Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Free Republic is Trump Country

Like clockwork.

Jim Robinson

The Rebellion is on!!
Wait, where's the Go, Cruz, GO!!? Where's the "Either way, we win, they lose??"

Yes, Jim Robinson has made his decision:
If Trump eventually turns out to be our nominee, my position could then very well be: all those who would rather let Hillary take the presidency should probably post elsewhere. Not silencing them, but they can post their diatribes on some other forum. RedState would probably be happy to take them on.

I am getting pretty sick of the same couple dozen people continuously posting their anti-Trump bilgewater 24/7 every damned day and stirring up endless flamewars.

This will end. That I promise you.
Of course, Freepers have seen the writing on the wall for a while now:

It's all over but the zotting.


  1. Oh, man. It's going to be hilarious when JimRob starts zotting Cruz supporters. Or maybe he won't zot them, but will still take their money. The chaos will be a beautiful thing to watch, especially after Hillary wins in a landslide.

    1. The chaos will be a beautiful thing to watch, especially after Hillary wins in a landslide.

      hehehehe. the chaos is beautiful- watching the liberals turn on one another.

    2. Actually, what will be beautiful is watching Trump supporters turn against him after they find out he lied to them.

  2. Trump's obvious antecedent (Mussolini) was a big fan of "The Republic" (Plato), so there's no need to rename the place. That might have been trickier with St. Elmer the Cubnadian or the "Robin" half of the Florida dynamic duo.

    Regrettable to find Queen Hillary of York likely back so soon after the departure of George of Lancaster though. Why can't we settle on a single Royal Family like normal monarchies?

  3. THIS is indicative of the new JimRob ...

    "To: wagglebee

    The guy is so wrapped up in defending “conservatism” that he’s forgotten that that is secondary to defending our nation and our liberty from going extinct. He’s basically saying (as a few others are recently) that he’d rather see the godless America-hating Marxist/fascist Hillary elected just to spite us.

    Reminds me of the British POWs lovingly defending the bridge they built in the movie Bridge Over River Kwai. Hopefully, they’ll wake up before it’s too late.

    166 posted on 2/29/2016, 8:57:05 PM by Jim Robinson"

    JimRob used to be "I don't care who is most likely to win, FR is a CONSERVATIVE site!"

    Its funny to see JR and all the other strict socons (like wagglebee and little jeremiah) bending over backwards to excuse the Donald's liberalism.

    And bending over backwards isn't easy for fat old wrinklebags like them, let alone that most polls show the Donald losing a general election against Hillary or Bernie.

    1. For context, that RimJob apologia was regarding a zotting triggered by:

      "To: Jim Robinson; All; onyx; erod; VinL; Isara; SoConPubbie; gov_bean_ counter; katiedidit1; Finny; ...
      No one who still values conservative principles should give to this shitty website that portends to defend conservative ideals.

      How many millions of unborn babies have been murdered on FR’s watch?

      How many decent conservatives have been slandered at FR for standing up for the Constitution?

      Donald Trump is the destruction of this website. I will NEVER support this asshole trickster who is the epitomy of Mathhew 24:24

      You should be ashamed of yourself. I hope in future FReepathons your blood money runs dry. And since you are closer to meeting your maker than many of us are, you had best hope HE doesn’t tell you “Depart from me” like he’ll tell Trump since Trump says he’s never asked God for forgiveness. You can bullshit all the people you want trying to pretend Trump is some sort of conservative outsider, but you’ll never Bullshit the Lord.

      20% of Republicans will NEVER vote for Trump. Count me as one of them. And I will do my damnest to defeat this asshole to protect the ideals of limited government, life, and liberty which is far more than anything you or your shitty site has done the last 20 years.

      I will never forgive you for the vitriol you allowed to spew on Ted Cruz at this fraudulent conservative website.. Hillary Clinton’s guaranteed election is on YOUR Hands, not mine. You were the ones that abandoned conservatism for populism and nationalist bullshit. Not me.

      Do the honorable thing and shut this dumpster fire down. You’ve done more to damage this country at it’s greatest time of need than any one person could do. Your actions have assured the contiued destruction of our country to the liberal downslide.

      Have fun with your Groupthink. When you discount the General Election polls that show Hilderbitch crushing the faux Conservative, don’t say you were warned.


      125 posted on 3/1/2016, 2:09:16 AM by parksstp ("Truth is NOT Rhetoric" - Sen. Ted Cruz (The obvious conservative choice for POTUS))"

    2. I was hoping someone would follow the thread up to see what JimRob was up to there.

      Allow me to repeat the choice comments from that diatribe ...

      "I hope in future FReepathons your blood money runs dry. And since you are closer to meeting your maker than many of us are ..."

      "Do the honorable thing and shut this DUMPSTER FIRE down."

      Dumpster fire ... heh heh.

    3. Jim follows up with a pretty concise summary of Mussolini Fascism in the '30s:

      "It’s as simple as the nose on your face. Trump builds things. Big things. Creates jobs. Lots of jobs. Writes payroll checks. Buys things from vendors. Lots of things. Creates commerce and promotes the economy. And is successful about it. He proves daily by his own actions that capitalism works! Something working people can relate to and are starving for. Success breeds success.

      Also is big on cutting taxes, cutting regulations, cutting the EPA, cutting government waste, corruption and fraud. Making education local. Making trade deals that actually benefit American workers for a change. Wants to strengthen social security and medicare which working people have paid into all their lives. Wants to straighten out the health care disaster that politicians have screwed up.

      Is big on securing the borders against illegal aliens and Muslims and rebuilding our military. And bombing the crap out of ISIS. And is not P/C about any of it. Talks their language because he’s worked among working people all his life. It is his native tongue. He’s not a glib, smooth talking lawyer or phony politician. Working people love America, love success, love security and love Trump’s positive message about making america great again! Bold strokes! Bold leadership! Man of action!

      And it’s NOT Uni-Party all talk, no action, business as usual. It’s a rebellion of, for and by the people. It’s about the people, stupid.

      Screw the politicians. They’ve FUBAR’d our country long enough.

      Am I coming around to like Trump? You can bet your sweet bippy I am. And if he gets it, I’m all in for Trump!

      17 posted on 3/1/2016, 10:24:44 PM by Jim Robinson"

    4. Mrs Robinson's lil Jimmy is to be pitied! perhaps he drank too much PANTHER WHIZZ!!! -----R.I.P.--F.R.

    5. Jim follows up with a pretty concise summary of Mussolini Fascism in the '30s

      IOW, Trump promises to make the trains run on time.


  4. I love that FR "Caucus."

    When you're banned for supporting anyone but one of two candidates, how would you think your results would provide any merit?!

    I mean, what's the point of graphing the results?! Typically when you have only two candidates, graphs are pointless. Just as well, they could post a percentage and be done with it.

    I guess they think they're being scientific because they've got a graph.

  5. Sooo they hated Romney because he was once pro-choice...but they like Trump even though he was once pro-choice?

    FR is officially Bizarro world.

    1. It's because they're increasingly desperate not to lose another election. It seems like getting even with their "inferiors" and their political opponents is an even bigger mania than their much-vaunted conservative purity.

      Seriously -- I chuckle at their lame Civil War II revenge fantasies, sometimes...but it's really not funny what some of them would do if unleashed.

    2. That's a big part of it ... JimRob is tired of having to back track again and again after supporting a slew of Fred Thompsons one after another.

    3. The will like Trump no matter what, even if he changed back to pro-choice, because Trump reflects the values most important to Freepers: arrogance, aggressiveness, racism, authoritarianism, fascism, and warmongering.

    4. All anyone has to do to lock at least half the Freeper vote is announce "Operation Wetback II".

      That specific title is likely the Trump card in reserve.

    5. ... extravagance, entitlement, narcissicism, insecurity, immaturity, jealousy, vindictiveness, denialism and self-delusion ...

  6. #nevertrump #neverrobinson

  7. what if its trumps HAIR that Jim Rob finds so attractive? what if...its a HOLDOVER from youth...s

    Jimmy Robinson Fresno High School!!