Wednesday, March 9, 2016


commenter aarrgghh suggested I do taglines. And I've noticed some choice ones through the year. And if you go back to the very, very beginning of this blog I tried to include them, but couldn't find a good way.

Beyond the formatting, there's also sorting. There's no theme, no throughline. There are so many choices, and they don't naturally cluster by subject like posts do...

So I decided to kind of do a survey of some of my earlier spotlights and see how they were doing these days. Along the way I found some random others I had to include.

I'll try to keep track of good ones I run across, but at this point I've gotten into the bad habit of letting my eyes to skip over them.

Responsibility2nd has no spotlight, but his small tent spitefulness makes this maybe my favorite tag:
(NO LIBS. This Means Liberals and (L)libertarians! Same Thing. NO LIBS!!)

Angry fabulist max americana's avoiding primary talk, referring to concentrate on leveling sick burns on liberals. His tagline is another humdinger that just keeps growing, like any tall tale: 
(fired every liberal in our company at every election cycle..and laughed at their faces (true story))

txnativegop's is pretty sad: 
(Tired of liberals, even a few in my own family.)

Slavish follower of Freeper groupthink CodeToad is deep in the pro-Trump anti-Cruz, "who supports foreigners over Americans." He has a common Freeper sentiment as his: 
(Islam should be banned and treated as a criminal enterprise!)
Mr Apple deserves a spotlight as well, but not yet. His contentless name calling was what aarrgghh originally found:


Lurkinanloomin also with the anti-Islam.
(Know Islam, No peace - No Islam, Know Peace)

Freeper wag and unironic promoter mass murder of the large set of brownish people he calls 'the enemy,' Lazamataz supports Trump, but has been largely avoiding Trump threads in favor of ten-minutes of hate against Obama or Romney. His tag also makes with the anti-Islam.
(I'm an Islamophobe??? Well, good. When it comes to Islam, there's plenty to Phobe about.)

JimRed covers a lot of ground, from Civil War to term limits to Trump: (Is it 1776 yet? TERM LIMITS, now and forever! Build the Wall, NOW!)

Of all the things he could choose, catfish1957 rolls with Confederate pride
(I display the Confederate Battle Flag with pride in honor of my brave ancestors who fought w/ valor)

I love CA, so I know the backstory here. Rio wants upstate CA to secede, becoming the poorest state in the Union: 
(Proud resident of the State of Jefferson)

antidisestablishment makes with the Old Testement references to hate on DC
(If Washington was judged with the same standard as Sodom, it would not exist.)

rktman is just another bitter vet:
(Enlisted in the Navy in '67 to protect folks rights to strip my rights. WTH?!)

chae's attempt to make his hipsterism seem ironic isn't working: 
(I was anti-Obama before it was cool)

Revisionist history buff cripplecreek hasn't been posting much lately, probably because he doesn't like Trump much. Instead, he's been sticking to Michigan politics. His tag is appropriately historic - he wants us to never forget the war of 1812.

OldNewYork is anti-illegal, which surprisingly seems a lot less common than anti-Islam when it comes to taglines.
(Operation Wetback II, now with computers)

Conspiracy and Philippines fetishist Mark17 is still paranoid, but talks less about the Philippines and more about the rapture and nuclear war with North Korea. His tag is one of the many bombstic Jesus saves you'll see:
(Thank God I have Jesus, there's more wealth in my soul than acres of diamonds and mountains of gold)

Windcatcher goes with the always popular hating Obama and the media:
(Obama is a COMMUNIST and the MSM is his armband-wearing propaganda machine.)

Obsessive but nevertheless amusing Diogenesis would be a favorite, if he wasn't so repetitive. These days he's switched from weird haiku to spamming anti-Romney graphics and tearing down Cruz. His tag goes with a movie quote that's the usual Western bushido fetishization.
("When a crime is unpunished, the world is unbalanced.")

Envisioning ain't wrong, though he means it ironically:
(4.13.15 - That awkward moment in history when 53 million racists became sexists...)

Long-practiced Hillary hater Old Yeller has a current kick of calling Hillary "she-devil." He doesn't like Trump, but keeps pretty quiet about it. He still thinks Hillary will be President because God hates America. He has another standard Freeper shibboleth about Obama being a terrorist: 
(Obama is winning the war on terror when you realize he is on the side of the enemy.)

eartick's been on the shortlist to be spotlighted before. His tagline is 9th grade edgy:
(Been to the line in the sand and liked it)

Anti-environmental blogger PIF tells a cryptic story of personal opression
(They came for me and mine ... now it is your turn ...)

laplata rephrases a popular title from a Michael Savage book:
(Liberals/Progressives have diseased minds.)

jazusamo has another common one - kissing up to JimRob. Probably a good strategy to avoid the latest purge.
(Have YOU Donated to the Freep-a-Thon?

Sex obsessive GeronL last posted a week ago. He's been unable to keep his head down about Trump being a pretender, and has taken to attacking Free Republic generally, as with his
(I remember when this was a conservative forum)

Osage Orange is one of many whose tag laments that America is now over.
(Nowadays we are just Central America with snow.)

CAluvdubya may want to check the latest party line on Bush. He has another common tag variant - boasting of moving to a conservative bastion
(has now left CA for NV, ... Trump and Cruz, abolish the GOPe!)

ColdOne emblemizes yet another very common tag, a pet memorial. Because pets don't eventually start avoiding you if you're an insufferable rageaholic:  
(I miss my poochie... Tasha 2000~3/14/11 HillaryForPrison2016)

Kaslin's tag is another Freeper attitude - most Americans are dumb: 
(He needed the ignorant to reelect him. He got them and now we have to pay the consequences)

Longtime Freeper DoughtyOne is only posting requests to vote in the Freeper caucus these days. His tag shows the paranoia that turns any attempts to bring sanity to Trump supporters just feeds into their support for him:
(Facing Trump nomination inevitability, folks are now openly trying to help Hillary destroy him.)

Trod Upon urges going Galt in the culture war: 
(Every penny given to film and TV media companies goes right into enemy coffers. Starve them out!)

SgtHooper is not the only one with this tagline, nostalgic for an era that is an anathema to all Freepers stand for: 
(If you remember the 60's, YOU WEREN'T THERE!)

Wow. PraiseTheLord is getting a spotlight for sure. All her posts are about voter fraud or vaccines sterilizing us or the like. Her tagling is no different:
(have you seen the fema camps, shackle box cars, thousands of guillotines, stacks of coffins ~)

Paranoid extraordinaire who wants jail for being liberal, muawiyah has been banned for 3 years now. I think it was over Snowden. As expected, a tagline claiming persecution by liberals
(Get your RED (state) Arm Bands ~)

Batman11's tag is all about Obama being Other: 
(Obama is not American.. he has no clue what it is to be American.)

BobL really captures the Trump midset. In fact, he responds to a lot of articles about Trump's liberal past with "Tag line.":
(Who cares? He's going to build a wall and stop this invasion.)
jneesy used to think Romney was a genius. Now he's got another of those contentless Trump tags

(Who flipping cares....I want my country back and trumps gonna give it to me)

Remarkable for calling his fellow Freepers socialists, Democrat_media spends his time attacking Freeper Cruz supporters and spamming some links to some super damning google searches like "Cruz trojan horse for unlimited immigration." His tag is also on the Trump-wall wagon:
(ONLY Trump will build the wall that will stop the illegals invasion of the USA!)

Obsessive gay stoning advocate Yosemitest is deep deep in the weeds tirelessly arguing with Cruz birthers these days. His tagline is kinda lame, IMO, though the punctuation is good for a laugh:
(It's SIMPLE ! ... Fight, ... or Die !)

Jim Robinson, of course, has the most ironic tagline of all given his latest tyrannical purge is currently ongoing: 
(Resistance to tyrants is obedience to to God!)


  1. Carly Fiorina is apparently the GOP Elite in Freetard Land:

  2. "There's no theme..."

    Oh come on! You can't find a theme in 'Barry Suerto faggot Muslim n***er; God trust in Jesus and Sarah Palin and all others can eat lead, commie pussy!!!'?


    2. You WOULD want to include the Mexicans, wouldn't you, communist Muzzy fag?

  3. These are so precious. I remember someone once did a comparison of Freeper taglines to DailyKos taglines. The Kossacks looked reasonable while the Freepers looked unhinged.

  4. I think it was re_nortex (rip?) who had "DP -- That's what I love about Texas." He would SAY it was about the death penalty when prodded on it ...

  5. ozzy! you shouldn't have --!

    now i'm all verklempt ... freeperbash amongst y'selves.

    i'll start: "free republic" -- neither free nor a republic. discuss.

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