Monday, June 16, 2014

"Missing" IRS e-mails

The IRS claims that it cannot produce Lois Lerner’s emails to and from the White House and other administration departments due to a supposed computer crash. As someone who has done some work in digital discovery, this is so weak an excuse, I'd expect some sort of clarification soon. We shall see

In the meantime, Freepers continue to waste such gifts from the increasingly politically inept Obama administration by immediately overreaching. By going straight to IMPEACH OBAMA with zero evidence of any direct involvement they make this another partisan mess. Even Limbaugh is saying Obama has created some sort of indirect culture of conservative persecution.

Not Freepers, though. Maybe it's because they've already moved on from attempting to hurt Obama politically, but they're just going to wallow in conspiratorial rage, credibility bedamned.

UPDATE: I've not heard the IRS statement, and basically the documents requested were past their 6-month retention limit, and then there was a crash at the site. I'm still skeptical, but at least I don't feel like my intelligence is being insulted.

TheGipperWasRight - this means we live in a dictatorship.
Whoops! All the stuff you wanted was lost, and the witnesses all fell down the stairs and died. Oops!

Why doesn’t Obama just put on the Castro fatigues and get it over with?
MinuteGal is sure Obama is personally involved.
Barky Barack is behind this not-so-mysterious document disappearance.

He'd rather see the original copy of the Constitution burned on the lawn of the White House than permit any email copies of correspondence between him and Lois Lerner to become public.

He will be served articles of impeachment within 24 hours if copies are found, believe me.
WMarshal - it's patriotic not to pay taxes:
We need to find out I. What time period those emails were sent and, when we pay no taxes and get audited, we need to tell the IRS that we sent out payment I. The same timeframe.

Watch the. Spin!

Seriously, when the Marxists have seized control of the IRA it is patriotic not to pay taxes.
IRA is, alas, a typo. I don't usually dwell on them, but I loved Cyman's
No sign of Obama, but Uri’el-2012 knows this is just like when Nixon taped himself.
Is this another 18 minutes ?

publius911 wants to fire everyone who works for the IRS:
Fire them all and remove their pensions. This is a years long criminal enterprise, and the RICO laws should apply. As an general and just rule, criminals should NEVER profit from their crimes.
It's pretty cute when publius911 try to assume that impeachment makes Bill Clinton look bad:
He can simply join the indelible historical record, among the few distinguished celebrities and presidents impeached, but not convicted.

Sort of like O.J. Simpson, and the Bent One.

A hell of a legacy.
A CA Guy is sure Obama's blackness is keeping Obama clean.
Again, there is the color black here and black can NOT be prosecuted or criticized, especially the first black failed President.


  1. "Why doesn’t Obama just put on the Castro fatigues and get it over with?"

    If Obama were as malevolent and dumb as Freepers think, he woulda done that ages ago.

    Gotta say: the image of Obama as Fidel, avec cigar, is hilarious and must immediately be clumsily photoshopped by order of The Boss.

    1. Odd - it doesn't seem to have been done yet.

      He's been done as Hitler, Stalin, Satan, Pol Pot Mao, and even Che, but poor Castro got missed.