Saturday, June 28, 2014

Saturday Pix

Obama is a scary gangster, complete with hoodie.
Get it?
I wonder if Hillary's eyes will be like Obama's ears - exaggerating them becoming a petty signal of having the appropriate contempt.
American sovereignty means no immigrants? So...we've not been sovereign for quite a while...
Reid!! *shakes fist*
Wait, I mean SOROS *shakes fist harder*
...Why did they photoshop Cheney to look like he's gonna molest Obama?


  1. Duh, the gold fringe on that flag signifies an admiralty court operating under maritime law. It has no control over us freemen-on-the-land ;)

  2. Are these the same assholes who cried their eyes out over Elian Gonzales getting sent home?
    On a dead 11-year-old boy:
    "He should have stayed where he came from. Either way his death saved the working people of this country who pay taxes millions."