Friday, June 27, 2014

Spotlight Friday: drypowder

Thanks for all the spotlight suggestions - Equalator made it to third between this guy and Democrat_Media, but it looks like he'll keep.

At first I thought drypowder was just another hyperpartisan with nothing special to make him stand out. I kept passing him by. 
But this week I started to notice the contradictions. That's what makes this Freeper special - his lack of integrity is so complete that even internal consistency is no barrier, if it allows him to better make up things to hate about liberals.
Also a bit more into the Bilderberg/New World Order conspiracies than most.

Part of the Freeper third party crowd.
this level of corruption in the Republican party should encourage any patriotic American to drop their party membership. I don't care what Limbaugh or any other republican says about a third party being a loser, it's time for a third party that will accommodate the 70+% of Americans that have no faith in either the Dem or the Repub party.
Hillary's book is badly reviewed - she's doomed!
the trial balloon book meant to gauge the hildahags popularity is telling. It's a flop and the hildahag is done.
Hillary's book means nothing - she's gonna fraud her way to Prez!
Hillary’s lack of popularity can be overcome by poll spiking and when she runs for prez a lot of vote fraud will put her in the WH. She will have to be complicit in committing crimes to become top criminal of the US. Crime is her thing, it has gotten her where she is today.
Republicans - bought off, or living in fear?
Aside from the fact they are corrupt, what really drives the treachery in this DC establishment GOP, money or fear for theirs or a family members lives?? Could it be both given the world’s oligarchs commonly rule by offering the option of lead or silver?
the NWO oligarchs
the NWO oligarchs, the real culprits behind Obama's fundamental transformation of America
Obama's foreign adventurism? New World Order.
Rouge dictators are incompatible with the New World Order, hence the Obozo’s public statement last week of dictators like and kind to Qaddafi are on notice.
Lois Lerner will be assassinated now.
Issa may have just signed Lois Lerner's accidental death warrant.
Obama nominates 3 new generals? No need to check up on them...
all are likely muslim
China is to be trusted
China is now calling the US government corrupt. Ya think?
America has been defeated from within:
Only an enemy within and placed in a powerful position can defeat the US and sadly, this is the reality Americans are currently witnessing.
No wait, America will soon be taken back in a glorious revolution!
what will become of all the democrat’s Satan serving self proclaimed gods when the US is retaken by US freedom loving patriots?
Wait, America is gonna be invaded by China and Russia soon.
This may sound implausible but with the obozo in the WH, Russia and or China have free rein to attack US interests without fear of any reprisal. I’d bet that Obozo would quietly cheer them on.
No, it'll be an attack by ISIS.
I can't help but think this is all part of the Muslim obozo’s fundamental transformation of America. To hell with waiting on Congress to act to stop this fraud, if we the people don't take action against this WH and soon, we will be defending our lives in the streets.
Boehner is gonna let Obama be King and never leave!
keeping bonehead as speaker will only further serve the coronation of obozo as tyrant king. This country won't need either house of congress if obozo decides to stay on past his second term
Obama's letting women into the military to further his revolutionary plan
Will a female front-line soldier obey an order to fire on American citizens? Why change the rules now?

Answer: this administration is planning to re-institute the military draft, to include women and use many of them on America's streets rounding up our guns.

If I am correct, another question arises; will the good patriotic American men shoot an American female soldier who comes to confiscate their firearms?
A wall of text list of Clinton conspiracy theories:
sorry for being so verbose here; will the documentary include the mysterious suicide death of the hildahag's close friend Vince Foster? will it include the hildahag's involvement in the WACO Texas massacre of the Branch Dividian Christian Church members? will it include her ill gotten $100,000.00 pay off in a few days time from a $1,000 investment in the cattle futures? will it include who actually hired Greg Livingstone who stole over 1,000 FBI files of the Clinton's political enemies? will it include the hildahag's partnership in the Rose Law Firms criminal involvement in the Whitewater land scandal where the firms files went missing during a congressional inquiry and then turned up in the Clinton's WH living quarters over two years later? Oh gee, there is just too much evidence of corruption on the hildahag for me to keep listing here. Documentary film? No, clearly PROPAGANDA to cover the hildahag's entrenched criminality but although she clearly failed as Secretary of State and did nothing as a senator, some think she is qualified to be the President of the US?? Give us an effing break!! Her qualifications = she is neck deep in criminal activity and is a liar.
For those interested, I took the trouble to format the above screed when I first posted it.

Also, a new Clinton conspiracy theory!
I’m curious how much of that missing $6 billion from the State Dept she got
Government worker patriots? Time to strike!
it’s time for good patriots everywhere, especially those working for the US government to walk off the job in protest of no confidence in this criminal in the WH and our hapless Congress
Government worker patriots? Screw you!
Federal Government employees should never receive bonuses of any kind and should never be allowed to unionize. PERIOD!!
Why impeach Obama? Why not?
if an excuse is needed, any will do
Obama is a Muslim.
unless of course one realizes obozo is a muslim, hates America and his repeated promise to Fundamentally Change America was his promise to destroy us from within. Bergdahls release was NOTHNIG more than an excuse to release the worst of the worst five Taliban commanders in order to placate America's enemies. How much clearer can it get that this fraud in the WH committed TREASON and yet those in Congress has done nothing and will do nothing about this either, which in my mind signals that America as we and the rest of the world once knew it is finished.
Female Muslims must be crazy:
any female muslim has to be a masochist with a wish to get beheaded by her muslim male counterparts. What are muslim women promised when they go to Allha’s heaven?
World War 2? Reminds him of how much he hates Obama.
An historic video showing an old French man standing on the side of a street was in tears as he watched the German military move through the streets of Paris after France was lost to the Nazis in WW2. As long as the fraud obozo remains in the WH and I'm sure I'm not alone, but I can certainly relate to how that old man felt.
US Navy advertisements are unpatriotic.
Recently I saw a US Navy recruiting TV add that features a Wave dressed in full combat gear telling what the US Navy stands for. The two points that struck me was when she said the US Navy's mission is to protect and promote democracy around the world and to follow the orders given them. Maybe I'm being too critical but between the line implications don't cut it for me. She said nothing directly about serving with honor to protect our Constitution or the country. The following orders spiel sounded like she got that talking point directly from a traitor.
Applauding Obama's speech at West Point? That's a firing.
those that stood in applause for the obozo should never be allowed to serve, they've disgraced the uniform and their brethren
The EPA is a criminal, or something.
FACT: Global warming is yet scientifically unproved. Any regulation enacted by the EPA based on unproven science would be fraud and any enforcement there of would be criminal. But, since the resident in the WH is a criminal..............


  1. DAMN! Why are conservatives obsessed with hating soccer. Rush and now the guy subbing for Glenn Beck are upset that the USA advanced because they lost and it just shows that you don't have to win to succeed. Hahah.

    1. I haven't heard any of this yet....please tell me you're joking.

      They can't even be happy when the USA advances for the first time in over 80 years?!?

    2. Didn't they win their group last time? Your point still holds as the USMNT hasn't been relevant since...1930?

  2. I just logged into facebook and evidently Ann Coulter has said that the USA's interest in soccer shows moral decay.

    1. My soccer thread was pretty cherry picked, there were a lot of soccer supporters.
      The right-wing media is getting to the right of a number of Freepers here. A rare event.


    2. Like I mentioned before, Ann Coulter has evolved into a ridiculous parody of herself.
      She is a living self-Poe.

  3. It must suck to be that angry AND that misinformed all the time.

  4. New paragraphs are for communists.

    1. Hitting enter means the terrorists have won