Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Trayvonning of Bergdahl

Long in the offing, the Obama administration released 5 Taliban commanders from Gitmo in return for the release of a US POW in Afghanistan. So far, something the perma-anti Obama folks will squawk about, but nothing more. Obama's unilateral action went against a law Congress passed that Obama signed with the proviso that that part restricted the President's powers to an unconstitutional extend. And that story really did die in about a week. Then it turns out the guy deserted. Well, OK, but that's something we try him for, not worth leaving him out to dry.

Then the Obama Admin bobbled the story badly. They changed narratives, refusing to acknowledge that he was anything more than a hero. They didn't let anyone in Congress know, so Reps and Senators from both parties came out questioning Obama's move.

To mix a metaphor, the Admin has exposed their flank, and the right has gone right for the kill. Alas, collateral damage is the POW himself, Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. Clearly not cut out for the military, he's rather a sad story. Now, thanks to the right, he'll need an armed guard from people who think he's a coward and traitor.

Sacajaweau wonders if the stories being released are all lies:
No one really knows if he was in a cage. I believe his father staged a little drama...and standing by a cage..was telling the "story" of his son in a cage.

I hope Snowden is working on this. The Gov said his parents were being watched.
Sacajaweau then explains why the Dad is a Taliban sleeper:
He was home schooled by mom so they can lie their friggin' a**** off...and I think that's what they will do.

Here's something that tipped me off to the parents...

The military arrived at the house. Only the mother was home. They wanted to tell both parents at the same time.

They called the father who worked for UPS. He showed up in his UPS truck.

They told both parents that their son had been captured by the Taliban.

The father got back in the truck and worked for two more hours to finish his route.

In other words....the parents knew what the kid was doing and where he was and with whom. Captive my a**.
ncalburt - all hostages are all working for the Taliban:
The Tailban do not keep prisoners they torture then drop the body as a warning.

The UN soldiers all know this fact that is why they know this lefty stooge is a traitor and collorator.
shelterguy finds it very suspicious Begdahl doesn't want to speak to his parents:
He can’t speak to anyone until the writers finish the script.
This is pathetic.
COBOL2Java makes with the funny:
Hey! Give Bowe a break! He left his wife behind!

[Pic of Goat]
darkwing104 just goes straight to conspiracy:
I wonder kind of program he is in. Is it medical, mental or political.

What kind of treatment, rehab, assessments or evolution.

So far most anything any official has to say about the whole fiasco has been a lie. I am calling BS on this
Is COBOL2Java still joking when referencing Freeper-meme Obama's brain surgery scars?
Maybe Bowe will come out of the hospital with some interesting head scars similar to those of you-know-who...
Travis McGee knows there was anal rape:
I think Bowe’s appreciation for muslim/Afghan “culture” might have changed a bit twardo the negative after being forcibly sodomized a few hundred times as a prized infidel dancing boy.
FR_addict wants to kill the dad for tweeting against killing Afghan children:
His father is the one I despise. I wish he could be tried for being a traitor. Obama too for that Rose Garden “in your face” conference.

His father's tweet:
Robert Bergdahl
@ABalkhi I am still working to free all Guantanamo prisoners. God will repay for the death of every Afghan child, ameen!
Bringbackthedraft is thinking conspiracy wise:
Phone calls can be tapped, and recordings made by the “right” people. Conspiracy wise, he’s being prepped, guarantee there is a team of lawyers already there pro bono and under presidential orders. Deciding how to make a dead fish come back alive smelling like a rose.


  1. I don't know, Ozzie. Not in this case. Bergdahl's story is full of holes. Between him and his squad mates - including the medic - I am going to listen more to his squad mates. Especially the medic. Any CO worth a grain of sand in the desert makes damned sure that is one person they listen to.

    Doesn't mean I am going to rush to judge. People fucking break. It can be slow, over months, or it can be as sudden and shocking as a rock to your windscreen at 80 mph. So far the only ones I am judging are the CO and the Top. You watch for this shit and don't let it get out of hand, ever. They failed their duty. They failed Bergdahl. They failed full stop. When the Court Martial is convened - which will happen, it is inevitable - they should be sitting in the dock as well.

  2. This guy snapped and was captured by the other side....others snap and start shooting innocent people. I like Berghdal better than I like other people unable to deal with the pressure of being an American soldier. At least he never killed anyone.

  3. I think this will come back to bite the right in the ass. They always pretend to be pro-military, but they are anti-Obama above all else. So if Obama does something pro-military, they have to somehow come out anti-military. Something will come of this, whether Republicans lose a winnable Senate race or another red state goes blue in 2016. Republicans need to lose for a long time, until they gain a little more humility.

    1. Not this time, sorry.

      A written and unwritten law were unilaterally broken in this exchange case. There is no getting around that by the Democrats, no matter how much you wish it to be so.

      As to how it affects November - we'll have to wait and see. People have short memories. It may affect the various races, it may not. Yet the fact remains that the CinC actively broke the actual law in doing this trade. He can't even plead ignorance - he's the one that signed the 30 day notification of Congress for releases from Gitmo into law.

      Is that acceptable to you? Really? You are better than that.

    2. I'll sit and wait and see what happens after the Court Martial.

    3. From what his fellows have said Bergdahl seems addled, but hardly a traitor.

      And absent pretty clear evidence, I think we should decide his fate, not the Taliban.

      As for the law, I'm none too happy with Obama's extension of executive authority, but I gotta say that the law Congress passed seems to be pretty clearly impeding the President's plenary authority over foreign affairs and/or his position as Commander in Chief.

      And I think that clarity is why this talking point has died in favor of the cost/benefit analysis. Lowering that benefit requires denigrating Bergdahl. He's made it easy, but I'm not sure he deserves the coming human cost.

      Though as I said above, the Administration committed a number of unforced errors here.
      This will blow over by the end of the week, unless those 5 Taliban leaders do something big.

    4. @EC, All I care about is that one of our boys was rescued. That's not the time to play rules lawyer, especially since he could have died or been killed had Obama not moved right away. And I would say the same thing if Bush had been the one to rescue him.

    5. @euphgeek - Fair enough. I am pleased he's home (or on his way home) too, and he's going to have one heck of a hard time adjusting. Look up Terry Waite some time. English guy, were a hostage for years. He writes well about his capitivity and lets you see some of the seemingly insignificant things that become huge on release.
      I just don't like the way it were done.

      @Ozzie - funnily enough, they won't be doing anything big for a while and the reason is twofold. First off, tactics and techniques have been refined and expanded since they were captured, and it takes time to digest the new methods and learn to use them effectively.
      Secondly - the Taliban themselves are going to be extremely cautious with their "heros" for quite a while. Getting them back were too easy, in some respects, so there is going to be a huge suspicion among the current leadership that at least one of them has been turned by the US. Plus, of course, the current leadership are quite happy being leaders and would rather keep their prestige and power.

  4. This story might be big at Fox News but I don't think the rest of the country cares about this very much one way or the other.

  5. Freeper filth notwithstanding, the right-wing overkill on Bergdahl WILL have an net negative effect.
    Idaho, one of the most republican states in the union, with a total tea party supported representative (Raul Labrador), is not appreciating the Bergdahl bashing.

    Idaho Democrats are making some hay over the issue, and the republican reps and senators are pretty much keeping mum and not jumping on the right-wing dogpile.

  6. Unbelievably, Cantor got primaried by the monster he helped create. Have very mixed feelings about this, but mostly dread at how crazy the base is.

    Freepers, of course love it. http://freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/3166050/posts

    Kolath even wrote a poem:

    There once was a guy named Cantor
    Who in Congress was full of banter

    He encountered a Brat
    and his face went splat

    Now he is done and that is that.....

    11 posted on Wed 11 Jun 2014 01:16:28 AM BST by Kolath
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    1. Kolath for Poet Laureate of the United States!
      Such undiscovered talent on FR!

    2. So now the Tea Partier will lose to the Democrat challenger in Virginia. These Conservatives really know how to shoot themselves in the foot.

    3. Jim Robbington IIIJune 11, 2014 at 10:54 AM

      After hearing some of Brat's responses when being interviewed it appears he doesn't know what he's getting into. Being an econ Professor with absolute authority in the classroom is a lot different than holding public office where you are going to be scrutinized over every word and held accountable for every action. He has no clear policies other than free-market=good and regulation=bad. I agree with Unknown, once the people of VA see that he is just an empty suit, the Democrat is going to look like the clear choice.

      Concerning Tea Partiers in general, I can't tell if the majority of conservatives are fed up with the "weakness" of the current GOP or (I'm putting my tin-foil hat on here) the Tea Partiers are being pushed into the forefront by those who want to weaken the GOP. The former doesn't seem likely with the current increase in progressive tendencies across the US. This next election come Nov is going to be very telling.

    4. JR3: Most economists seem like talking heads on talk radio or sports shows/events: can talk non-stop but can't actually do the real thing.

  7. The tea party is coming unhinged. Scott Esk of Oklahoma (the same state that wants to outlaw "Sharia law") doesn't advocate stoning of homosexuals...but he understands it.
    DariusBane thinks that gays who don't find this funny need to grow a sense of humor. Because, you know, Sharia law is so funny to your average freeper when they think it might affect them somehow.

    1. Oh, and I almost missed this, re: Eric Cantor's big loss --
      "Man, the only issues that really matter to liberals are race, sex, and religious affiliation. They disgust me as a breed..."
      Bwahahahaha! "Liberals." If Freepers couldn't talk about race, sex, and religion as it pertains to EVERY SINGLE ISSUE in the news, they'd have nothing else to talk about. Period.