Thursday, March 10, 2016

And Now This Word from Outer Space

No humor edition:
Republicans need a human image which should come from comedy and they need a sharp instrument of attack which should come from satire as well as comedy. These things are in the marketplace and can actually be purchased. Why are they not bought by Republican candidates who otherwise spend up to $1 billion while failing to be elected President of the United States?

There is nothing; absolutely nothing, that can be made even remotely funny or amusing about the situation to which this kind of thinking has brought what was once the greatest nation on earth. Thanks to the brainwashing of the MSM, most Americans can barely focus or concentrate on a political article that contains more than two paragraphs. That is; if they have any reading comprehension at all. The Liberal educational system and media organizations are only too glad to pander to people who would rather watch a satire than get into real facts because the poor dears are not “entertained” by serious matters like the well being of their country or it’s government.

When this nation finally goes over the precipice on which it is now hanging; it will serve as a huge kick in the collective azzez of those who just couldn’t get into the facts because they were “boring.” They will, no doubt, be highly entertained and interested when the propaganda and media offerings cease to be optional and become mandatory, whether they tickle the fancies or not. State run TV and news media tend to get really “interesting” when you get put in jail or shot when you don’t know the “acceptable” facts and who is enforcing them.

There is a huge difference between “wit” and “stupidity”.
I don’t see much hope in a society emerging that knows the difference any time soon. There will most likely have to be a lot of blood and treasure spent before the facts and the truth become important even if they aren’t entertaining.
It’s a shame there has to be calamity of giant proportions in order to bring a society to its senses. My generation had a World War. I can see another attitude adjustment on the horizon.
"Kids today need massive casualties" provided by Aleya2Fairlie


  1. And here you have the crux as to why Republicans, and especially conservatives, have such a difficult time connecting with the American people. Aside from the fact that their policies don't resonate with most people, they simply don't know how to engage the average citizen. While Democrats are masters of humor both sophisticated and low-brow, Republicans are perpetual stick-in-the-muds, for the most part.

    Americans are generally a positive people and they want to live a positive, happy life. When your message is "Everything is horrible everywhere so vote for me now or you are doomed to a life of hell on earth with no hope of escape" which seems to be the prevailing statement made by most of the Republican candidates, don't be surprised if most people will want to tune it out. It's too dark, too despairing, and too frightening. People want to be motivated and be encouraged, not feel as if life is a constant existential battle without end.

    And the worst part (for them) is that conservatives don't seem to care. Rather than adapt their approach and engage thusly, they'd rather take Aleya2Fairlie's approach and be determined to find no joy in anything, and ridicule the masses for not thinking just like them. They are that stubborn and hard-hearted and they just don't care. It is absolutely to their detriment.

    That's the way I see it, anyway.

    1. And it doesn't help that the last president that they admire has been out of office for nearly 30 years and dead for over 10 years.

    2. Morning in America! Shining City On A Hill, you morose motherfuckers!!!

      They can't reconcile their fetish for Reagan's dopey optimism with their gloom about the real world...a gloom about reality they should have noticed decades ago, but their figurehead softened the blow, and their heads.