Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Torture him for fun

A lot of people are saying the attacks in Belgium are in response to the capture of the guy alleged to be behind the Paris attacks. He's apparently cooperating with authorities. But Freepers all still want to torture him. Because being willing to torture signifies how committed you are to solving the problem of terrorism, and thus reinforces how bad the people you're torturing must be. Never mind that this won't solve the problem, zeal is a virtue, efficacy is not.

And when you value only zeal, zeal demands being willing to sacrifice morality, practicality, reality.

That's why Freepers are all for torturing murderers, Muslims, and liberals, even when they're already cooperating.

SWAMPSNIPER knows he's cooperating, but...
Bet I can Make him Talk louder!
Parley Baer knows the standard treatment for terrorists:
He probably needs a bath. A little waterboarding would sure help things along.
Newbomb Turk is also enthusiastic:
Waterboarding ! Baptizing terrorists with sweet freedom.
PIF still thinks the French are colonials:
I believe the French might have methods other than the relatively benign waterboarding ... they could outsource the interrogations to Algiers were most anything goes ...
fhayek knows waterboarding is for pussies:
I think what the interrogators need here is a pair of pliers and a blow torch...
bobby.223 makes no bones about torturing being fun:
Torture the dog meat outta this savage for information and just for fun....for months....non-stop.

The KG9 Kid is luridly visualizing what his fantasy French are totally gonna do:
I don't know what cooperating with the police in Belgium means, but in France 'cooperating with the police' in a terror investigation means getting dragged down to the police station basement by a couple of Jean Reno-looking Paris detectives who commence to whoopin' that ASS.

When they finally turn that terrorist over to France, he'll be tied to a sturdy chair with a hood over his head and be somersaulting through the air from Jiu-Jitsu kicks. Just bounce him off the scenery for awhile. When they think he's ready, THEN they'll ask questions.

Maybe they'll let him see his lawyer in a couple weeks, but he'll see a judge first without a lawyer present.

For all their left-wing ways, it ain't like America's justice system in France. Those cops will be LePen voters, you better believe.
Dick Vomer is also slavering for the French to turn into the savages of yesteryear.
As much fun as people make of the French, this muslim does NOT want to be interrogated by them.....

The French are “funny” that way. Just cheese eating, backhand smoking, wine drinking surrender monkeys that get really really nasty when they want something.

I think there’s a lot of pent up frustration that the press and “officials” always try to keep under cover.

The ones that really are going to twist off are the Germans. When they go native they’re not only vicious but really efficient.
Who are the bestest nativist authoritarians in history? Freepers do so want a return of Nazis, but Jews are no longer the favored enemy.


  1. You needn't go any further than the torture discussion to see how disgusting and insane these people are.

    "Torture the dog meat outta this savage for information and just for fun..."? And the guy being tortured is the "savage"?!?

    Some of these people have severe mental problems. I feel sorry for their children.

    1. I feel sorry for their pets growing up ...
      I'm sure than a few freepers got their jollies abusing cats and dogs in their youth.

  2. Here's a good one:

    So the National Review misinterprets what a female STEM researcher says- not that the STEM curriculum is difficult and needs to be less competitive- but that the instructors creating the syllabi use language to create competition unnecessarily so.

    Doesn't matter to Freepers. They're all about outdoing each other with misogynistic comments about women "book learnin"...not unlike the Taliban.

    1. More projection.
      Just because their wives are ignorant hill jacks doesn't mean every woman is an ignorant hill jack.

    2. The amusing part is that none of these people- including National Review- even read the paper! Nowhere in it does she say anything about making the curriculum "less competitive"! In fact, you read the paper and it says that almost verbatim!

      So they're basically talking about how stupid and uneducated others are when they haven't even read the paper themselves!

    3. I'm pretty sure most of these lazy people just react to the headlines and can't be bothered to read the articles...even though the articles are hand-picked to appeal to their biases in the first place.