Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Freepers want to kill Trump protesters:

Both the protesters and Trump are looking for violence. For the protesters, it will show the world the fascist they know Trump to be. For Trump and his supporters, it's a tough guy punching liberals like they wish they could do. So there is this cycle ratcheting more and more towards the likelihood of someone getting killed.

Freepers could not be more excited. The drama and paranoia is flying, as they scrambling all over one another to appoint their particular chosen villains as the shadowy power that's behind what they've decided is ISIS-style terrorism and deserves summary execution.

Lopeover seems to think there are so few anti-Trump folks in Chicago they must have been paid:
So sick of the paid agitators, the thug arm of the political left.
Fasceto noted that someone who took credit as an organizer is a Bernie Sanders supporter:
It is official. Bernie Sanders supporters were the masterminds.
But Sanders won't win, so Psalm 144 prefers to blame the shadowy 'uniparty' that is everyone not supporting Trump:
I think that Sanders eventually will murmur against this. He is a Fabian socialist by all appearances, and this just isn’t his style. Attributing this to him serves the uniparty in making the efforts of both the insurgents look bad. We’ll see. Perhaps he thinks the tipping point has arrived and he can go full Bolshevik.
FlipWilson has a particular villain he loves to blame:
Bottom line, last night was the opening round of Obama intervening directly in this election. It is the Occupy/Black Lives/Moveon thugs v. The silent majority.
combat_boots also eschews the semblance of political utility for keeping old hates alive:
This riot is the reason 0bama was giddy last night. He even trashed Trump from the stage.
airborne may have missed the sucker punches Trump supporters have been throwing lately. Anyhow, he wonders about the Republicans:
Trump supporters had better be on their best manners because the DNC, GOPe and media will all be anxiously waiting with cameras for a Trump supporter to throw the first (or any) punch.

wayoverontheright manages to wedge Hillary in there:
I see Hillary's devious little hands on this. For her, a riot at a Trump rally instigated solely by Bernie supporters is a two-fer. She now has Chicago to point to in creating the narrative that the Bernie camp is violent.

The Sea Island meeting we already know had some Hillary operatives in attendance. If this was planned, it now looks as if it was, then the Hillary camp would have been in the know. Not so sure about Bernie. He's a piker compared to Hillary when it comes to deviousness. How hard would it be for the Hillary camp to place a bunch of her people there with Bernie signs in order to implicate his camp?

To me, it's just a bit too obvious that Bernie "masterminded" this. Spontaneous? Perhaps. Bernie had nothing to gain by planning this. Hillary does. I bet if the identities of some of the Bernie sign-carriers are found out, there will be some Hillary supporters in the mix.
Preferring the deep cuts, ZULU blames Rahm Emmanuel:
Typical Bolshevik tactics supported by Obama’s puppet, Rahm Emmanuel.
Getting his info from his own butt, gaijin thinks this was long planned, and about Trump:
This had nothing to do with Trump and was merely an extension of Ferguson.

They they had been planning to do this to any Republican front-runner; could have been proved it could have been Cruz, could have been Carson.

when these animals also barge screaming into people’s brunches it also has nothing to do with breakfast food.
Roccus knows the next thing after unruly protesters is civil war:
...and people STILL believe there is a political solution to what ails our nation and leadership......sad.
goldstategop warns that we're on the brink of "despotic totalitarianism:"
let them congratulate themselves on their bigotry and hate.

They’ve shown the American people their true colors.

Our country is headed for despotic totalitarianism if they’re not stopped.

Two centuries of American freedoms are on the line.
manc knows you can't blame Trump for explicitly encouraging violence when these people are saying mean things!
Trump is blamed for encouraging violence when it is the protestors coming to his rally and being agitators.
Logical me hates Chicago, when he's clearly never been:
Chicago has become the communists empire of America. It is full of human garbage that is what America would look like if King Obama and his criminals took over the rest of America.
FlingWingFlyer has decided to call the protesters Nazis:
Nazis have a strange definition of a “win”. This will backfire on them and their “win” will turn into another exploding cigar. All they did was drive more Americans over to Trump.
bert thinks protesters are terrorists and should all be killed:
they are not protestors, they are disruptors, perhaps even terrorist disruptors.

If they want war then their very lives must be on the line and forfeit

they purposely and maliciously disrupted the right of the people to freely assemble. that is anti american activity and should receive the maximum on the spot penalty of defense resulting in disrupter death
realcleanguy knows ISIS is all about the protests:
Its official, what happened in Chicago was an act of terrorism. ISIS does the same thing in Syria and Iraq. Now the Democratic Party is the face of the American ISIS.


  1. http://freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/3409316/posts, in which is revealed the prescription drug habits of freepers.

    1. "Keep the damn Government hands off of my percocet, I really need them....just make sure those darkies and liberals don't get prescriptions for them, they're just addicts

    2. As usual, they're only upset because it's an issue that hurts them personally. Anybody else they'd simply tell to suck it up and grow a spine. Why don't they just pray the pain away? Some of them act like prayer cures everything else.

    3. Ghetto addicts: Bad people who deserve what they get.
      Kentucky coal miner addicts: Economic victims who are just down on their luck.


  2. All joking aside, I fear this will happen somewhere, sometime before the election ...

    Throughout American history, people being beaten and killed for supporting the "wrong" candidate is more the rule than the exception.

    "Peaceful" elections in the USA are a rather recent phenomenon.

  3. Slightly off topic, but:

    Too many people getting all butthurt about people on the internet not agreeing with them, this isn’t supposed to be an echo chamber.

    Bwa ha ha

    Their idea of a different opinion is using a different adjective to describe how evil Hillary and Obama are.

  4. Fox calls Ohio for Kasich ...

    Petty freeper infantile tantrums on full display.

  5. As someone who was at the Chicago rally I can tell you the keyboard Kommando force was out in force. So many people were talking about how we were lucky the police were there.