Friday, June 13, 2014

Spotlight Friday: cripplecreek

Not much to make this Freeper stand out. He's a prolific poster, and about as crazy as your average Freeper, with a bit more paranoia about liberal infiltrators, perhaps. And he's more of a GOP tool than most, I'd say. Maybe that's why he's been subdued lately in this time of anti-GOP fervor. He loves history, which means we also get some choice revisionism.
A former felon, with family members on welfare, from Michigan, and is obsessed with cleansing Detroit of the "thugs." He also yearns for a return to the common-sense days of the past, whether the 1940s or 1920s. His profile page is all about how General Custer was super good at his job, and his tagline hearkens back to the War of 1812 (REMEMBER THE RIVER RAISIN).

The Constitution is not as important as President Ted Cruz:
I might support Cruz even if he wasn’t a natural born citizen because he’s a better citizen than most and because liberals need to learn a lesson about being careful what they wish for.
Governor Sanford's affair? Forgivable.
He screwed up but its in the past and now its time to look to the future.
But Obama? Try to drive that guy crazy:
If I thought he was flipping out I would find a sore spot and press hard.
George Bush was bad, but at least he didn't start any distracting wars!
GW Bush did horrific damage both at home and abroad. It is time for his supporters to admit he was a rotten President, worse than Clinton.

He did plenty of damage but only a total moron would think he was worse than Clinton. Bush didn't start wars to distract from his personal domestic problems.
if given a choice of vaporizing Detroit or Ann Arbor...
When it comes right down to it, if given a choice of vaporizing Detroit or Ann Arbor, I would allow Detroit to survive. Detroit may be a parasite but its an indifferent parasite. Ann Arbor on the other hand is an angry, self righteous and demanding parasite that has as much to do with Detroit’s downfall as Detroit does.
The old person army is cleansing Detroit of thugs:
The elderly are taking a hell of a toll on the thug population.

The justifiable homicide rate in Detroit is an astounding 2200% higher than the national average. Part of the problem is the manipulation of statistics. The government loves to count those justifiable homicides (defensive) as murder without a distinction. Just guessing from watching the news I’d say its about 5 defensive shootings per week in Detroit.
Obamacare has unrelated liberal policies we have yet to see:
I personally haven’t forgotten that bill contained all kinds of unrelated crap that progressives have wanted for decades. Things like green building codes and energy mandates.

We haven’t begun to see how bad this really is.
Health insurance is for suckers, based on 1964 figures:
at least carrying catastrophic health care insurance is just dumb... if you have any money at all that would be at risk.

When I was born in 1964 few people had health insurance. The cost of my hospital birth was about $85.
Aryan Nation? Liberals did it.
The aryan brotherhood likely wouldn’t exist if liberals like the ACLU hadn’t insisted on desegregating the prisons and forced racial conflict among violent criminals.
Government shutdowns? Liberals did it.
Democrats want federal employees out in the streets threatening us filthy taxpayers.
The KKK? Liberals did it.
If I recall correctly the KKK was never stronger than they were in Illinois during the Wilson administration when Wilson was using them as political activists the way Obama uses OFA today.
Obama fears Putin after a 2 hour delay in a Russian airport:
Obama is literally afraid of Putin and I honestly believe fears being alone in the same room with him.

Personally I think it stems from the time Obama was Detained for a few hours in Russia when Obama was a senator.
He's read that science says oceans cannot rise:
I’ve read that there may be as much as 10 times more water in the earth than on it. In fact the story I read seemed to suggest that our sea levels are as high as they can be because more water in the oceans would mean more water forced into the earth.
Islam is socialism, not religion!
Islam is a socialist "religion". However as with socialism in any other form, the term "public money" just means the government takes more of it and does what it pleases with it.
Blacks are like crack:
Blacks are like crack cocaine to the democrat party and the supply is showing signs of drying up.
You know what was awesome? Education in 1915.
Maybe but it sure wasn't that way in my great grandmother's day. The school she went to was physically built by the men in the local community and all costs were taken care of locally. She would have finished school around 1915 or so. In fact she "graduated" when the teacher decided she was done in the 9th grade.

Education was so much better back then. Even in the northwoods of Michigan she learned things like latin.
Not just blacks, white city folk hate him too:
There are exceptions but the simple fact is that blacks tend to gravitate to the cities. For that matter, white folks in the cities tend to think far less of me than I do of blacks.
The GOP is being taken over be Democrats:
In my opinion, what is happening to the GOP is that all the democrats are fleeing the marxist party and shoving conservatives out of the GOP. In effect we're going to end up with a marxist party and a democrat party with the GOP name. Personally I'd be happier if the fleeing democrats would retake their own party.
Free Republic has been infiltrated by Romney supporters:
I think the party uses manipulators here at FR too.

They don’t post for years and suddenly show up and spend a couple of months steady stream posting attacks on other candidates only to disappear after their final post calling to unite.
Muslims are always secretly hating you:
The customer is always right...

...unless the cashier is an islamderthal, then the customer is an infidel.
McCain is one of the suicide bombers inside the GOP
McCain is one of the suicide bombers inside the GOP. Unfortunately he can go off again and again and again.
Neoconservatives are so liberals
Neoconservatives (AKA Moderates) are lying manipulative bottom feeding scum who will happily hand a race to their democrat masters as a means of holding a few crumbs of power.

They’re like concentration camp kapos who sell the rest of us out for a few extra rations for themselves.
When an obese Freeper quits Free Republic in despair for the Republic.
Will you at least do the Truffle Shuffle before you go?
Christ, what an asshole.

College these days - full of lesbians!
My niece told me about a phenomenon in college that she called “LUGs” (Lesbian Until Graduation)

The LUGs quickly found that being a lesbian carried a lot of advantages among professors who saw them as “brave” and tended to grade more easily. Housing was easier for them because no one wanted to risk being labeled homophobic or worse.
History, folks!
FDR was weak and Stalin knew it just like Obama is weak and Putin knows it.

Obama is worse because his weakness is intentional.
We nuked Japan because the Greatest Generation was pussing out:
We used nukes in WWII because the American leadership knew that the American people would not continue to support the war forever. They knew that invading Japan would crush American resolve so it had to end and end quickly.


  1. Speaking of FR assholes ...
    Check out Wagglebee in that same thread.

    After a very long year+ absence, waggs came back recently with a vengence, trying to regain his(her?) place as the conservatively moral lodestone of FR.

    Its as if he(she?) has declared a freeper crusade to rid FR of any open discussion.

  2. Guy seems pretty cavalier about genocide (bye bye Ann Arbor, which I guess includes Thayrone X, the Michigan Review, et al) for someone so moral.

    1. Ehh, he could just be a fan of THE Ohio State

    2. @Kid - look carefully at the ones who say stuff like that. You'll find they either never were on the sharp end (peace time military or never got deployed into "Oh shit" territory) or never served at all. Bit of a generalization, but it seems to hold true.

      The only exceptions are a very few of the Vietnam vets and the odd member who is young enough to have served in Afghanistan. Asymmetric warfare tends to make you more willing to preemptively take out the bad guys.

  3. Objective Scrutator might be worth a look, Ozy.

  4. 20 years ago I paid $28 to have my son and five years later, $32 to have my daughter...and you want to know why it was cheaper for me than his parents back in the 60's....yep, insurance.

  5. When I first visited FR, I saw this guy and loved him! He's always been one of my favorites along with Onyx, DJMacWow (?), Diogenes, and humblegunner.

    1. P.S.: Who is the one Freeper- when someone gets zotted- posts recaps of what happened with something like "OOOH SNAAP! (X FREEPER) GOT ZOTTED FOR BEING GAY!!"? I like that guy/girl too.

    2. Well, he IS one of JR's "praetorian guards". You can know the group by their gangsign - a fake prodile saying banned or suspended. Sometime not all the group uses the page, but humblegunner always does from what I've seen. The group is centered around Tom Eaker and are heavy financial contributors. Eaker is, I think, actual active militia.

      Oh, did anyone see Joe ProBono opusing out? Had enough, it seems...

  6. "The aryan brotherhood likely wouldn’t exist if liberals like the ACLU hadn’t insisted on desegregating the prisons and forced racial conflict among violent criminals."


    My mind is full of fucks.