Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Federal employees have it so good

Wow, do Freepers resent Federal employees! Even when they're Federal employees, they resent their co-workers!

Freepers discuss a survey about federal employees considering leaving for the private sector.

hal ogen knows government employees can't make it in the private sector:
WARNING!!! WARNING!!! To all HR managers in the private sector: Keep an eye out for government employees who, if hired, will seriously harm your company. WARNING!!! WARNING!!!
MeshugeMikey is sure government employees are all slavish Obama devotees:
Their discontent is understandable their chances of finding employment in a dwindling economy....seems unlikely.

do they feel no sense of SHAME, wanting to abandon the great leader in his hour of need?
But Hurricane knows Obama is only using them until the Republic dies once and for all:
Once Obama has complete dictatorial control he no longer needs their votes. The talented ones will leave on their own.
skeeter realizes there are some government jobs that are fine...
My guess is most of these federal workers polled are related to the defense industry.

There's no way the louses & lardasses working in the DMV, educational establishment, EPA, etc are considering leaving. They're rolling in dough.
yldstrk knows Federal pay is actually huge:
they think they are not getting the high pay their “civilian counterparts” are, but they are actually making more. I know, I was a government worker, they whine and complain like children about how they are mistreated
stocksthatgoup brings the made-up numbers:
Average government worker earns 2x private sector worker.
ArtDodger spends his days hanging out with bureaucrats fantasizing of them being eaten by zombies:
I hear this ‘threat’ from useless bureaucrats all the time. ‘I had better get my raise or I am outta here!’ But, they never go. They just continue sucking the life blood from society in jobs so pointless they can't even pretend to justify their existences. These are the ones the zombies are going to eat first.
max americana, he of "fired liberals in our company last election, and I laughed while they cried (true story)" infamy, can't seem to stop hiring liberals again:
based on experience, there’s only 1 thing they mutter when we had ex-govt employees which is “Well, this never happened when I was with the union...”

These clowns are trained in the mentality of being untouchable and un-fire-able..
Pentagon Leatherneck gets a bit offended:
The ignorance and jealousy in many of these posts are appalling. Do you people ever research, analyze or even think before your knee jerk reactions?
conservative cat looks up people's pay online, to better resent them.
I talked to a couple once who complained about their pay freezes, so I looked it up in the database. I wish I had their pay freezes! They were making more than I was, and had increased their pay by much greater percentages than I had over the last few years, and I work for a very profitable private company.
mj1234 seems to hate his wife...
My wife has worked for the govt. for over 30 years!

She has seen my pay cut 30-40% - I do not get ANY benefits- guess what?—

No one at her “govt. job” will talk to her any more -

She is entitled to a Pension-almost 60 % of salary
She will get health benefits
the Govt matched her 401 K-
At 63 she could start her Social Security
She currently earns 5+ weeks of vacation and 11 holidays
She has accumulated more than 750 Hours of “sick time”
She gets “longevity Pay!”!! which is a lump sum payout
at Christmas of $1300 dollars- everyyear now for the Kicker-

She makes more than 30% than me. and Could retire-NOW

I love my Wife-

When she tries to tell others how GOOD we are doing-the other “workers “ just don’t believe her-

They live in a fantasy - O’BUMMER CARE LAND where they believe the Private sector workers all make Millions.
Makes you wonder why conservative cat and the other Freepers doesn't jump ship to Federal work?
Better benefits and better pay. Many of my private sector friends and I talk about going to government jobs for less stress, less hours, better medical, and pensions. They are obviously not aware of the real world.
But Hostage sees the writing on the wall.
Maybe they got a much needed wake-up call from Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee?

If I was fat, dumb and happy with a mortgage and a job inside the Beltway. my house would now be up for sale and my CV would be updated. But then that would make me one of the smart ones so I contradict myself.

Thank you Senators Cruz and Lee!!!
The gravy train is over, on accounta the inevitable Tea Party victory!


  1. Give the Freepers enough time and they'll find a reason to hate every other person in the world other than themselves.

    1. Give the Freepers enough time and many will die. The rest will blame Hillary.

    2. Jealousy, envy, covetousness ... these are the over riding emotions that rule freeper behavior.

      They are jealous of the rich, they are jealous of the poor.

      But you are right, a fairly large percentage of them die each quarter, or stop posting due to the frailties of old age.

  2. Federal workers may be stupid and lazy, but if Freepers aren't smart enough to get a federal job themselves, I guess that makes them even stupider and lazier. Also, aren't these the same people who are always scolding liberals for allegedly being envious of other peoples' incomes?

    1. See, the job creators worked hard and had to earn their money! People work for the GOVERNMENT didn't.

      At least that what talk radio has taught me.

  3. HG and Laz 69ing each other. They make conservatives look nuts and homicidal. I thought Laz was better than this.

    Giffords’ gun control group will support Udall, may target Coffman

    ‎6‎/‎4‎/‎2014‎ ‎12‎:‎31‎:‎53‎ ‎PM · 5 of 6
    Lazamataz to humblegunner

    Giffords is an idiot. We need her like we need a hole in the head. Oh, wait...

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    To: Lazamataz

    I looked around, didn’t see you anywhere and figured what the hell.

    6 posted on ‎6‎/‎4‎/‎2014‎ ‎12‎:‎33‎:‎11‎ ‎PM by humblegunner

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    1. Wow, it gets even worse from there.

      From what I’ve seen she can’t speak or read.
      She draws very nice crayon pictures of flowers and faces.

      And they're complaining that Giffords is a "grifter," when they don't bat an eye at Palin or Jim Robinson???

  4. This guy would fit in well with JimRob's fickle desires on FR:

    1. I just discovered Matt Binder's Twitter feed today, thanks to @Green_Footballs. He sure has a way of pointing out right-wing hypocrisy.

  5. To: Loyalist

    If he is an actual right winger it makes me wonder what the police might have done to piss him off.

    We have some jack-booted thugs in our police (NOT ALL OF THEM~!!!! MY SON IS ONE!!!) and it might be The Mounties have them too...


    10 posted on ‎6‎/‎5‎/‎2014‎ ‎8‎:‎39‎:‎46‎ ‎AM by Mr. K (If you like your constitution, you can keep it...Period. PALIN/CRUZ 2016)

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    Wow. So right wingers just can't kill people...they have to be pushed to do it because they are so perfect and good. Of course it's ok because he says it's COMPLETE SPECULATION.