Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Why do YOU support Donald Trump?

anonymousB found some amazing satire of Trump supporters on this thread, but I think the thread amusing and informative generally. You'll know it when you see it.

An anti-Trump Freeper asks what Freepers see in such an "unprincipled vulgarian." Freepers respond. Unsurprisingly, the Trump of their minds is rather similar to their dream President. Spoilers: it's mostly illegals and winning.

Aww, lets start with desert. Thread starter snowrip on how Trump supporters think:
Interviewer: “Why are you voting for Donald Trump?”

Trump Supporter: “Because he can make America great again!”

Interviewer: “Can you elaborate?”

Trump Supporter: “You’re a liar!”

Interviewer: “What do you think about his healthcare plan?”

Trump Supporter: “He’s going to build a wall!”

Interviewer: “Do you believe Trump can beat Hillary Clinton?”

Trump Supporter: “Hispanics love him. Believe me... believe me... they DO!”
Now that there is some good satire! See, Freepers can be self-aware when it's about how silly Freepers they disagree with are!

Williams lays out stuff that could apply to any candidate, from any party:
Immigration, terrorism, leadership, government reform, jobs.
HomerBohn is also all about the Illegals, and so are Americans who count!
GOP voters know what party anointed candidates will do if elected - betray conservative principles. This is precisely the reason many conservatives are rallying behind him.

Additionally, Americans who count (that is those that pays the tab for maintaining a gargantuan socialist government) want this nation to be cleansed of illegals and even legal Muslims!

This nation is about to become another form of Eurasia!
Aria - also illegals. She adds in how much Trump is sacrificing to become President.
Immigration is our biggest issue because we won’t have a country if we let ourselves be overrun by “citizen of the world” foreigners who are only here to destroy us or suck our system dry. Of course this is out of control now because the rats want more voters...a coup d’etat has been underway.

93 million out of work Americans, illegals with better benefits than veterans, illegals with welfare that’s better than what ex-American workers live on from social security...and on and on. We can no longer afford to be the world’s policeman - we spent too much. Our government is fat, lazy, in many cases incompetent, and mean...really mean. No private business would survive like this.

Trump has guts and he is also frugal and clever. All candidates require our faith when we vote for them and I have faith he will make things better. As someone said the other day...he has 10 billion reasons not to subject himself to this but he’s doing it anyway, he has pride that extends to his country and seeing it destroyed is not something he wants to stand by and watch anymore.

I could go on but nobody running has the experience he has and is giving up as much. For all the rest of them this is a career - for Trump it’s a mission.
WilliamIII. Immigration. What a surprise!
America’s borders and industrial base. The establishment GOP’s immigration policies will turn all of the US into California. You want that?
JPX2011 explains that this election is too important to leave to an unelectable conservative. He actually says "This time, for real."
You have to consider the premise of this election. 2016 is make or break for the United States. This time, for real. After this the demographics shift to a permanent democrat majority. Because of this overriding factor the candidate who expresses nationalism and populism is the one who rises and the candidate who espouses conservative principles does not.

In a sentence, you need to have a country before you can have conservatism.

Democrat_media lists a bunch of industrialists that were never President. Also only Trump (and I) understand China's true evil!
Only Trump can make America great again. He is a businessman and is a tribute to all the business men who built America : Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, J.P. Morgan, Vanderbilt, Rockefeller, The Wright Brothers, Alexander Graham Bell, Andrew Carnegie ,Schwab etc.

Only Trump will build the wall. Only Tump will stop China. Only Trump ( And I) understand what China is doing to the USA.

mjp has a list that mostly comes down to "he hates the right people."
his stance on illegal immigration
his stance on mohammedums
his rebellion against political correctness
his rebellion against the elites and the establishment
his ability to destroy his opponents
his ability to win
the fact that if the dums win this next one, America will become too much of a hellhole to ever escape from
patriot08, on the other hand, is more into Trump's character as a rich outsider-patriot-father. Such a person could never fail or lie!
He’s an American and he loves his country.
He’s not ‘owned’ by anybody
He’s not a Washington insider or an establishment politician
He’s smart, extremely successful and charismatic
His remarkable children are a testament to his character and abilities

I believe him when he says he’ll put up the wall.
I believe him when he says he’ll put a stop to the Muslim invasion.
I believe him when he says he’ll remedy the illegal alien problem
I believe he can make America great again

He will keep his promises. He does not want to sully the Trump name, but to glorify it and go down in history as one of our greats
publius911 has a giant boring list cherry picking random stuff Trump has said. I like how increasing military spending finds its way onto the list like three times (16, 17, 24). I also like how contradictory the list is (though note the magic found in #34)
Why Trump is a conservative1. 
Pro life since at least 2011, wanted to ban partial birth abortion as far back as 2000.
2.Says no funds for Planned Parenthood, while they do abortions.
3.Pro Traditional marriage. “Gay rights is not my thing.”
4.Pro capital punishment “Capital punishment isn’t uncivilized; murderers living is”
5.Hold Judges accountable
6.Opposes “Common core is a disaster” Teach citizenship, quit “dumbing down”.
7.Anti education unions (2000)
8.For school choice
9.”Climate Change is a hoax”
10.”No Cap-and-Tax”
11.For drilling our own.
12.On Environment “Good development enhances the environment”
13.Stressed the importance of a strong family &culture of life (2015)
14.Supports Israel
15.Opposes Iran deal and letting Iran obtain the bomb.
16.Wants to crush ISIS quickly.
17.Wants a military so strong no one will challenge us.
18.Against unbalanced trade deals that kill American jobs.
19.Against warrant-less government surveillance of citizens.
20.Is against having a high national debt. Warns that $24T is a point of no return.
21. Against gun control
22.For assault weapon ban but says the AR-15 shouldn’t be considered an assault weapon.
23.Wants to repeal Obamacare and replace it with market driven polices and increased competition among insurance companies.
24.Wants to increase military spending.
25.Will close the border to illegals
26.Will send the criminals and sponges back.
27.Will deport all illegals but will let the hard working ones go through the legal process to come back.
28.Against Anchor babies
29.Knows unemployment is much higher than official stats.
30.Will bring jobs back through better trade negotiation.
31.Attended military academy and Wharton Business School.
32.Stood up for Birthers and challenged Obama on his fraud.
33.Believes USA is “the greatest force for freedom the world has ever known”
34.Wants to honor commitments on Social Security and Medicare, which we can afford to do if he gets the economy going full steam.
35.Wants to reduce the fraud in disability and other programs.
36.Against marriage penalties in tax code.
37.Wants to reduce income taxes and eliminate corporate tax.
38.Wants to rebuild our infrastructure.
39.Wants to apply welfare-to-work to 76 other welfare programs (2011)
40. Doesn’t have time for political correctness.
41.Not afraid to call out either party or both when they are wrong.
42.Not a puppet to campaign donors.
43.Against the War on Christmas. “I go out of my way to use the word Christmas”
Lurkinanloomin is one of many Freepers to birther it up:
Trump is a natural born citizen.

Cruz and Rubio are not.
At first I thought birthers were at least consistent. But really they're still using nativist BS to only support the person they like.

ohioman won't stand for someone calling Trump a vulgarian!
digger48 is similarly too tribal to care about actual reasons:
Just to p!ss you off
central_va really embraces the loss of reason:
The fact you even have to ask the question means you don’t get it.
TTFlyer similarly refuses to engage:
I like Vulgarians.
headsonpikes keeps things simplistic!
RE: Trump

He is neither a communist nor a lawyer.
blam has a lovely self-fulfilling test about who loves America:
TRUMP loves his country.

I don't know about most politicians.
Rome2000's hatred has destroyed all history and perspective, and made him a literal Nazi, with liberals as the Jews.
Because Pinochet isn’t on the ballot.

Aside from the holocaust and invading all of those countries and starting WWII, Hitler was pretty good at straightening Germany and their inept post WWI government out.

We need some straightening out. I personally think Trump wont have a problem doing WHATEVER it takes to make things happen.

The CPUSA wont be stopped via the electoral process.
Say what you will about the tenets of National Socialism, at least it's an ethos. Because you also have the nihilists like Lurker, who just want to watch the world burn:
I’ll say it again:

Trump isn’t our candidate. He’s our murder weapon. And we are going to use him to gut the GOPe like a fish. Then we are going to toss the carcass on a gut pile for the buzzards to feed on.

We good now?

Caipirabob is another who is all about destruction. Because only Trump embodies the destructive rage he feels at the evil moochers and politicians that he's been told about for years:
Because I don't want to play nice with the left. I want them destroyed.

I don't want a president. I want a wrecking ball. I want it aimed at the uni-party establishment. I want it aimed at people who take advantage of our kindness and pay us back with evil. I don't want to be friends with them. I want to give them a gift called "perspective". I want it delivered like a baseball bat to the face.
Marie Antoinette is like the only Freeper to cite guns. I'm surprised at how gun paranoia has receded in recent weeks:
I watched one of his rallies last fall and he said one thing that struck me. That our military would no longer have to work and live in gun free zones. They shouldn’t be sitting ducks while they serve. I am an Army/NG mom, and this is very important to me. He is not going to leave our guys (and gals) twisting in the wind. Yes, I believe him, and many of us plan to hold him to it.
Eisenhower Republican has a big list of groups that Trump will make sad. I don't think Ike would have approved:
Here are some (not all) reasons I have for supporting Trump:

1) All other viable candidates (every last one) have demonstrated a willingness to sell out the interests of We the People in exchange for campaign donations.

2) All other viable candidates are Ivy League lawyers, with absolutely NO real world managerial experience.

3) Trump scares the daylights out of Mexico and China. He’s actually threatened to put our national interests first in trade negotiations.

4) Trump scares the daylights out of the fifth-columnists in the “liberal” media.

5) Trump aggravates the professional loser talking-head class who have hijacked and redefined “conservatism” to be synonymous with nonsense such as neoconservative foreign policy, and “open borders” ideology.

6) Trump has shown a willingness and ability to take the fight to the other side not seen in the Republican party for 20 years.

7) Trump puts purple states like PA back in play for our side. None of the other candidates actually have as clear a path to winning the general election.
Kid Shelleen has an interesting twist. He re-purposes a bunch of anti-Obama bunkum to argue the counterfactual that Trump would be much better than Obama had been:
I dont really like Trump but I think he would be more respectful of conservatives than the GOPe. Anybody running for the GOP is going to be called a racist and denigrated by the press but Trump won't put up with any PC BS and he will fight back.

Since you are talking in the hypothetical feel free to comment on any of the following questions:

If Trump had been elected president in 2012:
* Would Russia control 20% of our uranium?
* Would Iraq be a disaster?
* Would we still have Obamacare?
* Would the IRS have investigated Tea Party members?
* Would John Christopher Stevens be alive?
* Would anyone have gotten fired at the VA?
* Would Eric Holder have a platform to instigate thugs in Ferguson and Baltimore?
* Would our national debt be as large?
* Would Israel still trust the US?
* Would the coal industry be in better shape?
* Would a record number of Americans on food stamps?
* Would a record number of Americans be out of the work force?
* Would the IRS be planning to give illegal immigrants back-taxes under Obama amnesty?
* Would Iran sanctions be lifted?
* Would Kathryn Steinle be alive?
* Would the USA be normalizing diplomatic relations with Cuba?
* Would Guantanamo Bay be closing?
* Would the EPA be out of control?
* Would deserter Bowe Bergdahl have been traded for 5 terrorists.
* Would we have have to suffer a fool like Josh Earnest and the dead raccoon on the top of his head?
* Would planned parenthood be profiting from infanticide?
* Would the DOJ be sandbagging the Clinton espionage scandal?
* Would Trump have disrespected one the greatest Justices in Supreme Court history?

As bad as Trump may be, I think he will exercise some kind of common sense and respect that the establishment will not. Trump is at worst an arrogant blowhard or possibly an incompetent like Jimmy Carter but he would not be actively sabotaging the USA. And he just might get the Federal Government moving in the direction to make America great again.
wakibeach's reasons are mostly that Trump is rich, but hates rich people and non-Freeper Republicans:
Mr. Trump is a successful businessman.
He has hired and fired in order to get the best qualified
individuals for positions in his companies.
He knows how to work with budgets and financials.
He does NOT suck up taxpayer money from the public trough.
He does NOT live like a privileged royal on my tax dollars.
He WILL level the playing field with China and Mexico and Japan and etc. etc. etc.
He has had to negotiate with many countries in order to do business deals.
He WILL make billionaires like the Koch Brothers and Soros and et al pay income taxes at a higher rate than 10% which is more than they pay now due to loop holes in the tax code.
He will get rid of waste and he will help bring jobs back to America.
It really doesn’t take a GOPE genius to figure this out.
It is that the GOPE is happy with the status quo and I am not.
It is because the GOPE ole’ boys club is killing the America that I grew up in and loved and wanted my children to know. I love July 4th, Independence Day, 100%. And I am so very proud of every man or woman that has served in the military and those who died and they deserve our respect. They are treated worse than dirt by the elites of both parties and the phony in the white house.
It is that the GOPE has pushed for losers to run for the presidency for the last 30 years.
And yes, GHW Bush and GW Bush were both losers.
In fact, we have Obama because of open borders, unwinnable wars, homeland security, no child left behind, entitlement program increases ‘GW Bush’.

It is because I will only vote for a true outsider who self-funds his own campaign.
I will NOT vote for the two men who may or may not be legally able to run for President or Vice President.
I'd say I Hired Craig Livingstone is like the only person in America to actually care about endorsements, if I thought he wasn't already all in for Trump well before this:
Anyone who can win the support of Sheriff Joe, Jan Brewer, and Jeff Sessions has my vote.
sport explains how he supports Trump mostly because Trump has been attacked by people he hates:
Initially, I did not support him. Then I discovered that he had all the right enemies, The Establishment Republicans, the media, the traitors to America, etal. If they all hate him, he must be doing something right.
Starting with the idea that primary turnout is a proxy for general election success, TomasUSMC's caps lock of random clauses really tells us how little policy matters:
Republican T U R N. O U T. 100 PERCENT MORE THAN IN 2012 in Nevada.








Come for the Putin boner, stay for putting the "make Mexico pay for it" twice!


  1. onyx's experience while voting in the Mississippi primary yesterday ...

    "The democrat table is totally staffed by African-Americans. The Republican table is staffed by three older Caucasians and one younger, very friendly, black lady. Make of THAT as you wish."

    1. The ideal America: majority older and white, and the blacks are friendly

    2. ... and the children are below average

  2. reason #1: tells wingnuts EXACTLY what they wanna hear!

    (the donald is either the political svengali he claims to be or just a dedicated reader of "freeper madness")