Wednesday, June 18, 2014

How much does right-wing rhetoric contribute to right-wing terrorism?

Hehe, anonymousB.

Freepers, never ones to shy away from violent rhetoric, suddenly find their extreme hatred of the other side to be a liability. What to do? Hate liberals harder!

austinaero recalls that Freepers have declared all the recent shooters to be liberals, so he declares victory.
HOld On Now! Where was this POS author when the Gifford’s shooter and the Boulder shooter were found to be liberals,,and well, the list goes on,\\

What a crock!
Genoa agrees - why isn't anyone talking about the Daily Kos shooters?
These question never, ever get asked about left wingers who commit acts of violence. Never.
5th MEB explains Nazis are liberals. And then calls the shooters and author of the article a Nazi. Easy!
Hey Waldman, you stupid ass!
White Supremacists = American Nazis.
NAZI= National SOCIALIST Workers Party.
Got that Dumb Ass?
So next time try looking at extreme LEFT WING nut cases.

Let me see your papers! Hmmmm; Valdman, ah yah Valdman. I see you are a Party Member in good NAZI standing; and you work at the Propaganda Ministry, yah ser gut, you may continue.
I want the USA back has a very narrow definition of normal.
Bull$h!t. This is just a justification for criminalizing the speech of normal people. (They call normal people “right wingers”)
BenLurkin repudiates the Bundy Ranch, I think? It's not too clear.
What does Bundy have to do with right wing?

There weren’t any swastikas carried at his ranch.
El Cid evinces an amusing ignorance of history
If you are looking for a common thread: besides 'bat-shit crazy; or psychotropic drug user; or lefty socialist -- the clear trait they all share in common is that they are atheists (of whom I'll also throw in many of the islamic mass-murderers who, although aren't atheists, worship Satan).
Yeah, Christians never kill anyone!

skeeter also cites left-wing violence, but fails to cite anything.
Given the amount of violence committed by obvious left wingers recently wouldn’t a better question be how much does the president’s statist rhetoric contribute to left wing terrorism?
Servant of the Cross has decided Islam is liberals' fault.
How much does left-wing policy contribute to real Islamic terrorism?
DB reaches back to the 1800s.
Nazis are socialists.

KKK are Democrats on steroids. The KKK was born as the militant arm of the Democrat party.

Simply facts. Inconvenient facts for this moron “journalist”.
bert proves an 1800s leader was a Freeper at heart!
Was General Sheridan a right winger?

I think he was quoted “The only good queer is dead queer”

Of course that would be not PC today and he probably would have caught hell for saying it. The thought police would have been all over him
kvanbrunt2 knows mass shootings ain't no thing, compared to every dictatorship ever!
well lets compare the numbers 2 for the right wingers and about 300M for the left wingers Hitler, Mussolini, Mao, Pol Pot, Lenin, Stalin, etc, etc, etc.

according the the other post then it’s two more for the left wing Nazi’s.
clintonh8r intimates that right-wing violence is the fault of Obama...
When the government is lawless the citizens have no incentive to respect the law. In fact, following the law while the government flouts it may put the citizens at risk. So, as long as we have a lawless, outright criminal government, we can expect more of this, unfortunately, just as Mullah Baraq planned....
AFreeBird is horrified by this article.
Damn, they’re pulling out all the stops, aren’t they.

Hey let’s throw everything at the wall and see what sticks.

The last two and a half years of ZerØ’s term is going to be Hell on Earth. Not that the first and a half haven’t been a walk in the park.

There ought to be a law against Demo-rats! Parasites each and every one.


  1. Perhaps in the parlance of Free Republic a "liberal" is anyone who is not an old white guy.

    1. Or if the old white guy shoots up a museum, he automatically becomes a liberal, too, even if he used to be a Freeper.