Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Putin pulls out of Syria

So Putin bombed Syria a bunch, propped up Assad for a bit, but now he's leaving; having accomplished just about nothing from what I hear. On the one hand, good job not nation building. On the other, the lack of strategic benefit shows how empty this nationalistic gesture was.

For Freepers other countries exist only to give them further excuse to yell at Obama. So they're pretty cool with Putin leaving ISIS largely intact. Indeed, they spin this as a victory for Putin with a fervor Pravda would envy:

Iron Munro kinda speculates about Putin's great successes, but the last one reveals what he really means:
the intervention had largely achieved its objective.

ISIS has been damaged significantly

Assad is still in power

Obama has been outed to the world as the muslim terrorist loving pussy that he really is
PGR88 thinks this was some kind of secret international deal:
He’s probably reached a secret agreement with Saudi Arabia, Turkey and USA.

You guys stop your senseless proxy war, give us control of the airspace, and we can all let this thing wind down, I won’t embarrass you publicly.
If justa-hairyape is talking about pulling out of the Middle East, he's not wrong. Anything else though...
Putin accomplished in a few months, what Obama could not accomplish in a few years. Playing chess with pigeons. So Kasich, you still want to shoot down Russian jets ?
BulletBobCo is hopeful:
Ordering the withdrawal before he nukes the place.
ASA Vet is so hopeful he has makes this whole Muslim-killing plan for Putin:
Wonder if this means Putin suspects Turkey is about to intervene in Syria in a big way? It would make sense to get the bulk of his expeditionary forces out of harms way if they do.

Leaving some spetsnaz in place to provide target designation of the invading foreign troop columns.

Mines are probably already in place to channel them into kill boxes.
A CA Guy is not so optimistic:
Iran taking over.
Grampa Dave also thinks Putin defeated ISIS:
Putin shows how it is done. Bring in a massive force get the job done and leave after realistic goals are met.

Gee it didn't take decades like Obama's perfumed princes in charge of the pentagon were telling us.

You fry them, destroy their camps, funding and other support.
Trumpinator seems to realizes ISIS is still there. So he explains that ISIS is a low priority compared to anti-Assad guys:
The US side seems only to mention ISIS but for some reason does not mention al-Nusra (al-Qaeda in Syria) and the other terrorist outfits. There were few moderate rebels and the true moderates - the Kurds - are working with Assad now and Russia.

So this BS narrative is called.

ISIS took over the mostly depopulated eastern part of Syria. al-Nusra (aka al-Qaeda) was in with the various Syrian rebels in the more important parts of Syria like Aleppo. Those had to be dealt with first.
And the horrifying lameness of that is why Putin never bothered with an explanation.

Georgia Girl 2 knows the only President who will treat Russia calmly:
So much for the soapbox hysteria of the GOPe like McStain and Lindseed and all GOPe presidential candidates except for Trump. Remember the ones who wanted to shoot Russian jets down in a no go zone?

The only sane person running for the Presidency is Donald J. Trump.

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