Thursday, March 24, 2016

How long can Ryan Last?

Freepers at the moment are all about Cruz and Trump's wives, but the Cruz-Trump war is not made interesting by adding the misogynistic attacks Freepwatchers have already seen.

But I did find something interesting that I knew would get Freepers' goat. Paul Ryan gave a pretty heartening speech to Congressional interns. He talked about making politics positive again, and realizing that people who didn't agree with him might not be traitors. What I found most interesting was that he admitted to indulging in scorched earth politics four years ago, and said he was wrong.

Now it'd be nice if he stopped with the policies that screwed the poor, but I'll take what I can get.

Especially since a speech about making politics less about the other side being evil is like the anti-Freep. And given how much Freepish attitudes have taken over the party, I gotta say Ryan seems like his GOP leadership stint is screwed after this year. Unless they make him President, of course.

Opinionated Blowhard is pretty sure Ryan doesn't understand how violent Obama's speech is, and how Trump protesters are tempting people to punch them:
Did he give a speech on the state of American politics when Obama was telling his supporters to get into the Republicans’ faces and to bring a gun to a knife fight? Did he give a speech on the state of American politics when the Obama White House was coordinating with the Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter thugs to get them to use Brownshirt tactics to impact the political debate? Those were real problems with American politics.

If Ryan is too stupid to understand that Black Lives Matter and other Lib groups are deliberately provoking Trump supporters into confrontations that are then amplified into a false MSM narrative, he’s useless.
Lurkinanloomin wants another scalp:
That’s the kind of leadership that desrves to be Cantorized.
Primaried out like we did to our feckless, multi-national politician, the weasel Eric Cantor.

fireman15 is made David-Duke-complimenting mad by this call for a positive message:
To think that my wife and I voted for those two mitwits in the last presidential election... Now they keep rubbing our noses in it. I am so angry that I can hardly contain myself. And to think that Cruz is now the one Mitt is endorsing??? It says a lot. David Duke is less disgraceful in many ways... at least he isn’t pretending to be something he is not.
firebrand is not a fan of unity:
What a phony. Nothing makes me sicker except the New York Times, with its three anti-Trump stories today all pretending to be “news.” Or “reporting.” Ryan using the word “unify”—what a farce.
albie is one of many to mention Ryan's Muslim beard:
Oh. Is Eld al-Adha over already? His beard is gone.
No one on the thread called him gay. Yet.

Williams knows the only way a Republican can be useful is if they go full Vince Foster pants-on-head crazy.
If he talks about anything other than Hillary being a criminal and a killer and an abuser of women, then he is an absolute worthless piece of garbage. I am absolutely sick of these idiots criticizing anything to do with the Republican campaign. And by the way Ryan was a complete embarrassment as a vice presidential candidate. He added 0.
drypowder thinks Ryan is going to throw the election, just like the other Presidential elections the GOP lost.
The hag will, no, let me rephrase, Ryan will let the hag mop the floor with him. Just like 08 and 12, totally orchestrated by the crony establishment in order to continue the demise of this country for the benefit of those pushing the NWO


  1. The problem is that the ESTABLISHMENT uses all sorts of TOOLS of their NWO LOBBYIST NETWORK to convince people not to DESTROY THE WORLD ECONOMY in order to DEFUND PLANNED PARENTHOOD

    Now that would make a wonderful and confusing T-shirt slogan.