Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Mississippi rage

The recent IRS hearings garnered over 1,000 comments (though nothing new), so Freepers are clearly still quite interested in bashing Obama. But man, do they hate their own party. It will be interesting to see if they can turn this hate-train around come general election time.

Thad Cochran won the runoff primary election in Mississippi last night. Mississippi has an open primary, though you need to sign an unenforceable pledge that you will support the GOP nominee in the general election.

To make matters even more amusing, Cochran took advantage of the open primary to have a general get out the vote effort that included black areas. That little racial fact did not escape Freepers.

I was hoping for more caterwauling, but it looks like Freepers have gone practical - they're mostly making empty(?) threats to vote Dem in November.

topher expects fraud:
Cochran and his campaign also used robo-calls to call McDaniel a racist...

Cochran's name reminds me of COCKROACH

Maybe Thad Cochran cockroached his way to the margin over McDaniel.

It is not necessarily a win at this point because of the possible invalid votes and the strong possibility of vote fraud.
P-Marlowe hates with a black hate of blackness:
Cochran is a traitor. He should not be awarded with any TEA PARTY votes in November. Let him beg the black voters who took him over the top to vote for him in November.

I despise everything about that man. He is a disgrace to the human race.
Oh, snap! GraceG makes with a silly name - and it's ribald!
The democrats have won with either cock-ring or the dem they are going to run against him....

So what can we do, we can Punish the GOPe...
Tennessee Conservative complains about black churches:
The IRS never hassles black churches, just white churches. Black churches politicize all they want and seem to be encouraged to do so.
Norm Lenhart - the Republicans have reached maximum evil!
The GOP mirrored the Dems Robert Byrd experience and intend to wheel an obvious Alzheimer patient into DC as needed to vote ‘correctly’

That is as evil as evil gets.
Boojum lurvs McDaniel
Doubt a challenge will succeed. But go for it anyway.

Best bet is for McDaniel to put his name and organization into electing every candidate from dog catcher to governor as a conservative.

He has the heart of conservative Mississipians.

Lost the battle, won the war.

Keep on keeping on, Chris.
OMG, austinaero is gonna vote Dem...
Yep,,I will not be part of Rove or Barbour’s call for unity...sorry...when Reid is still the Senate leader,,and Mitch is bitchin....I’ll deflect it all toward Karl Rove and Haley Barbour.....They obviously do not seem to have a problem with it.
VerySadAmerican is also totally gonna vote Dem:
I will never vote for another republican. Of course, I’ve been saying that for a long time but still....McDaniel should run as an independent. If not, then he should suggest his voters vote for the democrat. It’s time to put a stop to the gopE any way we can.
matthew fuller has his priorities straight:
"The GOPe is as much an enemy of the American people as the Democrats. "

Spread the message on this-

#1 enemy= GOPe

#2 Enemy= Demonazis
butterdezillion is back, bringing her brand of crazy.
Nah, Cloward-Piven set up the Motor Voter thing as well as illegal immigration so that elections can always be stolen, regardless of how unpopular the “elected one” is. The point of doing that was so dems could trod over whoever and whatever they wanted, knowing that dead voters and Mickey Mouse were gonna cancel out the votes of any angry voters anyway.


  1. I think even Democrats would be pissed off if the Republicans chose the nominee for both contests in New York. As much as one might disagree with McDaniel politically, Cochran really went to the bottom of the sleaze barrel here.

    Expect other politicians of all stripes to pull similar crap along with their corporate interests.

    1. If only McDaniel had held some kind of position where he could have passed a closed primary law!

    2. I have four words for your whine-fest: Rush Limbaugh's Operation Chaos. Tough titty.

    3. As I recall, Hillary was not elected, nor was the intention of that stunt to elect her. Barack Obama won

    4. Uh, a stunt is a stunt. Messing up primaries is still a stunt.

    5. I don't believe that Rush thought that Obama had a chance of winning. That's why he delighted in Operation Chaos. Rush really discounted Obama. Not sure if it was because he thought he was too young or black that he would not be elected but he didn't think the Dems would bite and he was wrong.

  2. Sure, but that's on the Mississippi legislature making their primaries open, for whatever reason.

    For whatever reason, past problems like this have not caused reforms. We'll see if this time we'll start to see a move towards closed primaries.

    1. The problem with "closing" primaries is ... how do you do it?
      I don't have to pay dues to be a Republican or a Democrat.
      I don't have to go to meetings, or sign any sort of loyalty oath.
      I simply have to wake up one morning and say,
      "Hey, I'm feeling rather Republican today!"

      Primaries, and open primaries, developed as a response to the "smokey back room cadres" and "political machines" choosing candidates (and in most cases, the "winners") of congressional seats.

    2. You require people to state a party preference when registering to vote (and to change that preference by reregistering). Not a huge obstacle, but kind of a pain in the ass for an individual - I still haven't gotten around to ditching my Green Party registration (hey, it was the 90s). It would be hard to mount last-minute large-scale mischief, I think.

  3. "The GOP mirrored the Dems Robert Byrd experience and intend to wheel an obvious Alzheimer patient into DC as needed to vote ‘correctly’ "

    But enough about Ronald Reagan.

  4. What if black voters had elected McTea Party ? What would Uncle Rush and the good folk of Freeperville have to say about it ?

    1. Oh, they're partisans even before they're racists. They'd talk about how blacks are finally waking up, this spells the end for dems etc. etc. just like they do about the youth vote occasionally.

      Then the next time they don't go full Tea Party it'll be back to pavement apes.

  5. Don't kid yourself. They will whine about the RINOs and they will vote against them in primaries, but when November rolls around, every single one of these bitter old hacks will show up and vote Republican.