Monday, March 7, 2016

Monday Potpourri Pt. I

With some spillover from last week, and an amazing week generally, we have 3 wholesome, beefy posts today!

Freepers like boycott have already reached the "you're secretly gay" stage of hate when it comes to Rubio:
The gay park arrest is more than enough to raise the red flag for me.
They didn't get that far with Obama till June 2008!

Neu Pragmatist also thinks Rubio's gay:
I’ll just say it’s very gay ..also google Rubio foam parties..

The Dims would love nothing more than to run against Rubio ...he has endless dirt to exploit
DesertRhino knows Trump isn't gay! These are all separate threads, by the way:
Anyone have a pic of Donald gay dancing? Or at a foam party?
Donald? Like Our Sarah, Freepers know him...

gg188 argues someone's gayness is actually unfalsifiable:
If Rubio had a “gay past,” it sure looks like he got over it. As the above comments indicate, he’s got a hot wife and four kids.

This trash is beneath FR. Stick to policy, most prominently: Has Rubio “come to Jesus” after his Gang of Eight screwup?

Ever hear of a “beard”? Same as Michelle has been to Barry-—set up by that racists minister of there. That minister had a cottage industry going of providing ugly women with a good looking man who needed a beard, and the woman just wanted to be married and not a spinster. So it was a win-win.
And, of course, it's not just Rubio. isthisnickcool:
There is something really GAY about Paul Ryan.
Norm Lenhart thinks liberals have a conspiracy against video games with guns in them:
I have always been a hardcore gamer. Video and board/paper/pencil games. Right now there is an active and concentrated effort by social justice warriors to stop games with guns, survival themes and the like, from being published and destroying their ratings when such games are released.

People have, for some time now, been intentionally NOT taught the means of survival. They are actively discouraged from outdoor activities via legislation and land closure. They do not WANT us to survive. Like 1984, they want us to lack even the thought of fending for ourselves.
JLAGRAYFOX explains to black people that Trump will free them from their "Democrat masters."
Methinks it is time for Black Americans to say goodby to their Democrat masters and diversify to leaders like Donald J. Trump who will do more to help and assist them obtain decent jobs, good education and most of all, stable and reliable famlies!!! Folks you have ur chance. With Clinton or Sanders...all you will do, is stay on the plantation of economic slavery...that you have become accustomed by virtue of Obama’s gift to Black America!!! Wake up!!! You have been had!!!
Argus also thinks the "you're a Democrat slave!" argument will woo blacks to Trump:
Gotta keep those fools on Miz Ann Hillary’s plantation, now.
TEARUNNER14 - What a bunch of misled blacks!
If the blacks say ‘black lives matter’ than why are they voting a black murdering abortionist! The blacks get their babies murdered on demand and they think so highly of Hillary being their true friend. What a bunch of misled blacks!
TribalPrincess2U is all done with integrity:
All you Trump supporters who have voted, turn around and go vote again!

LOL Love this!

democrats do it, so why not?
heights is the latest Freeper to hate Limbaugh for not embracing Trump quickly enough:
Rush the Rino, GOPe, Rubio loving elitist, with his “I got mine’ attitude, can go Elton John himself.
Oh, he'll get on board, don't worry.

BobL is satisfied that facts are actually conspiracies:
Yep, as we suspected, the Trump University stuff is all a GOPe effort to undercut him.

...and good luck with that now that Cruz has all but endorsed Rubio.
FreedomStar3028 has no idea what a strongman is.
You say “He has very un-American strongman tendencies.”

Do strong men make you scared? Offended? Would you want Americans to not be strong?

Vulgarian? So since he isn’t politically correct he’s vulgar?

Your reasons for not voting for Trump make me imagine you as a little wimpy nerd wearing a peace sign shirt waving flowers.
Trump not vulgar? He literally curses in his campaign rallies!

ghosthost thinks colonialism is Satan's oldest trick, because it dilutes white genes:
The oldest satanic trick in the book. It started both World Wars. Take people who don’t belong near one another and smash them all together. If you put an eagle, a bear, a tyrannosaur, a cougar, 3 flamingos, another bear, wombats, a squirrel, a humpback whale and 4 hyaena into a small container, don’t be surprised if you come back in 10 minutes to find blood, claws and sinew splattered all over the walls.

Satan only has a few years to take control of the earth. He has to manipulate the gene pool asap to water down the national iq and take care of the rebels. The US and Europe are his primary target because the original Europeans and early colonists pose the biggest threat. This is the reason for our frantic replacement.

Satan wants to rule a world of liberal 80 iq EBT users, not spacefaring Scotsmen. Scots would put his head on a stake, the people left will kneel and lick his boots.
xzins finds Bernie Sanders' issues-based campaign to be very suspicious:
Bernie is part of the Clinton team. I’m convinced. He isn’t concerned at all with winning.

If he were, he’d attack Clinton on email scandal and Clinton Foundation and it’s shenanigans.
kearnyirish2 seems to think white flight is still happening:
These “refuges”, like illegal aliens, will be re-settled wherever free trade ghost towns are developing; areas where Americans are fleeing or dying out are leaving whole sections with government workforces (teachers, cops, politicians) with no clients. Downstate NY is already filled with imported foreigners.
Erm, isn't downstate NY just New York City and it's suburbs?

After the destruction of the Republicans, Gritty wants a Gadsen Flag Party!
They aren't just the Stupid Party any more. They are the Other Evil Party. I hope Trump and Cruz blow them to smithereens. Perhaps a phoenix will arise from the ashes... or better yet a rattlesnake protecting a flag?
patq keeps the joke going for at least four sentences too long.
Once we boot the elites out of office and take our jobs back, China will have millions of unemployed slave laborers on their hands. There will be riots in China and everyone will be Kung Fu fighting. Those cats will be fast as lightening. And since it is China they will fight with expert timing. There will be funky Chinamen from funky Chinatown. They will be chopping them up and chopping them done. Oh oh oh ohhhhh.
GOPe Means Bend Over Spell Run is also picking up on Trump's nationalist targeting of China:
China also sees the handwriting on the wall of POTUS TRUMP. Time for China to get as many bad deals as possible from Obamaturd before a new sheriff arrives.

We are so screwed until 1/20/17 with the spineless uniparty types like Rubio in control of congress.
RitaOK finds it very significant that CNN is covering Trump a lot:
CNN is STILL covering TRUMP’s Fort Worth rally where Christie endorsed him!! Can you BELIEVE it!!?

It’s been running UNINTERRUPTED for an hour!!

I’d say even the media is coalescing around the NOMINEE!

Rubio and Cruz have no numbers to deserve that kind of media dominance!
blackdog just loves to see politicians he hates get ticked off:
I just get giddy when Bill goes full meantard. It is rare.He gets red as a lobster and leans into the podium like he is about to bum rush the person who is making him step on his Willie. It’s a beautiful sight to see.
Freeper humor generally sucks, but for-q-clinton has a pretty high-quality joke:
2016: No way will Trump win the election
2017: No way will President Trump fire all those nukes
2018: No way we are doing what these apes say
DoughtyOne analogizes to Westerns, with their unsubtle good-guys and bad-guys:
Remember the old westerns when where the evil cattle rancher wasn’t satisfied to own 75% of the land and 90% of the businesses in town?

That’s the GOPe and it’s fellow travelers.

Trump is the guy in the white hat.

The guy in the white hat committed a crime in his past, but he’s cleaned up his act and the locals trust him.

I’m with the guy in the white hat.

I haven’t been perfect either.


  1. "Satan wants to rule a world of liberal 80 iq EBT users, not spacefaring Scotsmen. Scots would put his head on a stake, the people left will kneel and lick his boots."

    Some people hate the English; I don't, they're just wankers. We on th' other hand are colonized by wankers. Can't even find a decent culture to be colonized by...

    1. David Hume has something to say about this Satan theory

  2. If the blacks say ‘black lives matter’ than why are they voting a black murdering abortionist!

    I did not realize Hillary Clinton both performs abortions and forces blacks to go out and have one. That is some powerful evil!