Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Freepers Discuss what to do about anti-Trump protestors

The Trump-protester ritual ratcheted one more notch towards a human sacrifice last week. This time a Trump supporter didn't just sucker punch the protester, he also started kicking the crap out of him once he had fallen down.

Alas, the right wing blogs that Freepers trust all reported the guy being beat up was wearing a Klan robe, and the protester was black. The Klan part is clearly wrong, but it's far too good to check, so the Freeper reaction became boring crowing about the Democrat KKK.

Luckily, the protestors also used cars to block off the highway on the way to the Trump rally. It clearly didn't work too well, but got a lot of news. And it let Freepers fantasize on what they would do if they were law enforcement or nearby or not just typing on the Internet.

Brandybux starts off small, just wishing for a little disproportionate property damage:
...or push them on the shoulder of the road or median...

Oh boy, would that ever be fun to watch!

Just imagine it - a big ol' caterpillar, pushing cars willy nilly off the road, onto one another.

"A safety precaution," the State Troopers can say. "Gotta keep the thoroughfares open for safety reasons."
wrench begins the one-upmanship:
Billy clubs & tear gas.

Horses, dogs and riot guns.
Watch out, Carl Vehse is Xtreme, guys!
Top that, publana!
Remember how the Israelis dealt with pancake girl? Bring on the steamrollers!
I immediately regret my dare. Wait, no, sto- Cementjungle:
Drop 100 million Fire Ants on them.
Now this is just getting ridiculou- Mr Apple:

google: illegal mexican chlamydia fairys ‘hwy 87 ariz’
Whew, derailed by gayness!

dainbramaged doesn't fantasize about third parties:
Gee, officer - my gas pedal got stuck under the floor mat and I’m real sorry about those 20 traitors that got turned into speed bumps.
At this point in time, Rennes Templar, I don't think there are any more people these protests will convince, on either side:
They are showing their true colors, plus giving Trump another bounce in polls.
Borax Queen is far from the only Freeper to make this failed equivalence that ignores what 'nonviolent' means.
Will the government do the same thing they did to Mr. Finicum?
Tuxedo is suddenly all about extending government power:
They need to bring in the police via helicopter and clear that roadway. Looks like a main artery and it is a health and welfare issue.
Lion Den Dan is not a lawyer, but he's willing to make up some laws to persecute people he doesn't like:
Seems to me that if any of these roads are Federal highways, Federal law is being borken by those who are denying the use of the raod. Add to that, violation of Interstate Commerce laws and I am not a lawyer or even clever. Wonder what a good AG could come up with if they were motivated to enforce the law?
TomasUSMC's speculation turns out completely untrue, but that doesn't stop him from ginning up this whole vigilante fan fiction staring...not him:
Heard via radio a report of someone reportedly was having a medical issue who was stuck in blocked traffic.

Will they be shooting at the paramedics when and if they respond?

Someone’s wife or child could be dying because of these illegal alien POS and Regressive scum. If that happens you just might see a killing. They killed their son, and now they kill them. Could very well happen.
American72 knows nothing says hate like nonviolent protest:
I love how the liberals preach of “tolerance” and “love” and “no hate.” They are the epitome of intolerance and hate.
laplata may want to check on some actual dictators:

They are the most intolerant, mean spirited and tyrannical bastards on the planet.
Oh, hey, hillarys cankles did! And approves of how Putin handles dissent:
You won’t see these useless pieces of garbage chanting revolution on the MSM.

Turn it around and that would be the top story on every newscast throughout the country.

They want revolution? Id like to give it to them. Im hoping one of these days these F’s push us into action. Im tired of just reading about our outrage.
Ahh, keep yearning for that Glorious Freepers revolution.

BigEdLB's hate boner is so big he endorses ISIS tactics:
“Fewer but better Liberals” Start with all the Communist Colleges Professors Go ISIS on them.
patriot08 tries to argue to Cruz supporters that liberals hating Trump means he'll save America:
Thousands marching on Trump Tower..Hiway to Trump speech site blocked by leftards. Does all this change any of you Trump hater’s minds? Are you beginning to see Donald’s who we need to save America?
apoliticalone is sure the protesters do not have strong American genes:
These people are not tolerant liberals. Most are relative newbees to America that have anarchist and Soviet commie DNA in their blood. They want tyranny and represent a highly dangerous threat to America, not Trump.
Kinda makes me nostalgic for the days when Freepers would distinguish themselves as Real Americans. Now America is a race we must keep pure.

frnewsjunkie knows how naiive these protesters are, and just wants to sit them down and rant about kids these days:
Protesters.. the majority of them, if asked why they are there protesting, cannot give you the reason. They do not know anything about Trump except what they’ve heard from the media.. and there is NO media being fair to Trump.

The media and those like ayres, are the instigator of these riots.. the reason the protesters are in the streets causing havoc. The ones who do know why they are doing this, wouldn’t be able to block the streets.. there are not enough to cause a riot.

The young college kids who are for bernie, hillary, and against Trump.. don’t have a clue why they are for or against. Dumb as rocks but think they are so smart... Makes this senior want to teach them what hard times look like and feel like.

** Gimmies are not free and you are being fed a line that will sink you in the end. Smart up before you get caught in your own stupidity.**
mdittmar seems to think political protests are common in dictatorships:
Looks like a third world country.
who knows what evil? goes conspiracy, because why not?
Cops are probably on the Soros payroll.
ought-six knows who the real violent ones are:
The left — and their useful idiots, the liberals — has always been the epitome of intolerance and hate. That’s why when the SHTF it will be so much fun to take them down. The left has ALWAYS favored instigating violence, and then playing the victim card when they get their asses handed to them.
Tell that to RetiredArmy who wants to run over the nonviolent 'rioters:'
My car might have been undercoated if they got in my way. These communists are all happy when they get what they want, but if they don’t get what they want, then riot. That is what their policy is, riot to get what you want. Burn baby burn.
What would Candor7 call 'Make America Great Again?'
America will not tolerate this Utopian fascist movement. Let them bring it. They will be laid low.


  1. As a neat freak, I look at all these assholes names half of them with some military, christian, or other asshole reference in their screen name. Then I see Borax Queen.

    Hey I might hate everything she believes in, but I bet we could swap some cleaning recipes. I use the stuff in my laundry, a homemade cleaner I use, and soaking tough dishes. Love the stuff.

  2. Hey freepers!
    If not now, then when?
    If not you, then who?

    Its been almost 20 years, and no one but a few peripherally attached freepers have ever done anything "revolutionary" or even much of anything even politically active.

    God I wish one of those frequent-posting rascal-bound wrinkle bags would finally snap and try some shit.
    When they inevitably fail and get arrested (hopefully after a lot of tasing), I'd love for their FR connection to be blasted all over the media, shedding a bright light on JimRob's neo-nazi white-racist site.

  3. Freeper Cyberant flying close to the sun.

    Really ..?? Pro-Trump ..??

    From the beginning, this has been a Pro-Cruz site .. the reason I know that, is because the only Cruz articles posted contained only CRAP about Cruz .. nothing about Trump; and logically it just became a pile of trash.

    I said it in the beginning; people did not come here to support Trump .. they only came here to destroy Cruz.

    There is no way this is a Pro-Trump site.

    50 posted on 3/23/2016, 3:28:32 PM by CyberAnt ("Peace Through Strength")