muslim, he supports the largest slave system in the world today, which is a threat to freedom everywhere. And he is enacting such things as a domestic military force (which is part of the DeathCare law recently enacted), designed to rob us of our freedom directly. So obama should at least have the minimal decency to shut up about slavery.
I don't believe in hate-speech, but we really need to start censoring Professors who I disagree with...
I do not believe in the concept of "hate speech", which is usually used by "gays", islamists, and other miscreants (as well as the political parasites like Ted Kennedy who live off of them) against Christians. But universities should not allow people with no knowledge of a subject to spout baseless propaganda, if they are truly communities of learning.
Also ban the Hijab:
Close ALL muslim Brotherhood mosques!!!!

BAN the hijab asa “security threat”!!!!
The War in Iraq is Obama's and Hillary's now!
I feel for our troops who have been sent into Iraq recently when the war was supposed to be “over”. The same goes for those sent to Afghanistan!!!! (I know some of them personally!)

It’s obama’s (and Hillary’s) headache now, not Bush’s or Trump’s!!!!
Vote Trump!!!
First there is Rubio the robot. Then there is Hillary (who is also a warmonger, Serb-hater, muslim-kisser, and criminal), who is losing her marbles.

If Hillary becomes President we’ll have HUMA making the Presidential decisions. YIKES!!!!

If we have Rubio as President, any leader of any tin-pot small country will outclass him! That’s besides REAL world leaders like Vladimir Putin, Angela Merkel, and Xi Jinping.

Vote Trump!!!!
Can't escape Google's tyranny:
Google’s politics and cultural stances are GARBAGE!!!! But I’m stuck with Google because I need traffic and publicity for my business website and blog! That’s what comes from having a monopoly!!!!
Wait, a Westerner by background?
I am a Westerner by background, so St. Sebastian is our own “special” Saint!!!!

That is besides my two Patron Saints, of course!!!!
He's highly educated:
The idea that all Trump supporters are dumb and uneducated and understand only platitudes is just plain BOGUS!!!! Many of us are highly educated.

And we understand that the policies of ALL Trump’ opponents have been selling the entirety of Western civilization out to perverts, muslims, and globalists who want to make the entire world a Third World hellhole. PHOOEY to that!!!
Arizona Pride!
Be PROUD of being Arizonans!!!! Even I—a long-displaced Arizonan—am proud of being one!
No Hindu Justices allowed!
No Third Worlders! No Hindus! No muslims! Instead, appoint someone as much like Scalia as possible!!!!

I don’t care who calls me a “racist”! This is what’s best for our country!!!!


  1. I like how in the last example he puts "racist" in quotes as if it's a completely outrageous accusation to make against him while at the same time he demands and screams for whites only in the Supreme Court. Phooey!! lol

  2. Hoe do our immigration services tell the difference between these fine women and the cheap strippers who maybe look superficially like them?

    That's a great typo.

  3. Honorary Serb really does like that word, his take on the Chicago Trump rally keruffle?

    Hey, “MoveOn”, why don’t you just move on!!!! PHOOEY!!!!;page=51

    He sure does like to say Phoooey

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