Friday, June 27, 2014

Supreme Court Narrows President's Recess Appointment Power

Freepers discuss a recent Supreme Court rebuke of the President's expansion of executive power. They're not too excited.

Iron Munro - laws don't work!
And what will they do about it if he does it anyways? Notta.

Exactly !

If laws worked we wouldn't have an illegal alien as president.
Star Traveler knows this is just like that tyrant Lincoln:
It’s the same thing that happened when Abraham Lincoln was told some of his actions were UNCONSTITUTIONAL, by the US Supreme Court. Lincoln just ignored them!
Vaquero reaches way back to prove that Democrats have been evil since 1820.
President Andrew Jackson’s(Democrat) response to Chief Justice John Marshall’s Supreme Court Decision: “John Marshall has made his decision, now let him enforce it.”

its a Dhimmicrat thing, you wouldn’t understand.
Most Freepers are like Iron Munro - holding out for bigger game.
They must be saving announcement of the Hobby Lobby decision for Friday so they can be far away from Washington at the time.
flaglady47 thinks all this good news is just preparation for bad news.
Hope I’m wrong, but I don’t like the fact that this ruling is going to be on Monday. The two decisions today may have been a sop to the conservatives because the big one on Monday is going to go against us. I remember the Obamacare decision was on the last day also, so that Chief Justice Roberts could split for Europe to hide out after his controversial and hated by conservatives decision pro Obamacare.
RIghtwardHo wants the Hobby Lobby decision to help only conservatives, not anyone else.
I kind of expect a split decision on this one and, quite frankly, I do not like too sweeping of a “religious freedom” exception as, in time, that will be used against us.


  1. About time the Supremes got around to this, even though Obama has made far fewer recess appointments than any president since (and including) Ronald Reagan.

  2. The truth hurts.

    1. Hey, pot! It's the kettle calling for you, on line one!

      "Leftists don’t understand conservatives at all.
      Saw this story this morning and it was so removed from reality decided not to post it here. There’s a groupthink that goes on with these Marxists. Echo chamber."

  3. If Hobby Lobby is allowed to force their belief in pretend sky spirits on their employees, Wait till a Muslim store owner tells a freeper he can't buy bacon in his store because his religion forbids it.....Instead of going to another store, said freeper will explode.

    1. Maybe if a freeper's doctor prescribes bacon, they can find a loophole.