Monday, June 23, 2014

Monday Potpourri

Squeako - the problem with America is that we don't make enough bigoted generalizations.
One of the problems with western societies is the personalization of a generality. For example people tend not to support deportation of the illegal alien that works in the kitchen at the local brew pub, not making the connection that, while Juan at the pub doesn't destroy a civil society, 30 million low educated and low skilled people with no connection to nor understanding of a representative republic do destroy that society.

Similarly they can not possibly believe that the Muslim student that lives in their apartment complex could possibly want them dead or kneeling fives times a day, while smiling and chatting so nicely in the elevator. They refuse to consider they have been lied to or merely remain willfully ignorant until the next attack comes at which point they wonder what they did to deserve such treatment; surely they/we must have done something to make them hate us and if we were to just stop, so would they.

Political correctness and utopian statism are academic suicide notes in a world of inbred fanatical barbarians.
acapesket doesn't need facts:
I so loathe this POS that I cannot read it but I know in my heart and soul that I am correct.
yldstrk is still rocking the NeoCon line on Iraq:
saddam destabilized the region with his endless war with Iran and his invasion of Kuwait, and yes, Saddam moved his weapons of mass destruction to Syria and no, I won’t “give it up”
nascarnation on Democrats vs. Republicans:
Democrats are trained by the mob.
Republicans are trained by country clubs.
mark3681 wants the military to go rogue and re-invade Iraq.
FUBO ... ten thousand on stand-by and you send 250?.

It would be really something if those 10,000 decided to mobilize on their own! Shock and Awe!
epluribus_2 loves him a Star Wars analogy:
They learned alright. They learned that they have to stomp out dissent. Imperial Walkers approaching!

Trevor Lowden used that imagery last night at our mi teaparty meeting. Said we are not country club Republicans - we are the Rebel Alliance. That’s us folks. Suit up and make us proud.
Black Agnes heard about an optional BDSM course. Soon we will all be gimps for the Chinese!
meanwhile, our competitors on the world technological stage teach THEIR 16yr olds advanced math, science, computer skills and hone their second (and third!) language skills.

we teach OUR kids how to be the sex slaves of those countries.
realcleanguy is going truther...
What we are witnessing is the Muslim take over of the US and the Left Wing is allied with Islam. Could it be really, that the 9/11 attacks were not just a muslim attack against the US, but the Left Wing attack against George Bush? Did the Left Wing attack us on 9/11?
1/1,000,000th% has some awesome made-up stats on the gays:
“As rational people, we know that most homosexual people lead healthy, normal and productive lives like their heterosexual counterparts,” the students wrote.

If cutting your life expectancy in half, burning through excessive healthcare using other people's money, using drugs, living in violent domestic arrangements, chasing children for sex and eating poop, is healthy, normal and productive, then the kids are right.
Bulwyf - it's time!
I think it’s time, I think people are fed up. Demand these people be arrested and tried. Tried by actual Americans, not some liberal judge. Put them all on public tribunals. Take back the justice system, take back the government.
MrB thinks 2012 doesn't count.
We’ll see meaningless elections for a long time before we see no elections.

2012 was the start of that.
JRandomFreeper on the current Ted Cruz birther doctrine:
It is a dead horse on this forum. The forum owner has decreed that FR isn't a debating society for the subject.

One can either comply as a good guest, or be asked to leave.

Enterprise is all aflutter because Thad Cochrine may be courting blacks!
There has already been one report posted at FR that refers to “walking around money” to be disbursed to get black voters to vote for Chochran. Same old Democrat fraud.
BenLurkin knows aliens would just be another excuse for Hitler:
The “progressive”s would love to have ETs show up.

It would afford a golden opportunity to institute world government and complete control of everything.

And I do mean everything.
Forward the Light Brigade knows aliens are an anathema to liberals:
UFOlogy is a repected branch of research. But, your right, Progs will never admit to anything they do not accept—Global Warming, National race prejudice, Social Justice—these fantasies do exist for them—but UFOs God or Patriotism are not real—only world government and the purity of the UN.
P-Marlowe gets dramatic about the Kevin McCarthy election as new Majority Leader.
That’s an in-your-face to the Tea Party.

This means war.
Vaquero wants riots in at the 2016 GOP convention!
Obviously we need to do the same as the commies did at the 68 Dhimmicrat convention.
That caused the eventual change to the Dhimmicrat party that make them the Marxist buttwads they are today.
In order to counter this national threat, we need to have a major presence at the RNC 2016 convention and steer this turkey in the RIGHT direction.


  1. Any chance of changing the img width attribute on the Laz post, because it it raping the margins like a Roman on a Sabine.

  2. "Dhimmicrat" oh look, a reference to the non-existant threat of Creeping Sharia.

    I wonder if any FReeper has met someone who claims to be Muslim. Better yet, actually know one.

  3. "Obviously we need to do the same as the commies did at the 68 Dhimmicrat convention. That caused the eventual change to the Dhimmicrat party that make them the Marxist buttwads they are today."
    So...what kind of buttwads are they striving to become?
    Also, I can't figure how "dhimmicrat" is an insult in freeper code. A Dhimmi is a non-Muslim.

    1. On Urban Dictionary, Dhimmi is defined as follows:

      A non muslim that takes a policy of appeasement or kowtows to muslim aggression and hatred of western civilization or a politician who sells out western civilization in return for votes or because they are too afraid to offend muslims

    2. Yeah, I had inferred that. Just like everything else Freepers hate, they project it onto Democrats. It was THEIR boy Bush who called Islam the "religion of peace" and asserted that we were not at war with Islam, but yeah, it's all Democrats' fault for invading the middle east in return for votes. Whatever.

  4. For your consideration ...
    may I recommend RaveOn as a freeper to be watched?

    A very recent (since April) addition to the FR asylum, he appears to be more of a general kook than a true conservative.

    Hated by his neighbors (and hating them in return), this self-described straight bachelor is outraged by all the benefits that married couples (gay or straight) receive that he doesn't get.

    Not too bizarre yet, but he certainly has the potential for a memorable on-line crazy man break down in the future.