Friday, March 18, 2016

Spotlight Friday: danamco

Another Freeper of such uncommon madness I am amazed to have missed him until then. I guess it's because he doesn't post that often.

Of Swedish extraction, he's been in Florida these past 30 years. He joined in 2003, but he became active in 2009 complaining that Rush wouldn't take his birther calls.
Now he sits around watching FOX News around the clock and complaining at how it's a liberal psy-op.

But I mentioned madness. He subscribes to every government assassination theory Freepers have mentioned, and brings them up all the time. Obama assassinating people so the Clintons couldn't assassinate them first. And some sort of Supreme Court JFK, Breitbart, Vince Foster, LaVoy Fincum...Could Trump be next????

He spammed this article about how they're planning to KILL Trump!
You better read Bill Bennett’s recent article how Karl and Co., are planning to KILL Sir Donald Trump, before he become President. They would seriously prefer Clinton before Trump. They are scared to death to be exposted!!!
Something something Obama's Chicago crew killed everyone in America.
The Breitbart people got the message on February 29, 2012, when Andrew Breitbart was Breitbarted,after meeting with Sheriff Arpaio, and so did the Clintons when Bill Gwatney was shot cold blooded so he could steel the primary away form Killary and Chelsea could be saved. Bill and Kill were totally castrated and so was John Roberts when the Godfather-like Chicago thugs showed up at a secret meeting on January 14, 2009 “and whispered some Godfather words in his ears one week before the most astute chosen justice candidate ever appointed could NOT get the swearing in ceremony done correctly!!!

Obama has every possible entity from SCOTUS and down incl. CONgress, State, Municipalities, Law Enforcement, the so called “Media” even the military went AWOL:
WHY no Congressmen, Senators, Judges and public officials speak out about the obvious issues with his abuse of power.

The reason is the secret meeting with eight Judges from the S.C. on January 14, 2009 one week before he stole OUR W.H. the Chicago-Godfather-AlCapone thugs sent a clear “message” IF....and then the most intelligent S.C. candidate ever presented, a week later, could not get the ceremony straight when looking into the eyes of the grinning Satan’s eyes.
Then later humiliated at a SOUA with all the DNC-asses’ standing ovation and he later endorsed the un-Constitutional obamaScare.

I’m relating to what happened to Andrew Breitbart on March 1, 2012 keeling over on the street, the night before Sheriff Arpaio’s press conference where Andrew talked to the Sheriff the evening before.

Rush Limbo also scared to death after his Hawaiian hospital visit!

After 1/14/2009 every possible entity from SCOTUS and down incl. CONgress, State, Municipalities, Law Enforcement, the so called “Media” even the military went AWOL except for a few patriots there and an immigrant brave female attorney with “balls.” From that day on we became slaves to upcoming MUZZIES and sharia law!!!
He loves that Mob analogy, but when it comes to the anti-Trump protest in Chicago, he upped his game to ISIS:
What is seeing here is Chicago-Godfather-Thugs ala Corleone (also done to John Roberts on January 14th, 2009) a display how they normally cut off horse heads and place them in your beads. The action is similar to ISIS head cuttings, not over in the M.E. but right here in your own U.S. town with FULL blessing from Rove/Ericson/Mitten/Bushes and the knee-pad media whether MSM or so called conservative media like FAUX and radio talking heads of FOG Horns !!!
That Chicago protest against Trump? Identical to Nazis against the Jews, with ISIS mixed in:
Scumbags, NO. They behave exactly like Hitler’s storm troopers in Germany on “Crystal Nacht” or in a combination with the ISIS terrorists. The mob don’t even know about Crystal Nacht, never heard about it in history classes !!!
Also Obama didn't kill Osama Bin Laden:
No pictures like with Gadaffi!

We are suppose to belive this staged scam with no corpse or DNA!!

High ranking Pakistanis clam tha OBL stopped walking on this planet when he caved out in Bora-Bora. As well as neighbor Pakistanis said they hauled off with the wrong guy, not OBL, but the real owner of the so called Mansion or Compund!!!

The Navy Seals in the operation killed in a staged helicopter crash, oh mine, NO WAY???
Rush never takes birther calls:
Limbaugh owns them far more than they own him.

With all due respect I totally differ on that point!

You just try to call and see how far you come if you bring up Soetoro's eligibility issue by say fooling Mr. Snerdly first, you will NOT last five seconds before you are cut off. It makes absolutely no sense that this issue is not allowed. During the Clinton era, Rush had totally a free hand to present and discussed anything. Just after the January inauguration Rush was off the microphone one day and he NEVER explained where he went, which he normal does when he leaves town for other businesses!!
FOX is also hiding the birther truth:
The Saudis own 40% stocks in FOX and dictates what is going to be said, and it is NOT anything about the muzzie usurper’s sealed records, very simple!!!
In fact, FOX is manipulating everyone!! Really!
Faux 6pm with rotating panels with NO touch with “We the People” and “For the People” is nothing but a people manipulation-enterprises, spearheaded by none other than a Psychic, Dr. Charles Krauthammer and directed by Roger Ailes!

It took me some time to figure it out, mostly after Slut Kelly’s attempted assassination together with Brett and Wallace!!

The result: Viewers fleeing from the FAUX rat hole, like when Jesus sent the pigs in the ditch. And they deserve it by their turn coating after Mr. Donald Trump entered the cesspool of politic !!!
Also a birther for Cruz and Rubio:
Until courts remove two illegal Anchor Babies !!!
Those 3000 troops sent to Africa to contain Ebola shoulda deserted:
ALL 3000 should do like Patriot Lt. Col. Lakin.

Ebola NOT war, but community organizing like Acorn!!!
four (4) Americans:
She OWNS the chaos in Libya after she killed four (4) Americans in covered up Benghazi-Gate that earned her the noose President Lincoln style !!!
It is also said about Benghazi...
It was also said just after the attack in Benghazi that they shouted: “Morsi sent us,” hmmm!!!
The Clintons are teflon, and steal silverware!
Both are TEFLON coated and have been since the Arkansas days !

Oral sex staining a blue dress in the Oval Office!!

Impeachment, ALL resume enhancer, fooling Americans, going from rags to multi millionaire$$$ stealing silverware and money out of your pockets, cattle futures, etc. !!!
He loves that silverware canard, and brings it up whenever he can.

Islam, of course.
Islam is NOT a religion. It’s an illegal enterprises of KILLING people!!!
Guess who started the Arab Spring:
Not a Muslim???

I heard him admitting it plus his last 5 words in fluent Arabic at the Cairo speech is/was: “I am one of you” that set the Arab Spring in motion and on fire and chaos in the whole world. His adopted father enlisted him in Indonesia as MUSLIM. And he’s still an Indonesian citizen. Egypt claims he is member of the Muslim Brotherhood!!!
Republicans don't like Trump? "dirty" TREASON!!
This “dirty” treason, yes TREASON marching on by Rove, Mitten, and Co., would give Donald Trump a free pass from his promise not go 3rd party. If that should happens, “We the People” would follow him in droves and possible win in a Ronald Regan-like landslide, and make good old GOP check mate.
He really hates Cruz:
When I see directly into this face displayed here, I only see SATAN incarnated, exactly like the caricature cartoon shown on many Facebook pages as a crawling SNAKE. It causing me nearly throwing up !!!
He really believes Chelsea Clinton is not Bill's daughter:
She has Webb Hubbell’s fat lower lip and certainly has NOT Jezebel’s fat shackle legs. My wife’s younger sister has legs like Killary and so have her three daughters!!!
Amazing proof!
Lower lips prove it ALL !!!
LaVoy Finicum and the murder setup:
Anyone who believes these police allegations and planting a gun and the lies need to see a mental doctor. Here we have Vince Foster’s gun and hand without any blood stains all over again!

Number of shots they claim doesn’t match the shooting you hear inside the van!!

ALL total BS and cold blooded murder and setup. Reaching down the left side was where the guy at the road side shot and hit him first time. Nice staged, VERY nice!!!

What was that guy out in woods doing there before the van weird off the road to prevent a frontal collision of the TRAP, the road block. WHY were two road bocks necessary if not for planned killing. Makes no sense???
His closing advice:
Folks; watch out and stay SANE !!!


  1. Freeper WENDLE re: Trump: "This is the greatest American since George Washington."

  2. "Andrew Breitbart was Breitbarted,after meeting with Sheriff Arpaio"

    I thought Breitbart was "Breitbarted" after he was going to release a tape that was going to expose Obama. That's when we learned that the tape was a young Obama giving a hug to Derrick Bell at a rally...which isn't really controversial.

    Now it's a meeting with Arpaio? What information would a simple Sheriff have that no one else would that'd be so damming to Obama?

    1. To idiots who worship Breitbart, a man hugging another man is teh ghey so they obviously think it's scandalous.

    2. Sheriff Joe had his Cold Case Posse member "Commander" or "Lieutenant" Zullo "investigate" the President's birth certificate. The "investigation" concluded that the President's birth certificate was a computer generated forgery. In birther circles, it's an article of faith that Andrew Breitbart was assassinated with a heart attack dart in order to prevent him from releasing the findings to the unknowing masses even though Sheriff Joe had two press conferences about the Cold Case Posse's findings and was largely ridiculed for them. Noted assassination expert and inaccurate measurer of coffins Butterdezillion occasionally opines on this, though she's mostly moved on to other assassinations such as Loretta Fuddy.

  3. DJMacWoW, one of the longest serving lock-step harpies on FR has been a scarce and spotty poster this election season.
    She appeared this morning (after a week's absence) to lambast the Trumpsters for their echo-chamber insults and declare that she has left FR because of them.

    Two of the biggest Trumpsters (and Cruz denigrators) on FR, DJ's old friends and partners in countless zots over the years, are onyx and little jeremiah.

    No comments yet from DJ's old harpy coven ... but I love that FR is falling apart yet again.

    1. I believe she is the most ancient of the harpy coven, she stopped "helping" out on the thons due to failing health.

      How sick you have to be to keep from posting the same five pictures is unknown to me at this time.

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